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Betfair, an online gambling company owned by Flutter Entertainment, offers a number of different gambling services in the UK. It will almost certainly make its way into the US and Canadian markets in the future. Betfair dabbled in exchange wagering in New Jersey before pulling the plug on its operations in 2020.

Similarly to its experiment in the US, Betfair existed in Canada until January of 2016. With the increasing global acceptance and legalization of gambling and sports betting, it’s reasonable to imagine that Betfair will make its way back into Canada.


Written by: Nick Makowitz
US Sports Betting Industry Expert -


Betfair offers a number of platforms and services for prospective gamblers and bettors. It offers a casinotraditional sportsbook, and a betting exchange. The betting exchange is Betfair’s claim to fame and the trait that has made it so popular in the UK. A betting exchange allows participants to play the part of bookmaker while making wagers.

We’ll touch on the specifics of how to operate in a betting exchange a bit later.

Best Betfair Betting PromotionsPOTENTIAL BETFAIR PROMO CODE

When it re-enters the US and Canada markets, users can expect at least one Betfair promo code or welcome offer. Some offers include welcome bonuses up to $200 that bettors can redeem in the form of bonus bets.

Other welcome offers involve a deposit match for the sportsbook, bonus spins in the casino, or up to $50 in bonus money for the betting exchange. It’s impossible to know exactly what Betfair will offer customers in North America, but it will likely be something lucrative.

The US and Canada are currently massive untapped markets for Betfair. Exchange betting didn’t catch on in the US quite like the company expected, so it’s possible they re-penetrate the North American market with better-than-expected promotional deals.



Betfair offers exchange betting, a form of betting where bettors act partially as the bookmaker. Rather than placing a wager on traditionally set odds, bettors make their own odds. As long as there is a bettor willing to take the proposed odds, the bet will count.

It can easily be compared to call and put options in the stock market, or, more simply, betting with a friend at a bar that something happens and putting a price on it. Bettors bet against each other rather than a bookmaker, and Betfair takes a percentage for commission.

New Jersey briefly offered a betting exchange at Monmouth Park racetrack before Betfair ceased operations.

betfair exchange


Betfair does offer a traditional online sportsbook where users can place wagers on a variety of leagues and markets. Since it’s a UK-based operation, Betfair uses decimal odds as opposed to American odds.

The site offers an extremely wide array of international leagues. If, or perhaps when, Betfair makes its way back into the US, bettors should find a nearly unlimited selection awaiting them.


Betfair also offers a reputable online casino operation for gamblers. It includes the classic casino games such as roulette and blackjack, but it also provides users with holiday and pop-culture-themed games, as well as live events.

There are also more table games like Texas Hold ‘Em, Baccarat, and almost any other popular casino card game. Betfair offers its players plenty of casino promotions as well. Some include bonus spins or no-deposit-bonuses and there are even incentives to play in slot tournaments.

betfair casino


Betfair is one of the most reputable and reliable global gaming providers. According to the UK Gambling Commission, Betfair has “high protection” which is the highest level a company can have. Users should feel confident their money and information are safe.

Although Betfair is currently graded as an extremely responsible and protective gaming operator, it has had a run-in with the Gambling Commission before. In 2018, then-parent-company Paddy Power was ordered to pay a hefty fee for failing to protect customers who displayed habits of a gambling problem.

They also failed to complete the proper money laundering checks, allowing stolen money to flow through the exchange. Betfair has since corrected its issues and now bolsters a high safety grade, so users should not worry.


The Betfair mobile app has built up quite the reputation among UK bettors. It is mostly aptly compared to US sportsbook giants FanDuel and DraftKings. Within the app, there is a massive selection of leagues and markets spanning several continents. Betfair has set the standard in the UK with regards to customer experience and it shows in the Play Store and App Store reviews.

The only limitation, according to those who left a review, is that live betting can load a bit slowly. Considering that is the only consistent qualm with the Betfair app, it’s safe to say users are pleased across the board.


As one of the largest operators in the world, Betfair has a payment method for almost anyone. The company offers a wide range of payment options including:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Rapid Transfer
  • Neteller
  • Bank Transfer
  • Skrill


Betfair offers basic customer support features such as FAQ pages on various topics, a search bar, and even live chatting for users logged into their accounts. Live chatting is the quickest and most reliable way to get answers, but answers to common questions can be found through the abundance of FAQ pages.

Betfair Online Sports Betting FAQBETFAIR FAQ


According to Betfair, its exchange provides users with 20% better odds than traditional sportsbooks. Without a bookmaker creating odds and adjusting through price discovery, other users are the ones determining market value.


Betfair, like many sportsbooks, offers users the ability to place themselves on a self-exclusion list. A self-exclusion list allows bettors to voluntarily prevent themselves from wagering. It’s a feature put in place to promote responsible gaming. Users cannot place other users on the list.


Betfair offers welcome bonuses, odds boosts, and other promotional opportunities through which users can earn bonus cash or acquire bonus back bets if certain terms are met.

Betfair Online VerdictOUR BETFAIR OUTLOOK

While Betfair currently only operates in the UK, we expect Betfair to make its way into the US and Canada at some point. After failed attempts in both markets, it is likely Betfair will attempt to re-enter. The North American betting market is growing rapidly with the ongoing legalization of US states.

Although sports betting is not federally legal in the US, the expanding market presents a potentially fruitful opportunity for Betfair. Whether or not exchange betting will catch on in North America as it has in the UK remains to be seen, but it will almost certainly try.

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