Hamilton Tops The All-Time Australian GP Leaderboard

The 2024 F1 season is well and truly underway and we now head down under for the Australian Grand Prix.

Albert Park has been the home of the Australian GP since 1996, succeeding the Adelaide Street Circuit, and has been the venue for some iconic F1 moments.

Considering the history of F1 at Albert Park, we decided to generate an all-time leaderboard to determine the most successful F1 driver down under.


To create the leaderboard, we collected the results of all Australian grands prix from 1996 to present day, held at Albert Park, through the official F1 website.

As F1 scoring systems have been different through the years, we applied the current points scoring system to all results to maintain uniformity for comparing drivers.

For example, the 2003 Australian Grand Prix that was won by David Coulthard. The Scottish driver received 10 points for winning the race while today he would receive 25 points. Furthermore, only the top eight finishers were awarded points in 2003 while today the top 10 would get them.

So, in such situations we awarded points as per today’s scoring standards and then generated the leaderboard.

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Hamilton On Top At Albert Park

From our adjusted leaderboard, Lewis Hamilton is the one leading the way with 219 points, followed by Fernando Alonso (193 points). Current world champion Max Verstappen is 16th with 60 points.

Hamilton is also on top when it comes to points per race, having scored 14.6 points per race. The British driver has raced at Albert Park 15 times in his storied career. Gerhard Berger, interestingly, is second in this stat line, with 12 points per race. He only raced at Albert Park twice, however.

Winners And Podium Finishes

Michael Schumacher holds the record for most wins (4) at Albert Park with Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel behind him with three each. Despite being the top points scorer down under, Hamilton has only won this grand prix twice.

Schumacher also has the highest win percentage, winning 28.57 percent of his races. Charles LeClerc and Damon Hill are joint second, having won 25 percent of their four races at Albert Park.

Hamilton holds the record for most second places at Albert Park. He’s finished second, six times in 15 races. He does, however, have the highest number of podiums (10), followed by Vettel (7).

Pole-to-win Conversion

In 26 grands prix at Albert Park, the polesitter has won 11 times - equating to a 42.037 percent pole-to-win conversion. 15 winners were not on pole (57.69 percent).

In the last 10 grands prix, the polesitter has won only three times - a 30 percent win conversion rate.