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Expert MMA/Boxing Picks and Predictions

Whether it's the octagon or squared circle, you'll want to have our team of expert handicappers in your corner to help you knock your book to the ground. features the top rated handicappers in the industry offering their Boxing and UFC best bets throughout the season.
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  • Venue: UFC Apex
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV
  • Date: Saturday, December 4th
  • Time: Main Card 10pm ET
  • Broadcast: ESPN+
  • Price: $29.95 per handicapper
  • Fights are subject to change at anytime.
Adam Lykkesteen
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VegasInsider Fighting Pick Packages

Our fighting expert handicappers offer UFC and Boxing pick packages. Each handicapper is sold separately and their packages may contain any combination of matchups, round props, method of victory and more!

How Does Betting Boxing/UFC Matchups Work?

Betting on Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts is fairly simple and the matchup bet is the most common wager. For each fight, you’re always going to have a favorite and an underdog. For example, Walt Harris is the favorite (-160) and Alistair Overeem is the underdog (+140). Bettors would risk $160 on Harris to win $100. If you bet $100 on Overeem and he won the fight, your return would be $140.

How Does Betting Boxing/UFC Totals Work?

Another wagering option is betting on the Total or the number of rounds the fight will last. Bettors will then decide if they believe the fight will go longer or short than the distance set by the oddsmakers. For example, the ‘over/under’ in the Harris vs. Overeem fight is set at 1 ½ rounds. If you believe the fight will go longer than 1 ½ rounds, then you need the fight to go one full round and half of the 2nd round or more than two and half minutes. If you wager on the under, then you need the fight to end before the halfway mark of the 2nd round or under the two and half minute mark. When wagering on this bet type, it doesn’t matter which fighter wins the match.

How Does Betting Final Result/Method of Victory Props Work?

Similar to the “Totals” wager, the Final Result Props was another option created by oddsmakers to minimize risk for the bettors and in some cases offer higher payouts. Not only do you have to pick the winner of the fight, but you must also select the way the fighter will win. In Boxing a fighter can win two ways, by decision or knockout. In MMA a fighter can win by decision, knockout and submission.The knockout option also includes technical knockouts and disqualification. For example, if you bet $100 on Alistair Overeem (+260) to win by knockout against Walt Harris and he won by decision or lost the fight, you would lose $100. If Overeem won the fight by knockout, then you would receive $260 plus your initial stake of $100.

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