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Montana Online Sports Betting

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Montana Sports Betting

When it comes to Montana online sports betting, things are surely about to change in the months to come. Montana legalized sports betting on May 3rd, 2019 after the Supreme Court lifted PASPA the year before. Once sports betting became legal in MT, all eager bettors started wondering what would happen with online betting. There are currently no operating online sportsbooks, but there are some indications that this can change until the end of the year.

Montana Online Sports Betting Sites

All sports betting activities in Montana are tied to the Montana Lottery. In 2019, House Bill 725 was passed and signed by the Governor. What this bill brought to the table, was the authorization to the Montana Lottery to add sports wagering to its product list. In turn, the Montana Lottery became the only brand that can offer sports betting services in this state.

However, it appears that nothing concrete has happened after that. Montana online sports betting is still unavailable, and so are the Montana sports betting websites. It’s safe to say that you will have to wait for your betting odds at one of the top sports betting sites some more. If we want to see some Montana online sports betting websites, we’ll need to wait for sports wagering to roll out in full swing first.

Until this happens, players in Montana can participate in betting ar offshore sportsbooks. However, as these brands do not have a US gambling license, if you enter a dispute with them, this means that you cannot expect the USA to offer any kind of support. Consequently, registering at such websites is not recommended, as it promotes an illegal gambling activity in a way.

Montana Betting Laws

According to the current Montana betting laws, sports betting is legal in this state as of May 2019. The Montana Lottery is the only company that can organize sports betting activities and will be in charge of all sports betting operations. This includes Montana online sports betting.

If you want to place your bet in Montana, you will have to go to a licensed retail location, operated by the Montana lottery. Each of these locations will feature a branded Montana Lottery terminal.

You will be able to place your bets using these terminals only. This is when things related to Montana online sports betting become interesting. The Montana lottery will include a Montana sports betting website and an app, and all Montanans will have access to both. However, both the website and the app will be for informative purposes only – unless they are at a specified retail location. Meaning, you cannot place a bet over the website or via the app when you are at home, for example. However, you can do so using your mobile device when you go to the said retail location.

To put it short. When it comes to Montana online sports betting, you will only be able to bet on your mobile device when you are in the licensed retail location. Additionally, you will be able to bet on Montana sports on terminals in these locations, as well.

States where you can already place an online sports bet today :

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Arizona | Colorado | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Massachusetts | Maryland | Michigan | Nevada | New Jersey | New York | Pennsylvania | Tennessee | Virginia | Washington DC | West Virginia

Montana Online Sports Betting: Events and Betting Markets

Until more info related to Montana online sports betting becomes available, why not take a look at some things that might be of interest. Read up to learn more about common bet types and the most popular sports for betting. Also, take a look at popular Montana sports events, and the best teams that the Big Sky Country has to offer. Additionally, you’ll find info on the payment methods that the Montana Lottery is expected to accept.

Common types of bets

You can place a variety of bets on sports. We have included the most popular ones below:

  • Totals (over/under)
  • Moneylines
  • Player props
  • Team props
  • Sprads

Most popular sports to bet on

If you have ever visited some sports betting websites, you have probably seen that the most popular sports include football, baseball, and basketball. We can expect that the sports betting scene in Montana will be no different. You will probably be able to find the greatest number of betting markets on the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. But this doesn’t mean that all the other leagues and sports will be less represented. Wagers on golf, tennis, soccer, and lots of other sports are also very popular. Not to mention various niche markets such as MMA, Aussie Rules, and darts, for example, that have a significant following in their own right.

Popular Montana events

Home to the Montana Grizzlies and the Montana State Bobcats, the Big Sky Country is no stranger to major basketball events. When it comes to Montana online sports betting, we would expect the majority of bettors to be interested in placing bets on these two teams whenever they play. But, there are other national sports events that are sure to gain traction, and some international ones, too. Here are the most popular sports events that attract the most attention in this state:

  • Super Bowl
  • NBA Championships
  • Masters Golf Tournament
  • Stanley Cup Finals
  • Wimbledon

Best teams to bet on

If you are curious to know which Montana teams are the ones that can draw lots of wagering actions, take a look below. We believe that they will be the most popular choice when it comes to placing Montana online sports betting wagers.

  • Montana Grizzlies
  • Montana State Bobcats
  • Bozeman Icedogs
  • Great Falls Americans
  • Helena Bighorns
  • Billings Mustangs
  • Great Falls Voyagers
  • Missoula PaddleHeads

Common payment options

The Montana Lottery is the only company that can offer sports betting services in this state. The same will apply to the Montana online sports betting services, as well. This means that when it comes to payment options, the players will be able to use the ones that this brand accepts.

The Montana Lottery has decided to accept deposits via an e-wallet that they will need to set up first. This means that you will have to open set up an e-wallet that is going to be linked to the Montana Lottery system. This system will be connected to the credit or debit card of your choice. Keep in mind that you cannot use your credit card for making a deposit and withdrawal. You can only connect one to the e-wallet that you are going to set up.

Montana Online Sports Betting FAQ

In case you need any additional info related to the Montana online sports betting and sports betting websites in general, take a look at these FAQs.

Are sports betting sites legal in the United States?

This is a pretty complex question. With the Supreme Court lifting the PASPA in 2018, many states started legalizing sports betting. In some of the states, sports betting is legal, but online sports betting isn’t, and vice versa. This means that you can place your bets on top sports betting sites, for example, but not in a land-based establishment. So whether sports betting sites are legal in a state depends on its gambling laws.

What do I need to register at an online betting site in Montana?

The Montana Lottery will be the sole provider of Montana online sports betting services in the state. You will be able to place your online bets using your mobile device via the app or on the website. However, you will only be able to do this at a licensed retail location. However, you will be able to find betting odds and other important info elsewhere, just no place your bets. As soon as the Montana Lottery finalizes the sports wagering launch, we’ll have more details related to the registration process.

In the meantime, we can only speculate as to how this registration process will look like. However, one thing is certain. You will need to confirm your age and identity by providing the required documentation. This can be a valid driver’s licence or a passport, for example.

Is it safe to deposit money at sports betting sites in Montana?

All top sports betting sites make sure that their players feel safe when making their deposits. This is why the Montana Lottery aims to take all the necessary steps to ensure that the players are protected. Operators usually do this by using encryption technology and storing the data on servers protected by many levels of security. We have no reason to believe that things will be different when it comes to Montana online sports betting services.

Can I set betting limits?

All the top sports betting sites offer the option of limiting your bet amounts. We have no reason to believe that it won’t be the same when it comes to Montana online sports betting. Setting betting limits encourages responsible gaming, so we can expect this company to support is by providing this option.

Final Thoughts on Betting in Montana

We hope you find our article on Montana online sports betting and sports betting in general informative. As soon as the Montana Lottery rolls this service out in full swing we’ll have more info that we’ll feature in the article. What we know right now is that you will be able to place online bets only inside a licensed retail location via the website or the app. However, you will be able to take a look at event schedule and betting odds elsewhere, just no place your bets.

Montana Online Sports Betting