How Much Does It Cost To Visit A 2022 Formula 1 Race?

The newest 2022 F1 season is just around the corner, and interest in attending and viewing the world’s fastest sport is rising. Watching the race on TV cannot be compared to the live event. You hear the tires screeching, the motors roaring, and you almost smell the gasoline as the formula race cars pass in blazing speed in front of you.

But how much does it all cost?

The 2022 Formula One season started on March 20 with the Bahrain Grand Prix. It will conclude on November 20 and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The season is supposed to count 22 races at different locations. But since the races are held all over the world, attending a specific event will differ in terms of ticket prices, hotel expenses, etc.

2022 F1 Ticket Prices

Since F1 ticket prices can be very high, we decided to look at only the cheapest grandstand tickets. Even then, the price can get quite high and too much for some people. But the cheapest ticket is available for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The ticket for accessing the Hungaroring in Mogyoród will cost you $127 per person. The second cheapest ticket price is available for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. People that want to watch the race at the Baku City Circuit will need to fork out $135 a ticket.

Quite expectedly, the Monaco Grand Prix is the most expensive one. The cheapest grandstand ticket at the Circuit de Monaco costs $700. Not far behind is the Miami Grand Prix, where the most inexpensive ticket starts at $640.

How Much Does a Hotel Stay Cost?

Being that you are going to need to travel to different places of the world, finding suitable accommodation is a must. But every city is different in terms of style and expenses. The same goes for the quality and the price of hotels.

For instance, a two-day stay at a hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE, costs $3,260 on average. Staying in Spa, Belgium, for the Belgium Grand Prix will cost $2,479 on average. Luckily, there are some much more affordable places that one can attend.

A two-day stay in Sao Paulo, Brazil, will cost a person about $154 during the Sao Paulo Grand Prix. Also, visiting Bahrain is not so expensive as you will only need to pay $224 for two days and one night.

Restaurant Prices

The same as with hotels, restaurant prices will differ depending on the city you are going to travel to and the race you plan to attend. Since you are going to be staying for two days, you are probably going to pay for six meals.

The best bargain comes in Baku, Azerbaijan, where six meals will cost you around $28. Bahrein is not so expensive when it comes to food, as you will be spending about $32 for a two-day stay.

However, the average six-meal price is the most expensive in Monaco. One will have to spend around $332 for the given period in Monte Carlo. Also, the price in Towcester, Great Britain also comes in three figures and may set you back about $108 per person.

Total Average Costs of Going to an F1 Race Live

When we crunch all the numbers and take all expenses into account, the ticket price, the meals, and lodging, Abu Dhabi, UAE comes on top as it will cost you on average $3,670 ($2,518 median price). An F1 weekend in Monte Carlo is no cakewalk as well at $2,850 average price ($2,896 median price). We also calculated the cost of flights from Amsterdam to the respective locations (in some cases, to the closest airports to the locations) while creating the graphic below.

Luckily, there are some cheaper and more accommodating options when it comes to viewing a Formula One race. The lowest total cost is available in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at $367 ($317) or Bahrain at $425 ($357 median price). But the choice is ultimately yours and will depend on your budget and the amount you are willing to spend.

If you want to watch visit all races, it's going to leave a $28,039.52 hole in your pocket.

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Updated on 06/20/2024
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