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BettorEdge is a social sports betting marketplace. Absent of fees, one bettor can wager against the another. Thousand of sports fans from across the US can join in to give BettorEdge a try.

The BettorEdge team is excited to create the first seamless betting community. It is powered by live data and the bettor experience. The social betting marketplace has truly evolved given this concept.


What is BettorEdge

BettorEdge is part social and part competition. Combining the two, understanding the market means having an edge over others. Players bet against each other and set the price rather than going up against the sportsbook (or operator in this case).

BettorEdge Promo Code

Welcome Offer

The BettorEdge promo code is one of the ways to participate. Upon signup, the code will grant you $10 bonus cash! From there, you can access the platform, get started and create orders! BettorEdge is a social betting marketplace. Bet against others with no fees.

Whether the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB or all the sports combined, BettorEdge does a good job providing social betting.   

BettorEdge SignUp

How to Sign Up With BettorEdge

The sign-up process is complete when following the three simple steps:

  1. Enter your first name, last name, and email address
  2. Hit "GET STARTED"
  3. Find an email link to verify identity and eligibility
  4. Open a BettorEdge account

How Does the Marketplace Work?

The BettorEdge social marketplace allows users to place a sports bet among users of the site. Instead of making the bet against the book, all sports bettors are matched up with other BettorEdge customers.

Users create an order with their prediction and amount they want to wager. The exact price (labeled in American odds) is dictated by the odds or the implied probability of the prediction. Once the order fulfills, it is official.

BettorEdge is designed to feature all leagues and sports, from all the games for the NFL to every MMA fight in the UFC. The social marketplace is where the lines and odds are set. BettorEdge is also involved in facilitating bets between all the customers. These competitions are organized in one listing (one-on-one) or another (group).

Available Leagues & Markets

BettorEdge offers the most popular sports leagues and betting markets. The sports leagues cover all US and international games. The betting markets cover all the ways to wager on the games. Other competitions involve one-to-one listings or a group.


At BettorEdge, you can wager on the NFL, NCCAF, NBA, WNBA, NCAAM, MLB, UFC, PGA, MLS, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Horse Racing, and the NHL.

Of course, the difference is you're betting against others who also have some action on the same game or event. That's what makes BettorEdge unique and fun.


From straight bets in NFL and NBA to live wagers on the Masters, sports betting comes in many different ways. The traditional bets are widespread. However, the exotic wagers are in favor.

BettorEdge comes up with betting markets for sports leagues, games and special events. The social sports marketplace offers the setting for joining the action.

Other Competitions

BettorEdge competitions are another way to incorporate the social marketplace. Whether it is one-on-one or a group setting, competitions can heighten the experience for all active participants.

On BettorEdge, you can engage in Pick 'Em style competitions or Auction Squares, much like you would see on other similar platforms.

Customer Service & Payment Options

One of the attributes of BettorEdge is the customer service it offers. Payment options are notable for convenience and ease. Customer service and payment options are signs that BettorEdge is on its game.

Customer Service

The BettorEdge customer service team understands its customers. Online questions and issues are answered by email. The recommended browsers to use for the App are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Outlook. The BettorEdge app is in the Microsoft Store.

The BettorEdge “Help Center” is another customer service tool. Nine categories break things down from Getting Started to Video Tutorials. Promoted articles cover all the bases, and recent activity takes a timeline approach.

Payment Options

BettorEdge is a social sports betting service. The company is also the social betting marketplace where customers can bet with no fees. The payment options do not apply to staking a claim in a traditional sportsbook.

Payments can be made on a Visa/Mastercard credit or debit card. Online banking is another way to make a payment. Cash transfers (PayPal) is an easy way to record a debit.

BettorEdge FAQ

Is BettorEdge legal?

BettorEdge is legal in 45 US states. The company’s social sports marketplace has over 10,000 customers. 

Is BettorEdge free to use?

BettorEdge is a social sports marketplace that is free to use. Customers can bet against others with no fees.

What is "BettorEdge Competition"?

BettorEdge competitions are for deciding one-on-one or groups-setting wagers. You can compete in Pick 'Ems or Auction Square competitions.

BettorEdge Conclusion

This betting site has combined sports betting and a social marketplace. Customers betting against each other (and not a sportsbook) is another good idea. Dropping the fees is icing on the cake.

BettorEdge is batting 3-for-3 in its pitch to being a trusted sports betting site. With over 10,000 die-hard fans operating in 45 states, the team at BettorEdge is working in the general direction.