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Best New Sportsbooks January 2022


In less than four years, the legal US sports betting marketplace has exploded into a multi-billion-dollar industry. FanDuel, DraftKings and BetMGM have led the way as the three biggest legal US sportsbooks. Yet, we are on a mission to find you the newest and best sportsbooks for 2021.

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Best New Online Sportsbooks

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Mohegan Sun
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Prophet Bet
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SI Sportsbook
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888 Sport
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Bally Bet
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Sports Betting RegulationsWhy These Sites?

There are any number of reasons why new betting sites choose to enter the legal US marketplace. The common goal is gaining a piece of the pie in what has turned into a very lucrative business proposition.

Added Opportunity

The main reason why there are always new sports betting sites entering the marketplace is overall opportunity. By the end of this year, more than half the states in the US will offer legal sports betting in some form.

The added opportunity in these states alone is driving market growth. The biggest growth opportunity for the sports betting industry is legal betting online.

There are some states that only allow legal sports betting at land-based retail sportsbooks. Yet, this is more of an exception and not the norm. In major markets, online bets through mobile sportsbook apps account for 90% plus of the total betting volume.

Huge markets such as New York and Florida have yet to launch legal online sports betting through mobile sportsbook apps. Texas and California are still going through the legislative process.

These four states alone have the ability to generate billions in revenue for online sportsbooks in the coming years.

Consumer Demand

A second reason why new betting sites are on the rise is consumer demand. Avid bettors are always looking for new and exciting ways to wager on their favorite sports and sporting events.

Diversity is the spice of life when it comes to legal US sportsbooks. The best betting sites are always looking for ways to raise the bar. A few of these new betting sites are bringing a whole new concept of how to bet on sports to the table.

Financial Profit

Another reason why more and more new betting sites are launching mobile sportsbook apps is financial profit. Legal sports betting in the US generates quite a bit of volume, known as the betting handle. It also generates quite a bit of revenue for licensed operators.

All a new sports betting site has to do is create a small market share in the US market. The revenue earned from even the smallest share can make the entire endeavor worthwhile.

Regulated by Individual States

There is a steady influx of sportsbooks in the legal US market because of the makeup of the industry itself. In May of 2018, the US Supreme Court gave individual states the right to govern and regulate legal sports betting within their borders.

This landmark ruling took away the federal government’s chance to interfere into this highly lucrative industry. With 50+ different legal markets possible, smaller competitors now have a chance to forge out their own fortunes.

Global Sports Betting Industry

There is one final reason why new betting sites are lining up to enter the US market. It pertains to the global nature of regulated sports betting. There are numerous international gaming entities that are looking to expand their operations.

These global gaming entities want to build on their success in their existing regulated markets. North America is suddenly the new frontier for the expansion of global sports betting sites.

Along with a rapidly expanding US market for legal sports betting, Canada is now in the game. Recent legislative changes in that country have opened the door for rapid growth and expansion as well. The legalization of single-game wagers will be the driving force.

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Top SportsbooksHow to Select From the Best New Betting Sites

There are any number of ways to designate the best sports betting sites in the legal US sports betting marketplace:

A good starting point is to find related sports betting information sites offering comprehensive and unbiased reviews. The accelerated growth of the legal US sports betting industry has put digital content sites covering this industry on overdrive.

More and more new betting sites are entering the US marketplace. To cover an impending launch, highly reputable sports betting industry sources will begin their own process of due diligence. These trusted resources will do all the initial heavy lifting to source the proper information on the best sports betting sites.

Armed with detailed information on every new sports betting site, interested consumers can then begin their own due diligence process.

Selecting the best new betting sites comes down to a matter of interest. However, quite a bit of pertinent information can be uncovered by visiting the website of any new betting site. Initially, this becomes a site’s most powerful marketing tool for attracting new sports betting customers.

Another helpful way to find the best sports betting sites is to compare them to one another. Bettors need to uncover the pros and cons for each new betting site. This can help lead to an informed decision as to which ones should be considered the best.

Online Sports Betting SitesBest New Betting Sites

The dynamics of the legal US online sports betting industry shift on an almost daily basis. The best gambling sites with an existing clientele are always making moves to expand. New betting sites looking to break into this market are creating rollout plans to go live.

Keeping up with the times in this marketplace is a full time job. That being said, the following is a brief look at 10 new betting sites looking to make their mark in the US. Their ultimate success will be heavily tied to each one’s mobile sports betting app.

BlueBet Sports Betting App

Bluebet sports betting

Based out of Australia, BlueBet is a new betting site in the legal US sports betting market. Rollout plans are still in the works with a target launch in the first quarter of 2022.

The list of priority states for the initial launch include Colorado, Iowa and Virginia. This betting app is also targeting Maryland as a brand new legal market along with Tennessee.

The primary point of difference with BlueBet will be its Australian origins. The plan is to replicate some of the most popular sports betting activities with Aussie punters. Also in the plans is a casino app for iGaming where legal.

A company spokesperson recently commented:

"US sports are super popular in Australia, which might be something that isn’t necessarily understood. When we go to these states like Virginia, Colorado, et cetera, it’s about showing what we can do in the US market and what our experience will allow us to do."

This is another perfect example of an established global sportsbook looking to make its mark in the legal US industry.

Industry reviews of the BlueBet sports betting app in Australia have generally been positive. It offers betting lines on numerous international leagues with a heavy lean towards US sports. There are a number of betting markets with daily featured options.

Given the site’s winning formula ‘down under’, bettors in planned US markets can expect a sharp product when released.

BlueBet is the recognized brand name in Australia. However, the company also mentioned that it will probably rebrand its sports betting app for a US launch. Stayed tuned for more information on this new sports betting site over the coming months.

Barstool Sports Betting App

Barstool sports betting

This new betting site has also been crowned as one of the best betting sites. Barstool Sportsbook is a product of an equity partnership between Penn National Gaming and Barstool Sports.

Based in Pennsylvania, Penn National is one of the biggest regional gaming and entertainment companies in the legal US market. Barstool Sports is a highly popular digital media property. It is headed up by David Portnoy as a famous media figure in his own right.

The mobile Barstool sportsbook app was first launched in Penn National’s home state of Pennsylvania. Its strongest appeal is among younger bettors aged 21 to 35. This is a prime demographic for any legal online sportsbook operator.

The betting app earned rave reviews among its loyal following. Already a highly competitive marketplace, Barstool Sportsbook made an immediate impact in the Keystone State.

Since that point, Barstool has expanded into several more states. The mobile betting app was launched in New Jersey: the Garden State is the biggest legal sports betting market in the US according to monthly betting volume.

Other key markets for Barstool include Michigan, West Virginia, Iowa, Indiana and Colorado. Penn National has aggressive expansion plans for its popular betting app heading into the new football season.

The Barstool sports betting app has been designed to appeal to diehard sports fans. More and more fans are looking to add some legal betting excitement to their favorite sports, games and teams.

The app offers a heavy concentration of betting options for the most popular sports. However, there is a very diverse selection of secondary betting leagues as well. The app has a section for ‘Barstool Exclusives’ with daily odds boosts and in-house picks.

This new betting site does an excellent job of tying in its charismatic leader with all the betting action. Portnoy has a huge following of sports betting fans. Barstool has been able to fully leverage that popularity to grow its customer base.

As Barstool Sportsbook continues to expand its legal US footprint, it is poised to become a major player in the marketplace. The app has already set records for downloads in previous rollout states.

The early success of this new sports betting site can be attributed to an unique partnership. Penn National offers the gaming experience and Barstool Sports offers the media exposure. This combination has already become a blueprint for new legal sports betting collaborations in the works.

Backed by an impressive betting app, Barstool has created a winning formula as one of the best sports betting sites in the legal US market.

Fanatics Sports Betting App

Fanatics sports betting

Fanatics is another new betting site in the planning stages of its initial launch. The brand name is tied to a highly successful online apparel company. With licensing deals in place with every major sports league, Fanatics offers a full line of sports related gear.

The new plan is to leverage the popularity of Fanatics apparel with sports fans to launch a mobile sports betting app.

A big part of the plan was the hiring of former FanDuel CEO Matt King to run the sports betting operation. This offers some immediate legitimacy to this project. Fanatics has also pledged $320 million as its startup budget.

Fanatics sportsbook received quite a bit of free press lately with ties to hip-hop mogul Jay-Z. He is part of a group of investors looking to launch a Fanatics online sports betting platform in New York.

That state is going through the process of regulating legal online sports betting. The number of licensed operators in New York will be limited. Gaining one of those coveted operator licenses is a high priority for the biggest players in the game.

If the Fanatics sports betting app would make its debut in New York, that would immediately put this new betting site on the map.

MaximBet Sports Betting App

Maximbet sports betting is a legal sports betting operator in Colorado. Owned and operated by the Carousel Group, it was first launched in September of 2020.

This online book’s gaming license in Colorado is tied to a partnership with Johnny Nolon’s Casino in Cripple Creek as a land-based retail venue.

The company has recently gone through the process of rebranding as MaximBet. This is another example of a gaming company teaming up with a popular media property. The plan is to leverage the Maxim name with a choice demographic of sports betting customers.

Already live in Colorado, MaximBet will be coming to Ohio and Pennsylvania soon after securing market access in both states.

If the younger demographic buys into the concept of the Maxim name, there could be some serious traction for this new betting site.

While the Maxim magazine was a hot commodity a few years back, it may have lost some of its appeal with its core audience. Nonetheless, the Carousel Group is investing heavily in this new endeavor.

Mohegan Sun Sports Betting App

Mohegan Sun sports betting

One of the biggest names in tribal casino gaming is going all-in on legal sports betting. Starting from its home base in Connecticut, Mohegan Sun is entering the legal online sports betting market as well.

With ties to the land-based casino, the Mohegan Tribe has received one of three gaming licenses to operate a legal retail and online sportsbook in Connecticut. The tribe is also running a retail sportsbook at Mohegan Sun Pocono in Pennsylvania.

This could be the start of something big behind a well-recognized brand name. The Mohegan Sun sports betting app in Connecticut will be a whole new venture. This could lead to expansion into other legal gaming markets down the road.

With land-based properties in several different states, the tie-in with legal online sports betting would be a natural fit. The gaming legacy of this tribe offers quite a bit of inherent value to the brand name.

Plans are still coming together in anticipation of the launch of legal sports betting in Connecticut. Early September is the targeted time frame on everyone’s mind. This coincides with the start of the new football season.

Bettors should expect some impressive promotional offers with the Mohegan Sun sports betting app. Most times, the welcome offer for new customers is tied to a matching bonus on the initial deposit into an online betting account.

Mohegan Sun will have the luxury of connecting its online promotional plan with its retail casino operations. Existing gaming companies enjoy a built-in edge when it comes to attracting new customers to its online gaming products.

With gaming operations in states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Mohegan Sun could develop an iGaming section for its mobile app. These are two of a handful of states that offer legal online gambling on casino games. This could quickly become one of the best gambling sites.

Bettors should expect the Mohegan Sun sports betting app to be a first class product. Given the level of gaming experience and expertise involved, the tribe has invested heavily in its online betting rollout plans.

As a way to test the waters, there is Mohegan Sun Beyond. This offers a way to “bet” on sports and play casino games online for free.

Players can compete against their friends while also climbing the leaderboard. There are daily bonus offers, live tournaments and happy hour specials. These are just a few of the ways that players can earn in-app bonuses and extra playing chips.

Players can also increase their Gem Level through regular play. The higher the Gem Level, the higher the rewards. This is all part of the Mohegan Sun commitment to enhancing the entire online gaming experience.

Prophet Sports Betting App

Prophet sports betting

As another new sports betting site, Prophet takes a different approach to legal sports betting. This new betting site will operate as a sports betting exchange.

Fairly new to the legal US market, a sports betting exchange gives players the opportunity to buy, sell and trade their betting positions. Similar to the stock market, bettors invest in their positions and then sell when the timing is right.

Prophet has partnered with Caesars Entertainment on this endeavor. Based in New Jersey, the company was founded in 2018 by Dean Sisun and Jake Benzaquen. Sisun is the acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Benzaquen holds the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO).

New Jersey is also the initial market for the Prophet sports betting exchange. The goal is to launch the Prophet sports betting app this fall in conjunction with the new football season.

The key to this new betting site’s success will be the company’s ability to sell traditional sports bettors on the idea of an exchange. Given the continued popularity of daily fantasy sports (DFS), this is an existing connection for this type of betting system.

Beyond the New Jersey launch this year, Indiana has been identified as a target market for early 2022.

The Prophet sports betting app will be fully functional and available for download by iOS and Android users. The big difference between the Prophet exchange and traditional sportsbooks is even-money wagers.

The Prophet exchange will offer various betting markets at even money odds. The exchange will make its money on the fees charged for various on-site transactions.

As part of the exchange concept, bettors will be able to make offers on certain markets. For example, if a game’s point spread is set at six points, a bettor can make an offer for 5.5 points through the Prophet app.

Bettors can also sell positions when they believe the time is right. This can apply to futures bets as well as props. The primary function of the Prophet betting app is to facilitate these transactions among its customers.

SI Sportsbook Sports Betting App

SI Sportsbook sports betting

Following in the footsteps of other gaming and media partnerships, SI Sportsbook has made its debut in Colorado. Earlier this year, a partnership between Authentic Brands and 888 Holdings was formed. The end result is the SI Sportsbook sports betting mobile app.

Authentic Brands is the company behind the popular Sports Illustrated brand. 888 Holdings is the company behind the global sportsbook based in the UK.

With Colorado already live, more states with legal betting will be added to the list in the coming months. Given the two parties involved in this new sports betting site, bettors in Colorado have something special.

As work on the SI Sportsbook app continues, the company has launched its sports betting website in Colorado. The in-state partnership with Colorado Grand Casino in Cripple Creek as a land-based gaming venue paved the way.

Colorado has quickly become a proving ground for new sports betting sites. When the SI Sportsbook app is officially released, it will join the ranks of a myriad of legal mobile operators in that state.

A successful run in this state would add the designation of being one of the best sports betting sites. Time will tell where SI Sportsbook ends up on the list. However, this partnership has quite a few things going for it.

Name recognition tops the list. Sports Illustrated has become one of the most popular and respected sports publications in the industry. This is another great example of how the best gambling sites are leveraging strong media properties to enter the marketplace.

Another huge plus is the ability to promote the SI Sportsbook through the actual magazine. This is the easiest way to tap into the existing database of consumers. Anyone who enjoys reading SI is bound to want to bet on the games through the SI mobile app.

The Colorado online sports betting marketplace appears to be saturated with so many legal operators. However, there could be enough to go around. As one of the larger legal markets in the US in monthly betting volume, there is still a chance to carve out a niche.

Sporttrade Sports Betting App

Sporttrade sports betting

Sporttrade is the other new betting site that will act as an exchange. The Sporttrade sports betting app also has plans to launch in New Jersey this year.

As the brand name suggests, this sports betting exchange has plans to operate in a similar fashion as a stock exchange. Bettors are buying, selling and trading positions based on perceived value.

Sporttrade does offer one main point of difference. This perceived value will apply to a particular player. A sports exchange is an ideal betting product for a player’s stats and other relevant data. Players can be wagered on over the course of an entire season. Value rises and falls with individual game performances.

A player’s stock can easily go up and down as their season wears on. This can also be scaled down to their performance in an actual game.

The unique aspect of a sports betting exchange such as Sporttrade is value being dictated by the bettors themselves. Traditional sportsbooks set the betting lines and odds. They will then move those lines in light of the betting action coming in.

The Sporttrade sports betting app creates an online marketplace for buying, selling and exchanging betting positions on players. The exchange covers all the major sports leagues. The running value in these league’s players is dictated by the end users of this exchange.

The concept is exciting on paper. How it all plays out in the actual sports betting marketplace remains to be seen. Nonetheless, Sporttrade is making all the right moves to lead the way.

The company behind Sporttrade has described its new sports betting site as “where fantasy sports meets the stock market.” The heaviest emphasis is on the ongoing performance of the players themselves.

When the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL are in season, each player’s performance during the games impacts their exchange value. Similar to DFS, bettors have the option to sell (drop) or trade their positions in a particular player.

The value of these positions has a chance to go up or down from the original buy-in price. This concept highlights the fact that the Sporttrade sports betting exchange is controlled by the actual end-users.

Real money can be won or lost by the way someone manages their overall portfolio. This aspect of Sporttrade covers the real money gambling appeal.

888 Sports Betting App

888sport sports betting

This UK-based sports betting company has already created a very successful following on an international level. Expanding to the legal US market, the company decided to launch its mobile sports betting app in New Jersey.

Going live in the biggest legal sports betting market in the country was a bold move. However, this has created a strong US foundation for market expansion down the road.

Staying true to its UK roots, 888sport offers a highly professional feel with its sports betting app. As one of the best gambling sites on a global scale, avid US bettors cannot help but be impressed.

There is a full lineup of betting options for all major US professional leagues. However, there is also an expanded selection of European leagues. This includes soccer, basketball and ice hockey.

The strong point of the 888sport’s betting app is its international appeal. Most of the betting action will still gravitate towards NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL games. However, sports bettors looking to expand their boundaries will appreciate the diversity in both the leagues and betting markets offered.

Through its 888sport betting app in New Jersey, in-state players can also take advantage of 888casino and 888poker. Both of these iGaming options are legal in the Garden State. This also highlights the broad appeal of the app as one of the best gambling sites.

Also highlighted on the 888sport betting app is a generous welcome offer for new customers.

Many of the best sports betting sites offer a matching bonus on the initial deposit into a new online betting account up to a set amount. The welcome bonus offer at 888sport is tied to a credit up to $500 on the first bet made through the site.

This is often referred to as a ‘risk-free’ bet. If a bettor’s first ever eligible wager is graded as a loss, the amount of that bet (up to $500) is credited back into the online account.

Overall, 888sport has earned its listing as one of the best new sports betting sites on the list. Strong points include a betting board with a sharp presentation. There is also a wide array of leagues and betting markets listed.

The welcome offer is on par with existing US-based books. So are the different methods for funding an online account and requesting withdrawals. Another big plus is the mobile app’s synergy with the international 888sport brand.

This is why 888sport has become a recognized leader in regulated markets all around the world.

Overall, the 888sports app for the legal US market should appeal to avid sports bettors in several high-volume states.

Bally Bet Sports Betting App

Bally Bet sports betting

Bally’s has grown to become an iconic brand name in the gaming industry. In 2020, Twin River Holdings Worldwide decided to purchase that brand name along with Bally’s Atlantic City casino in New Jersey.

The Rhode Island-based gaming and entertainment company changed its name to Bally’s Corporation. It also formed an interactive division to compete in the realm of legal online sports betting and iGaming. The end result was the formation of Bally Bet as its mobile sportsbook app.

Bally Bet decided to roll out its sports betting app in Colorado and Iowa. These are two of the more successful markets in the legal US sports betting industry. One of the main focuses of this app is enhancing the entire online betting experience.

This app goes beyond just sports betting in a number of ways. Players can interact with other players. They can share wagers and challenge one another for handicapping bragging rights. Players can also earn points towards valuable rewards through a customer loyalty program.

The Bally Bet app can be easily downloaded to both iOS and Android devices. These downloads are available on the Bally Bet website.

As one of the best betting sites, Bally Bet goes out of its way to cater to its customers. Special promotional offers are designed to boost anyone’s online betting account. Starting with a generous welcome bonus offer, there are any number of ways to earn free bet credit.

The current welcome offer at Bally Bet is a risk free wager up to $550 on a player’s initial bet. Other promotions are geared toward specific sports and local teams.

Bally Bet also has special parlay booster bets that can turn two dollars into a million-dollar payout. By truly engaging its sports betting fans, Bally Bet lives up to the gaming tradition started by this iconic brand in Las Vegas.

One of this sports betting app’s special features is the “Trophies” section. Players can compete for special trophies as part of their online action. These trophies offer bragging rights over family and friends. They also reward players with free bet credits when earned.

Trophies are earned in three specific ways:

  • Winning bets on a specific league
  • Winning bets on certain markets
  • Winning bets on specific options

Players can track their progress on their Bally Bet profile page. This is just another way that this sports betting app enhances the entire betting experience.

The Bally Bet online loyalty program is also tied to Bally’s land-based retail casinos. The company owns and operates 14 casinos across 10 different states. This includes the famous Tropicana Las Vegas as one of its latest acquisitions.

PlaySugarHouse Betting App

PlaySugarHouse sports betting

These are exciting times for sports fans in Connecticut. PlaySugarHouse has already attracted a large base of sports bettors in NJ and PA.

The launch into the CT market has been highly anticipated, starting when the CT Lottery announced its partnership with Rush Street Interactive.

SuperBook Betting App

SuperBook sports betting

SuperBook has been around since 1993, so it has been in operation for almost 30 years! The sports team at SuperBook has around 100-plus years of combined odds making experience that it brings to the table. SuperBook started out as a retail sportsbook with a physical location and is now moving to take the online sportsbook world by storm.

Wagr Betting App

Wagr sports betting

When someone places a wager at a traditional sportsbook, they are betting against the house. Wagr has created a betting platform that gives individual users the opportunity to bet against one another.

This novel concept combines sports betting and social interaction into one shared experience.

PlayUp Betting App

PlayUp sports betting

PlayUp is backed by a well-respected gaming company in Australia.

The launch in the highly competitive New Jersey and Colorado market is definitely a challenge. However, PlayUp appears to be committed to carving out a piece of each market with its betting site and mobile app.

New Betting Online Sports Betting FAQNew Betting Sites FAQ

How do new sports betting sites make money?

Traditional sports betting sites make most of their money on the commission (or juice) charged to book certain types of bets. Typically, sportsbooks build this price into the cost of placing a bet by adjusting your potential payout by a small margin to cover their costs.

Money line odds fluctuate based on the competitive gap between the favorite and the underdog in a straight-up matchup. The books make money on all the losing bets in a money line betting market.

Futures markets set odds for all participants. The books take action on these odds until that futures bet is officially graded. They will pay off the winners and keep the money wagered on all the other positions. Prop bet options work in a similar fashion.

Can I use more than one online sportsbook?

There is no limit to the amount of legal online sportsbooks a bettor can use to wager on the games. They will need to keep a cash balance in each online betting account opened to remain active.

The only limits in place are the number of legal online sports betting operators approved by each participating state.

Which is the best site for betting?

There are any number of variables that go into answering this question. At the top of the list is personal preference.

Every legal online betting site is regulated by the state they operate in. This makes online sports betting safe and fair across the board.

Finding the best betting site should be tied to a sports bettor’s particular strategy. By studying each available betting site’s leagues and markets offered, they can come up with a good match. Promotional programs, customer loyalty rewards and other valuable perks can also be factored in.

The beauty of the legal US sports betting industry is the sheer diversity among the best betting sites. They all present their own set of pros and cons. For the most part, today’s legal online books do a good job of meeting customer expectations.