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Devin Walker has always been the underdog. Whether he's laboring his way through a season of The Challenge on MTV, or trying win back his betting losses on a late night kickoff in Honolulu, you'll never find this guy giving up. No quit in this dude! Where there's a will, there's a way/parlay. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Bet On Devin - the perfect marriage between Devin's love for The Challenge and his obsession with sports betting. Each week, Devin will be joined by one of his friends from the reality TV universe, followed by a best bets segment with VegasInsider's TommyFreezePops. You're getting incredible insight from your favorite MTV castmates, while also pocketing Devin's winners for the football weekend. Bet On Devin is like having a beer with your buddies as a podcast. ALWAYS. BET. ON. DEVIN!

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Devin Walker


Devin Walker is an equal opportunity sports bettor and host of the weekly show Bet On Devin on the VegasInsider Podcast. As the youngest of four brothers, Devin's been handicapping family events to give himself a chance since he was 9 years old. A reality TV personality by trade, Devin is best known for his multiple appearances on America's fifth major sport, MTV's The Challenge. Self-proclaimed as a man who never met a beer or a parlay he didn't like, you'll be sure not to confuse Devin with an analytical bettor. But if it's long odds and hot takes you're looking for, he's your guy! Although he specializes in NFL, college football, college basketball, and UFC, don't be surprised to find Devin with an open ticket on WNBA or even table tennis. When he's not frequenting the cash counter, Devin enjoys golfing (21 handicap), BBQ-ing, and having beers with the boys. Catch him on Wednesdays on Chasing That Paper!



TommyFreezePops (Tom Carroll) is the media manager at VegasInsider, where he can be heard on various podcasts across the VegasInsider Podcast feed: Tom & Thom, Pound For Pound Picks, and more! He joined the VI team in the summer of 2020 as producer/cohost of Great Dane Nation, and was promoted into his current role in January of 2022. With a background in sports radio, he’s made stops at both the network level (ESPN Radio & FOX Sports Radio) and large-market local level (98.5 The Sports Hub, WEEI Sports Radio Network & 101 ESPN St. Louis). He's a 2014 graduate of Emerson College in Boston, and a native of Lincoln, RI. He’s a firm believer that a hot dog is, indeed, a sandwich, and he once accidentally sent an email blast to thousands of ESPN employees letting them know he put freezepops in the break room freezer…people don’t forget!

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