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Puerto Rico Sports Betting

Puerto Rico Sports Betting

Puerto Rico is a US territory, and the US federal laws apply there. Among other things, this meant that until 2018, sports betting was illegal under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). When the Supreme Court overturned PASPA in 2018, it opened the door to the possibility of legal sports betting in Puerto Rico.

Former Governor Ricard Rossello signed a bill legalizing sports betting in 2019, and the newly-formed Gambling Commission, in consultation with Gaming Laboratories International, drew up an initial set of regulations.

Lawmakers are currently amending these and drafting the legislation to provide the framework within which Puerto Rico sports betting operates.

On November 8, 2021, the Puerto Rico Gaming Commission released request forms for sports betting and fantasy contest operators looking to do business on the Caribbean island, so progress is being made!

When sports betting and Puerto Rico sports betting apps get off the ground, Puerto Ricans will have access to a range of top sportsbooks. Betting on professional sports, esports, and fantasy sports will provide a new dimension to gambling in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Online Sports BettingMost Likely Puerto Rico Sportsbooks

While we wait patiently for sports betting in Puerto Rico to launch, these are some of the sportsbooks and Puerto Rico sports betting apps that we expect to open their virtual doors.


BetMGM Puerto Rico

With its international reach, BetMGM is the top sportsbook to offer Puerto Rico sports betting. It’s a popular platform for US bettors and is an established name in sports betting.

As of September 3rd, BetMGM has partnered with La Concha Resort's Casino del Mar to offer mobile and in person sports betting.

Once the transaction is complete, BetMGM will offer both retail and mobile sports betting, with the opening of a retail sportsbook at the San Juan-based beach resort and the launch of the BetMGM mobile app throughout Puerto Rico.


FanDuel Puerto Rico

With daily fantasy sports included under legal sports betting, FanDuel is knocking on the door to roll out its Puerto Rico sports betting platform. It’s a popular sportsbook across US states, with various sports and betting markets to suit all interests.

FanDuel took a big step towards this goal when it signed an agreement with The CAGE Companies, which is an organization operating and managing video gaming terminals, systems, and gaming content across South America and the Caribbean. FanDuel hopes that, through this partnership, it can add Puerto Rico to the list of jurisdictions where its sportsbook is live.


DraftKings Puerto Rico

Where FanDuel goes, DraftKings is never far behind, and we anticipate this being the case in Puerto Rico. Another fantasy sports platform, DraftKings is unlikely to miss out on launching its sportsbook on the Puerto Rico sports betting scene.

Puerto Rican bettors can take advantage of a substantial choice of sports at DraftKings, with exciting bonuses and promotions and an extensive range of PR sports betting markets. DraftKings prides itself on having a trustworthy, customer-centric platform. It’s bound to embrace the opportunity to be one of the first Puerto Rico sportsbooks.

Puerto Rico Betting RegulationsPuerto Rico Betting Laws

Puerto Rico sports betting became legal in July 2019, but sportsbook operators are still waiting in the wings while lawmakers iron out the small print. Getting Puerto Rico online sports betting off the ground is the work of three Governors.

Former Governor Rossello signed the initial bill legalizing sports betting, while under his successor, former Governor Wanda Vazquez Garced, it progressed further with Project 1534. It’s now up to the current Governor, Pedro Pierlusi, to get Puerto Rico sports betting underway.

One of the amendments in this latest Senate Bill is that bettors register in person rather than on any Puerto Rico betting sites. While this shift from the global norm may seem odd, it’s a small price to pay for access to legal PR sports betting, esports, and fantasy sports.

Governor Pierlusi has set up an advisory group to assist in rolling out sports betting. Together, the advisory group, the Gambling Commission, and Gov. Pierlusi will identify and set up the necessary infrastructure and initiatives to promote Puerto Rico sports betting.

Here's what we do know about sports betting in PR so far:

  • Recently established, the Puerto Rico Gambling Commission will handle licensing and regulating the industry.
  • Sports betting and online gambling are legal in PR, but there hasn't been a framework set in place.
  • Unlicensed gambling operators can be charged with a crime for advertising betting websites.
  • MGM has a standing agreement with the La Concha Resort's Casino del Mar in Puerto Rico, so they're likely to be among the first to offer betting there.

Simply, the situation in PR regarding online sports betting is still developing. For now, any websites advertising online gambling in the US territory should be avoided, as they're not licensed or required to offer player protections by law.

States where you can already place an online sports bet today :

Updated on :

Arizona | Colorado | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Massachusetts | Maryland | Michigan | Nevada | New Jersey | New York | Pennsylvania | Tennessee | Virginia | Washington DC | West Virginia

Future of Puerto Rico Sports Betting

Puerto Rico sports betting will provide the boost that the economy so badly needs. Tax on bets placed in person or on the Puerto Rico sports betting apps could reach millions of dollars, and the licensing fees for Puerto Rico betting sites are another welcome funds injection.

When the islanders finally get access to Puerto Rico online sports betting, we should see a rush of activity as players register with Puerto Rico sportsbooks. The simultaneous launch of sports betting, esports, and fantasy sports provides multiple options for players who already enjoy gambling at one of PR’s many casinos.

The goal for the launch of PR sports betting was the start of the MLB season. While it missed that self-imposed deadline, you can’t help but hope that the official launch of Puerto Rico sports betting isn’t too far away.

Betting Markets and Events Puerto RicoPuerto Rico Sports Betting: Events and Betting Markets

Although sports betting in Puerto Rico isn’t yet possible, there’s no harm in considering the options you’ll have available. When the Governor eventually gives the green light, regardless of which Puerto Rico betting sites launch, you can wager on a substantial number of sports and events.

Most popular sports to bet on

Baseball is by far Puerto Rico’s most popular sport. The island has over 100 active MLB players, and we expect all Puerto Rico sportsbooks to offer baseball in their lineup. Other major leagues enjoy a similar following, and Puerto Rico betting sites with NBA, NHL, and NFL, are bound to garner support.

Tennis, golf, motor racing, and football are among the staples at all sportsbooks. Puerto Rico betting sites will follow these trends, enabling you to wager on the top sports and events on desktop and Puerto Rico sports betting apps.

Other sports available for Puerto Rico sports betting are:

  • Rugby Union
  • Table Tennis
  • Boxing
  • Volleyball
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Athletics

Popular Puerto Rico events

With Puerto Ricans enjoying similar sports to Americans, they’re likely to support the same sports events. These include international tournaments like the Soccer World Cup, Rugby World Cup, and golf Majors. Puerto Rico sportsbooks will also attract betting on the Grand Slam tennis tournaments and F1 motor races.

We expect Puerto Rico online sports betting sites to field competitive odds for the major leagues, especially baseball, due to the significant support for this sport. Other popular events for PR sports betting are:

  • Super Bowl
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Olympic Games
  • Championship boxing
  • UEFA Champions League

Best Puerto Rico CasinosPuerto Rico Casinos

Betting in Puerto Rico is not a new concept. Although Puerto Rico sports betting is still a work in progress, casino gambling has been a legal activity since the late 1940s. Its popularity is evident in the 15 facilities around the island. Many casinos will partner with sportsbooks to bring Puerto Rico sports betting apps and sites to the masses.

Horse racing is also popular there, and Puerto Ricans have bet on horses since before WWII. Horse racing fell outside of PASPA and was never considered illegal. It will undoubtedly remain popular, reaching a broader audience through Puerto Rico sportsbooks.

Puerto Rico Online Sports Betting FAQPuerto Rico Sports Betting FAQ

Is sports betting legal in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico sports betting became legal in 2019, but the regulatory side of PR sports betting is not yet finalized. While this is underway, it will take a bit longer before Puerto Rico online sports betting opens up to the public.

Can I place bets on my phone in Puerto Rico?

The law legalizing sports betting in Puerto Rico allows for this at on-site casinos and mobile through Puerto Rico sports betting apps. Mobile gambling is gaining momentum worldwide, and the inclusion of this option means a broader reach for Puerto Rico sportsbooks.

What sports can I bet on in Puerto Rico?

While not all Puerto Rico betting sites will offer the same sports, classic American sports will be abundant Baseball, basketball, football, and hockey are staples on sportsbooks globally, and will also feature highly for betting in Puerto Rico. You can also wager on boxing, tennis, cycling, football, and golf.

Our Verdict Puerto Rico Sports BettingFinal Thoughts on Betting in Puerto Rico

With sports betting rolling out across the US, it was only a matter of time before it hit the US territories. Puerto Rico sports betting is coming, albeit not as quickly as many Puerto Ricans would like. However, the stage is set. As more progress is made with regulations, interest in Puerto Rico online sports betting will increase dramatically.

You can look forward to some of the top sportsbooks launching for betting in Puerto Rico. With attractive welcome offers and exciting betting markets, Puerto Rico sports betting will hit the ground running when it gets the green light.

When participating in Puerto Rico sports betting, responsible gambling is essential to your enjoyment. It’s easy to lose control of your bankroll, so always ensure that you remain focused and clear-headed. Know what responsible gambling measures are in place at Puerto Rico betting sites, and don’t be afraid to set limits on your gambling.