Champions League Final Viewing: New York, Massachusetts, and California Top the US Rankings

With the Champions League final fast approaching, fans across the country are gearing up to watch the ultimate showdown in European football. At VegasInsider, we decided to analyze and rank all states in the US to determine where you would get the best viewing experience.

Our ranking is based on the enthusiasm that the locals demonstrate towards the final, measured by Champions League-related queries on Google, and the cost of beer. With those two factors in place, you're pretty much guaranteed a good time watching the big game.

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Below you will find the complete state rankings:

1. New York

New York tops the rankings as the best state to watch the Champions League final. The Empire State ranks second in general interest for the event and third in beer prices, placing it at the top of our list.

2. Massachusetts

The Bay State follows closely behind. In Massachusetts, the general population cares the most about the final. The price of beer is a bit higher than in New York, putting it in second place.

3. California

California is the third-best state to watch the Champions League final. The population shows significant interest in the big game, and beer is slightly cheaper than in Massachusetts. However, the interest from the public isn't as high, placing The Golden State in third place.

4. New Jersey

New Jersey ranks fourth. Despite a higher price per beer than in New York, California, and Massachusetts, the general interest in the event propels the Garden State toward the top of the rankings.

5. Maryland

Finishing off the top 5 is Maryland. Similar to New Jersey, the interest in the event makes the Old Line State a great place to watch the final. The beer prices in Maryland are the 11th highest in the country, so fans will need to rely on fellow fans to enhance the viewing experience.

We expected to see high interest from states with large foreign populations, such as Florida, California, and New York, but Massachusetts' high ranking was a surprise. Perhaps it’s a testament to the increased interest in 'the beautiful game' from Americans, influenced by stars like Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez, and Sergio Busquets.

Regardless of the reasons for the states' rankings, as the final whistle draws near, the anticipation is building. So whether you find yourself in the heart of a metropolis or the tranquility of the countryside, rest assured, the beautiful game is alive and well across America. So grab your scarf, find a spot at the local pub, and get ready for a game of unforgettable football. The Champions League final awaits, and the excitement knows no bounds.


To rank these states, we identified three key searches signaling interest in the Champions League final: “Champions League Final,” “Where to watch the Champions League Final,” and “How to watch the Champions League Final.” Combining these three searches per 100,000 people in each state gives us a good indication of the population's hype for the biggest soccer game on the European calendar.

Additionally, we considered the price of beer in each state, courtesy of For many people, watching a sporting event of this magnitude goes hand-in-hand with having a few cold ones, and a lower price often translates to a better atmosphere.

Finally, to rank the states, we assigned a weight to these two metrics, emphasizing general interest (60%) and beer prices (40%). Below you can find a breakdown of how the final calculations were made.

Firstly, we normalized both the searches and the price of beer for each state, then computed a weighted score and ranked the states based on these scores. 

For searches, we used:

  • (𝑋−min⁡(𝑋))/(max⁡(𝑋)−min⁡(𝑋))
  • (X−min(X))/(max(X)−min(X))

For the price of beer, we used:

  • (max⁡(𝑌)−𝑌)/(max⁡(𝑌)−min⁡(𝑌))
  • (max(Y)−Y)/(max(Y)−min(Y))