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Free-to-play sports betting sites are starting to pop up here and there. However, Sparket is leading the way through a strategic partnership with USBookmaking, a sportsbooks solutions company out of Las Vegas. The end result is The Social Betwork platform for avid sports fans.


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Written by: Dave Schwab
US Sports Betting Industry Expert -


The general concept behind BetSparket is a peer-to-peer sports betting exchange that is free to play. Sparket has created The Social Betwork platform as a way to attract avid sports fans that are also interested in testing their betting skills without risking real money.

The idea of a sports exchange is geared towards the end user and their social interactions with other users on the site. Traditional sportsbooks pit the bettor against the house through various betting markets.

At Sparket, bettors are pitted against one another. This totally new approach to sports betting lets site users create custom wagers. These wagers can be sent to friends within the Social Betwork.

These custom wagers can also be posted through the site’s public forum that can be accessed by every end user on BetSparket.

BetSparket is free to join as a truly social gaming site. All betting pools are pari-mutuel by nature with the betting odds impacted by the actual wagers on a particular betting proposition.


As with any online betting site, there are going to be positive aspects covering the entire user experience. There will also be a few areas in need of improvement. Below is a quick look at the pros and cons for BetSparket.


  • At the top of the list is creativity. Sparket has taken the basic concept of sports betting and turned it into a fun and entertaining social interaction.
  • Partnering with USBookmaking gives Sparket instant credibility in the social gaming marketplace.
  • Endless possibilities is another strong characteristic with users able to create their own betting options.


  • There could be an initial learning curve given just how different Sparket’s sports betting concept is from traditional sports betting sites.
  • The actual BetSparket website and mobile Sparket app needs to do a better job at explaining the actual mechanics of the wagering process.


Just about every online sports betting site or sports exchange will have a special promo code tied to a welcome offer for new users. BetSparket does not have a specific welcome offer at this time. However, that is likely to change.

The most common promo code and welcome offer for a social sports betting site such as BetSparket would be tied to onsite use. The general idea behind these types of welcome offers is to initiate activity by new users.

The promo code is used to activate a welcome offer when registering for a new online account. Welcome offers are generally accompanied by a complete set of terms and conditions that apply to their use.


What really makes Sparket unique as The Social Betwork is an unlimited amount of available betting types.

Traditional sportsbooks will list all of their betting leagues and betting markets as part of their overall betting board.

Since individual users can post custom wagers at BetSparket, the overall betting board is constantly expanding. Many of the sports betting options on this site are presented in the form of betting props.


Since betting types are actually driven by users of BetSparket, there are no real limits to the available betting leagues or betting markets (except for those imposed by state law, like New Jersey’s ban on in-state collegiate teams). Betting lines and odds are actually set by users with pari-mutuel betting pools impacting their continual movement.

This expansion carries over to more than wagers on sports. Examples given at BetSparket are betting on the Oscars or new movie premiers. The “Sparket” betting board displays all of the available betting options along with the active betting amount in each pari-mutuel pool.

The betting pools remain active right up until the start of a particular betting event. These pools can be shared with other users across The Social Betwork platform.


The Sparket mobile betting app has been designed to closely resemble the BetSparket website. It did score solid grades for ease of use. However, there is still a learning curve for new users.

The strength of the Sparket app is in its advanced functionality. There are 10 different pages covering every aspect of this app.

This list starts with a Home Page that displays all the “open” betting pools. The actual Pool Page provides all the relevant details for an individual betting pool.

If that betting pool is still open, users can proceed to the Place Bet Page to get in on all the action.

A few of the other features included in the Sparket app are ways to check a bankroll as well as review any active bets. Each user of the BetSparket mobile app can create a profile along with additional links to other social media sites.


BetSparket is designed to be a free-to-use social betting exchange. This expands its availability across states with or without legal sports betting through traditional US-based sportsbook sites.

It remains to be seen how Sparket may evolve from here. As a social gaming site, it may remain the same or evolve into real money online gaming.

One of the stated goals is to add social engagement to sports betting. Sparket has also been designed to help diversify the entire sports betting market.

There is a pending patent for Sparket’s proprietary prediction and confirmation software. This could drive the company’s future plans for Sparket in terms of a real money betting application.



BetSparket scored lower grades in this category due to the initial learning curve to participate. However, that is to be expected anytime a new online betting concept is introduced.

Once an end user is comfortable with both the concept and site navigation, BetSparket gains significant ground in the “ease of use” category.



There is no clear designation for payment methods on the BetSparket site as a free-to-use social gaming site. However, the use of pari-mutuel betting pools implies that real money cash transactions could someday be part of the mix.



Sparket is backed by USBookmaking as a highly reputable sports betting company based in Las Vegas. The company has established itself as consumer-friendly in all the various products offered.

This has been carried over to BetSparket. The site offers a stand-alone Help section that covers all of the basics. Users can also contact the company through an online Sparket product feedback contact form.

Sparket Online Sports Betting FAQSPARKET FAQ


Sparket makes it a point to highlight the social aspect of its site through The Social Betwork.


With pari-mutuel betting pools, betting odds will constantly be updated based on the money being wagered on the actual outcome.


Since the betting options are being directed by actual users of this exchange, any betting option can be proposed (if allowed by state law).

Sparket Online VerdictOUR SPARKET VERDICT


Sparket represents the innovative combination of traditional sports betting and social gaming through The Social Betwork. As the entire US sports betting industry continues to evolve, this concept will gain more and more traction among sports bettors and regular users of social interaction sites.

Another big plus is the ability to expand the betting exchange model outside the realm of sports. More and more sports bettors are interested in options to wager on events covering the world of entertainment, politics and pop culture.

The overall lower grade out of 5 pertains more to the technical aspect of BetSparket. The site and app are professionally designed with high grades for functionality. However, the overall concept still has a high learning curve as far as mass appeal to the general betting public.

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