The Match VIII Odds

Capital One’s “The Match VIII” takes center stage on Thursday evening, and this time around, it’s the Splash Brothers versus the Super Bowl Champs in a 12-hole golf scramble as the Warriors’ duo of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson get set to take on Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce of the Chiefs. 

Coverage begins from the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Let’s take a look at the latest betting odds provided by bet365 for The Match VIII.

The Match VIII Betting Odds

S. Curry / K. Thompson-275
P. Mahomes / T. Kelce+200

The Match VIII is a 12-hole scramble, best-ball style event that allows team members to pick the best of their previous shots, and then each member swings from the selected spot.

Curry and Thompson are listed as -275 favorites, marking the heaviest favorite in the history of The Match – primarily due to the fact that Curry is the best golfer of the bunch by a comfortable margin.

In the 2022 American Century Championship, the Super Bowl of celebrity golf events, Curry tied for 16th alongside John Smoltz, which was actually considered a slight disappointment for Steph – while Mahomes and Kelce both finished outside of the Top 50.

Prior to the Match VIII, the most lopsided market heading into the event was the very first iteration of The Match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, as Tiger entered as a -200 favorite and then lost to Phil in a four-hole playoff back in November 2018.

Since the original showdown between Tiger and Phil, The Match has only seen one other 1-vs-1 battle take place, which was between Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka – and the underdog also won that bout as Koepka cruised to a 5-and-3 victory in The Match IV with a price tag of +100.

The remaining five events were all team battles, and in those events, the favorite emerged victorious four times – with the only duo to pull off an upset being Phil Mickelson and Charles Barkley in The Match III.

Check out the full betting history for Capital One’s “The Match.”

The Match Betting History

2018Phil Mickelson (+175)Tiger Woods (-200)
2020T. Woods / P. Manning (-190)P. Mickelson / T. Brady (+145)
2020P. Mickelson / C. Barkley (+135)P. Manning / S. Curry (-170)
2021A. Rodgers / B. DeChambeau (-185)P. Mickelson / T. Brady (+165)
2021Brooks Koepka (+100)Bryson DeChambeau (-125)
2022T. Brady / A. Rodgers (-175)P. Mahomes / J. Allen (+155)
2022J. Thomas / J. Spieth (-125)R. McIlroy / T. Woods (+105)

Mahomes and Curry have participated in The Match once apiece, and neither of them have won the event. 

To be fair, Steph drew the short straw partner-wise in his first crack at it, as Curry played alongside another non-golfer in Manning, while Barkley had the privilege of playing with a true pro in Mickelson in the Match III.

Curry’s partner certainly won’t be any better this time around as Klay reportedly plays to a 12-handicap, but that shouldn't be an issue – the oddsmakers are well aware of who the worst golfer of the bunch is.

The real reason why the Splash Brothers are such heavy favorites is because of the considerable gap between Mahomes’ 7.7-handicap and Curry’s 1.3-handicap as the best golfer on each team.

Kelce probably won't add much to the equation. The Chiefs' tight end played to an 11-handicap in the 2022 American Century Championship.

Mahomes is a pure gamer, it would be dumb to count him out of a game of checkers – but all things considered, it will truly be stunning if the Magic Man pulls a rabbit out of his hat on the golf course as a +200 underdog this Thursday.