NHL Picks Records

At VegasInsider, we pride ourselves on transparency and we stand above the competition when it comes to tracking our NHL handicappers.

NHL Picks Records Breakdown

All of our NHL picks offered by our stable of expert handicappers are documented and every selection features betting odds from legal sportsbooks in the United States. 

Our NHL picks are tracked from regular season through the postseason and all the selections by handicappers are graded as one-unit plays. 

We monitor our handicappers on the three most popular betting markets:

  • Money Lines
  • Totals
  • Puck Lines

If you are wagering on the National Hockey League and making Money Line bets, you'll either be pulling for the favorite or the underdog to earn the win in either regulation, overtime or a shootout. You do not need to worry about a team winning by a certain margin. It is simply a win outright, and that's it.

Hockey will list Favorites and Underdogs for that day's slate of games. The Money Line Odds will list the favorite with a (-) symbol, while the underdogs will be shown with a (+) symbol.

Totals or Over-Under wagers are based on the combined total goals scored in an NHL game. It’s very simple to follow and our handicappers only have two choices, which are the Over or Under. 

Hockey can occasionally have rather high money line prices, with heavy favorites, either due to a lopsided matchup based upon the standings or an uneven goaltender matchup, perhaps. Heavy favorites are commonplace, making the money-line wagers particularly risky. It is required to risk quite a bit for a very small return.

So Puck Line wagers can be a much better value, as you will bet on a favorite to win by a spread, more often than not at 1 ½ goals, and you risk less than on a money line. You can also bet underdogs on the puck-line.

Coming Soon!

Along with the above betting markets, VegasInsider will be offering new products from our stable of NHL experts in the near future.

Those picks from our NFL handicappers will focus on the below and much more:

  • 1st Period
  • Player Props
  • Team Props
  • Game Props

Down the road, we expect to have betting markets also available for In-Game Wagering and Futures betting markets.