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According to ReportLinker, a trusted source that utilizes market data and artificial intelligence to predict trends and future economic revenue, the Fantasy Sports Market was valued at 21.39 billion dollars in 2021. By the end of 2022 that number could reach upwards of 50 billion dollars, and there is no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The American consumer has devoured the Daily Fantasy Sports spectrum by pouring money into fantasy sports that include football, basketball, hockey and baseball.


What is GridRival?

With the evolving DFS landscape, Ross Fruin created a haven for racing fanatics that became known as GridRival.

Daily Fantasy Sports’ platforms have continued to grow over the last decade with the likes of FanDuel and DraftKings, and now GridRival aims to take center stage with a strong focus on all things racing. GridRival primarily focuses their attention on Formula1 and MotoGP.

GridRival Promo Code June 2024

GridRival Welcome Offer

While scouring the website and eventually downloading the app, we found that GridRival does not currently have any such promotions, welcome offers or promo code such as VIBONUS.

With the growth of the online casino space, gaining new players has become more difficult among the big names in the industry. Promotional offers and welcome bonuses are a good way to gain those new players. A majority of the DFS providers offer some sort of enticement to get new players to sign up.

Some of the offers include deposit matches up to 100% and free entries into certain contests and games available. We expect a few promotions to roll out as the new Formula One and MotoGP seasons get underway in early 2023.

How to Get Started with GridRival

Signing up with GridRival requires a few pieces of information that can verify your identity.

After signing up and making an initial deposit, you are ready to enter your first contest. GridRival has a plethora of available options and leagues that span all types of price points.

  1. Create or join a league

    GridRival offers you the capability of creating your own private fantasy league or just joining one of the hundreds of public leagues available. When creating a private league, you can set the price and invite all your friends to join. Public leagues are joined by searching through the lobby. At the time of this writing, there were over 200 different leagues to join. Leagues can be for the length of an entire season, or for just a particular race. The options are abundant.

  2. Build your fantasy team

    Depending on the parameters set by your private league or a public league, you will have to select several drivers and constructors. Some of the leagues require five driver selections, but some require more or less.

    You make your selections by using your expertise and knowledge and manage those drivers throughout the Formula One and MotoGP season. Points are earned based on how your drafted drivers perform on a weekly basis in the real-life races.

  3. Compete with friends

    Everyone has that one friend that knows everything about it all, including fantasy sports. Sometimes you are having a beer discussing current news in the sports world, and the conversation always somehow turns competitive in nature. GridRival makes it easy to settle the disputes with easy to join competitions. Whether you create a private league or join a pubic one, you can always compete with your friends.

GridRival Features

Robust Research Tools

While you may possess a lot of knowledge, GridRival aims to aid in helping with your selections. GridRival provides charts, graphs, and data you need to perfect a fantasy roster suited for winning.

League and Global Leaderboards

The leaderboards are instantaneously updated in real time, and you can compare your scores with all your friends at each race and over the course of a season. GridRival allows you to compare your team’s results with other users as well.

Easy Team Management

Selecting your team is made easy on GridRival, and you can even use the same drivers on a race-by-race basis. GridRival keeps a history of your lineups for each race.

Strong Performance Data

GridRival allows you to view detailed breakdowns of how each driver/rider on your team has performed at each event of the current season. The information based on past performances help you craft your perfect team.

Many Social Options

GridRival has a chat option built into each league so that all things can be discussed effortlessly. GridRival also has a discord channel. The Discord channel provides a community of likeminded racing enthusiasts. It’s a great way to bounce ideas off other GridRival users.

GridRival Features
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GridRival Competitions

Formula 1

Formula 1 has been a popular racing sport around the world for 70 years, but the circuit has recently been making an expansionary quest into the United States. Austin and Miami will now be joined by Las Vegas in 2023 as featured F1  circuit races. Formula 1 is a single-seater open-wheel racing car that is considered by many to be the highest class of international racing. Mercedes, Aston Martin, Ferrari, McLaren and Alpine are just a few of the car companies that are involved in F1.


Known as Grand Prix motorcycle racing, MotoGP expands through fourteen countries and four continents with a combined 18 races. MotoGP started their yearly circuit in 1949, and the sport has continued to evolve and strengthen ever since.

GridRival Mobile App

The GridRival - Fantasy Racing mobile app is available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

On the App Store, it has a 3.9 rating out of 5 across over 80 ratings, but things look better for Android users. On the Google Play Store, the app has a 4.4 rating out of 5 across over 500 reviews.

Customer Service & Payment Options

Customer Service

GridRival has a contact support option located in the app and website. Email for any questions, concerns or issues that may arise.

Payment Options

Two available payment options are currently available at GridRival. Debit card/credit card and instant bank transfer. Restrictions and conditions may apply depending on the banking institution.

GridRival FAQ

Is GridRival Free?

While many of the leagues and games require an entry fee, some of the leagues are free. The free games provide an avenue for potential customers to try out the games without risk.

Where is GridRival Legal?

GridRival is legal in 23 states. Check your local offerings to see if your state has legalized GridRival.

How many people play GridRival?

With an ever-growing constituency, GridRival has continued to grow its client base. With over 200 games going at any given moment, GridRival caters to thousands of racing aficionados daily.

Is there a GridRival promo code?

At the time of this article, GridRival does not currently have any welcome or promotional offers. We expect that to change in the future, and you can always check in periodically for future promotions.