Saturday’s Best Bets has teamed up with professional sports bettor and handicapper Kevin Gamble to bring you free weekly college football winners with analysis, plus he provides his infamous parlays that can build your bankroll from nothing to something in one weekend! 

Before you view Saturday's selections in his video below, please make yourself familiar with Kevin and his unique approach to betting and winning parlays. 

Hey fellas, (and gals) my name is Kevin Gamble. I am from Ohio, but now live in beautiful Colorado. I have been parlaying sports wagers for roughly 4 ½ years now.

It is a full-time job if you know how to do it right, you can produce generous returns and build your bankroll. With the help of, my goal is to teach the average bettor how to win with my system. Each week I will release a volume of anywhere from 15 to 25 selections.

Within these picks, you will create parlays consisting of 10 different over and unders or covers sometimes money-line plays. For every 10-team parlay you will place, you will have ten hedges in its place. These bets should consist of $5 to $10 bets. (A hedge bet is a wager that allows you to prevent a loss)


Above are photos of my 'whiteboard' thta I use each week with my selections. It shows 

You may ask yourself how do I pick which games I will use for our hedges? The answer is simple, I will give you an over or under wager and then I will give you a hedge bet in its place. With that hedge wager, you will flip-flop picks for all ten hedges. This will lessen the risk, and give you a better chance of winning. As this feature on VI progresses, the goal is to provide Live Bets during each game to help you increase your win percentage and bankroll. 

With a higher bankroll, you have more opportunities to spread your risk throughout your picks. Many will tell you that trying to bet with parlays is not profitable. I strongly disagree and you can view winning wagers that I've won on my Twitter handle - The Parlay King.  Remember, my ultimate goal is providing the public and community with winning wagers.