It’s no secret that people like to drink before college football games. In fact, people like to drink before and during most sporting events. But even though most college football stadiums don’t sell alcohol, that doesn’t mean college football fans aren’t getting boozy to watch the game.

We wanted to find out which college fan base has the booziest fans, so we surveyed more than 2,000 NCAA Division I football fans that are 21 or older to ask them all about their gameday drinking habits.

College Football Fans Alcohol Ranking

According to respondents, fans of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln take the top spot for the booziest fan base! Husker fans drink an average of 4.5 drinks per game and are spending an average of about $26 on alcoholic beverages. 

Close behind the Huskers are the Gophers, whose fan base drinks an average of 4 beverages per game. Gopher fans spend an average of about $27 on booze.

Fans of the University of Wisconsin-Madison rank third for booziest fans, as Badger fans drink an average of 3.9 drinks per game and spend an average of $23. Wonder if it’s a coincidence that it can get quite cold in the top three states? Fans must be relying on that liquid layer to get through four quarters.

Coming in at number four for booziest fans is Louisiana State University. We know the cold isn’t as big of a factor here, so LSU fans must just really like to have a good time. Tigers’ fans spend an average of $30 on booze and have about 3.9 drinks per game.

Rounding out the top five is Virginia Tech, whose fans drink about 3.6 drinks per game. They only spend about $24 per game, which isn’t bad for the fifth biggest fan base for drunkest fans.

As far as fan bases that drink the least, fans of Purdue, Iowa State, Georgia, Texas and Texas A&M are some of the least boozy fans when it comes to college football.


College Football Fans Alcohol Ranking

Just because a fan base isn’t the booziest, doesn’t mean they aren’t there for a good time. 

We also ranked the top five biggest pregamers, which are the fan bases that are most likely to drink before a game. Topping the list for biggest pregamers is LSU, and the Tigers are followed by Michigan State, Arizona, California and Clemson. These teams all know how to get the party started!

Not all fan bases handle their liquor, we also found out which top five fan bases are the biggest lightweights. Kansas State ranks number one, followed by Oklahoma, Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Michigan. Fans of these teams are the most likely to miss some or all of the game due to drinking too much. Oops.


In November 2021, we surveyed 2,004 self-reporting college football fans from around the country who were 21+. 50% of respondents were male and 50% were female. The average age of respondents was 31.

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