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MLB Injuries

Arizona Diamondbacks
Player Pos Date Injury Status Expected Return
Kole Calhoun RF March 3, 2021 Medial meniscus tear, right knee day-to-day April 9, 2021
Comments:  Calhoun underwent successful surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee, but he's unlikely to be ready for Arizona's season opener.
Atlanta Braves
Player Pos Date Injury Status Expected Return
Mike Soroka P February 19, 2021 Recovery from right Achilles surgery day-to-day April 1, 2021
Comments:  Soroka will be limited at the start of spring training as he continues to recover from August surgery to repair a torn Achilles, but the Braves believe he has a chance to be ready by the start of the regular season.
Boston Red Sox
Player Pos Date Injury Status Expected Return
Chris Sale P February 18, 2021 Recovery from left elbow surgery on 60-day DL June 1, 2021
Comments:  Sale (recovery from Tommy John surgery) said he expects to be cleared to throw off a mound soon.
Houston Astros
Player Pos Date Injury Status Expected Return
Framber Valdez P March 3, 2021 Fractured left ring finger day-to-day May 8, 2021
Comments:  Valdez (fractured left ring finger) has been recommended to undergo surgery that would likely sideline him the entire season, according to MLB Network. The left-hander will seek a second opinion before he and the Astros make a final decision.
Justin Verlander P February 27, 2021 Recovery from right elbow surgery on 60-day DL September 28, 2021
Comments:  Verlander (recovery from Tommy John surgery) told the Astros he thinks he may be able to pitch as a reliever near the end of the upcoming season.
New York Mets
Player Pos Date Injury Status Expected Return
Noah Syndergaard P February 20, 2021 Recovery from right elbow surgery on 60-day DL June 4, 2021
Comments:  Syndergaard has been throwing side sessions in Mets camp as he continues to progress from Tommy John surgery that sidelined him for the shortened 2020 season.
New York Yankees
Player Pos Date Injury Status Expected Return
Luis Severino P February 22, 2021 Recovery from right elbow surgery on 60-day DL June 19, 2021
Comments:  Severino (recovery from Tommy John surgery) is long-tossing at the start of Yankees camp, though he still isn't expected to be ready for opening day.
Philadelphia Phillies
Player Pos Date Injury Status Expected Return
J.T. Realmuto C February 18, 2021 Small fracture, right thumb day-to-day April 1, 2021
Comments:  Realmuto will miss at least the first two weeks of spring training after being diagnosed with a small fracture of his right thumb.
San Diego Padres
Player Pos Date Injury Status Expected Return
Mike Clevinger P February 18, 2021 Recovery from right elbow surgery on 60-day DL November 4, 2021
Comments:  The Padres announced that Clevinger will undergo Tommy John surgery and will miss the entire 2021 season.
Seattle Mariners
Player Pos Date Injury Status Expected Return
Ken Giles P February 19, 2021 Recovery from right elbow surgery day-to-day November 4, 2021
Comments:  Giles, who will miss the entire 2021 season recovering from Tommy John surgery, signed a two-year, $7 million contract with the Mariners. The deal also contains a $9.5 million club option for 2023.
Toronto Blue Jays
Player Pos Date Injury Status Expected Return
Nate Pearson P March 4, 2021 Right groin strain day-to-day April 11, 2021
Comments:  Pearson may begin the season on the disabled list after sustaining a Grade 1 strain of his right groin in his spring debut.
Washington Nationals
Player Pos Date Injury Status Expected Return
Jon Lester P March 3, 2021 Thyroid surgery day-to-day April 5, 2021
Comments:  The Nationals announced that Lester will undergo surgery to have his thyroid gland removed.
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How to read the MLB Injury Report

The Major League Baseball season is often called a marathon since it has the longest regular season among the major professional sports, consisting of 162 games spread over six months. Players get hurt all the time and keeping an eye on the MLB Injury Report should be a key tool in your handicapping chest.

There are 30 teams in the MLB and the active roster for a game consists of 25 players and that number goes to 26 players. The MLB Injury Report is listed in alphabetical order by Team Name and Mascot

Ex. Arizona Diamondbacks, Atlanta Braves, Baltimore Orioles,

You may not see every team on the MLB Injury Report since some have been fortunate to avoid the injury bug but most clubs are listed throughout the season. Within each team section, Players are listed by first and last names before their Position. Along with the NFL, the MLB has the most positions in the sport and they’re each designated an abbreviation.

MLB Positions (Most Common)

  • 1B - First Base
  • 2B - Second Base
  • 3B - Third Base
  • SS - Shortstop
  • C - Catcher
  • LF - Left Field
  • CF - Center Field
  • RF - Right Field
  • Util - Utility
  • SP - Starting Pitcher
  • RP - Relief Pitcher
  • P - Pitcher

The Date section tells the bettor when a player became inactive on the MLB Injury Reports are always changing. The Injury section is usually stated with medical details and even though we’re not all doctors, savvy bettors following MLB can guesstimate the expected absence. If a player has a serious injury that will force the individual to miss a lengthy amount of games, the team will put the player on the Disabled List or what’s commonly known as the DL on the MLB Injury Report. When a player is put on the DL, the team is allowed to fill that active roster spot with another team.

The MLB Injury Report provides plenty of information on each player in the Comments and they provide great insight on what happened to the player. Along with the injuries, the report covers league suspensions and MLB has more of these than any other professional league. The MLB Union has instituted strong drug testing policies for Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) and players who fail face severe consequences. Also, the league does not tolerate domestic abuse issues and players have been suspended for those transgressions as well.

The Expected Return is when the MLB player is expected to return to the clubhouse or diamond for their team.

How do MLB Injury Reports affect betting?

The MLB Injury Reports often deal with long-term injuries but the short-term news certainly are more important for the day-to-day bettors. Staying on top of starters in the MLB Injury Reports can certainly help bettors get an edge on their bookmakers. Wagering on a team when an All-Star caliber player is removed from a lineup or perhaps a key pitcher is absent from bullpen can make a big difference on the performance on the field. Staying healthy for the marathon of the MLB season is crucial for all 30 teams and depth is key when dealing with 162 games.

Monitoring injuries can give you an edge when betting on baseball. If sports gambling is legal in your state, check out our online sportsbook directory to find the best and most secure places to make MLB bets, as well as exclusive sportsbook offers.

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