Masters Week Fever: American Golfers Dream of Defeating Pros

As the iconic Augusta National golf course undergoes its final preparations, golf enthusiasts worldwide are captivated by the allure of Masters Week. Amidst the anticipation, VegasInsider wanted to explore the confidence levels of American golfers in their own abilities, in comparison to the seasoned professionals gracing the fairways of Augusta.

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In a survey commissioned by, over 3000 American golfers aged 18 and above were asked to reflect on their perceived capabilities in a hypothetical match against professional golfers. The findings reveal a striking display of optimism, perhaps delusion and self-assurance among the amateur ranks. 

A staggering 62% of survey respondents expressed confidence in their ability to clinch victory on one or more holes against a professional golfer during an 18-hole course showdown. With this confidence fueling them, golfers throughout America see themselves not just as spectators, but as contenders in the realm of elite golf. The American golfers don’t just think they can win a hole due to sheer luck or coincidence. On average, they think they would be able to be victorious on 4 holes against a professional golfer. 

Below is a breakdown of how many holes American golfers think they could win against a professional golfer, and what % falls into each category.

Delving deeper into the data, it becomes evident that age and gender play a role in shaping these perceptions. The younger demographic, in particular, stands out for their boundless delusion, with 81% of respondents aged 18-24 expressing confidence in their ability to win at least one hole against a professional. The 18-24 year old golfers think, on average, that they could win on 6 holes against a professional golfer, whereas for golfers above the age of 55, only 29% think they could win a single hole against a professional. 

Gender dynamics add an intriguing dimension to the narrative, as female golfers demonstrate a slightly higher degree of optimism compared to their male counterparts. The data reveals a marginal difference of 2%, with 63% of American female golfers expressing confidence in their ability to defeat a professional, while 61% of males share this belief. 

Regionally, American golfers from the Western region emerge as the most optimistic cohort, with an impressive 67% expressing faith in their ability to triumph over a professional, compared to 50% of the American golfers in the Midwest. 

So as the tournament tees off and the drama unfolds beneath the Georgia sun, American golfers watch with a mixture of admiration and aspiration. In the end, whether watching from the gallery or swinging away on their local course, every golfer harbors a dream – a dream of mastering the game and etching their name alongside the legends of the sport.


This research was commissioned by VegasInsider and was conducted between June 9, 2023 and June 13, 2023, and carried out by Research Without Barriers. The sample comprises 3,267 Golf Players. All research conducted adheres to the Market Research Society (MRS) code of conduct (2023) & ESOMAR. See the data here.

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