Aims to Bring Syndicate Lottery Betting to Ontario

As the Ontario betting market expands, operators like LottoGo will make moves to enter. LottoGo is a worldwide lottery platform that offers players the ability to wager on lottery outcomes through syndicate bets.

A syndicate, in this case, is a group of lottery players who band together to purchase bets on the lottery outcome. If the syndicate's bet is successful, all members of the syndicate will be paid out their appropriate portion of the winnings.

The appropriate portion is based on how much a player contributed to the initial purchase of the bets. While profits may be smaller on a victory than they would be if a player went in alone, a syndicate gives each of its members a greater chance of winning.

When makes its debut in Ontario, experienced lottery players will enjoy the newly available syndicate betting, but that may not be all the platform offers. It's possible that users will be able to branch into online casino games and even sports betting at some point down the line.


While it's not completely clear what would offer to new players in Canada, most online gaming platforms attempt to bring new users on board with lucrative promo codes, bonuses, and welcome offers.

Offers may become live in Canada, but offers are unavailable for promotion in Ontario!

Online casinos and betting sites often afford new users deposit matches, bonus bets, or boosted payouts. Syndicate lottery betting figures to operate a tad differently, but the concept is similar. Monetary incentives could very well be on the menu when goes live.

Additionally, if does launch with an online casino like it has in the UK, new players may be able to take advantage of bonus spins, bonus cash, or bonus Scratchcards.

How to Sign Up with

Online gaming platforms ordinarily follow a pretty similar, straightforward sign up process. Ontarians excited for the go-live of new products, including LottoGo, can expect to adhere to the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the LottoGo site or app
  2. Click on "Register," "Join," or "Sign Up"
  3. Enter personal information such as name, date of birth, and address
  4. Enter any applicable promo codes to claim a welcome offer
  5. Make a deposit and start playing!

It's possible that LottoGo's process contains a few twists or minor quirks, but that should at least provide a good overview of what to expect.


LottoGo's app is fairly barebones at this point. The app consists of the aforementioned lottery betting, as well as Scratchcards, instant win games, and Bingo. It has a solid interface and is easily navigable, but there isn't much else other than the basics.

Most online gaming platforms go through a major upgrade process before launching in a new market. With the Ontario market's rapid growth in betting and gaming, LottoGo will likely make adjustments.

At this point, it may be too early to determine exactly how will roll out its app, but you can expect us at VI to provide updates as they become available.


Customer Service

LottoGo offers users a middle-of-the-road customer service system that consists of a contact form, an FAQ page, and a live chat.

After navigating to the contact form, users can specify the details of their issue and the site will attempt to direct the user to the appropriate information on the FAQ page.

If the FAQ page isn't quite helpful enough, users can opt for a live chat service. It may take a few minutes to connect with a live agent, and the system isn't the most intelligent, but speaking with an agent is a great customer service feature for an online gaming platform.

Luckily for users, the FAQ page, which is most people's first stop, is full of good information.

Payment Options offers a few deposit and withdrawal options. Most notably, the lottery operator lets players use their credit and debit cards to transact.

Credit and debit cards have become perhaps the most common payment method among online gaming sites, so that option should satisfy a large portion of's participants.

Additionally, the company offers payment through some eWallets. It's possible that expands its offering as it grows its business in Ontario. Some other common payment methods across the industry include:

  • Online Banking
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Cryptocurrency


How old do I have to be to play

LottoGo requires users to be at least 18 years old, but age restrictions can apply depending on regulations in certain jurisdictions. The age minimum to play the lottery in Ontario is also 18.

Is syndicate betting easier?

While syndicate betting does mathematically give players a higher likelihood of winning, it can't necessarily be deemed easier. First, since a player's win probability increases, the payout decreases.

Players must split profits with the rest of the syndicate group. All betting is risky and involves some luck, so each bettor must determine how risky he or she is willing to be.

Can I win other rewards if I don't win the Jackpot?

Yes. Most lottery games have multiple prize tiers, so players can benefit even if they don't win the ultra-lucrative jackpot prizes. Conclusion

Overall, will offer Ontarians a fun new way of getting in on the lottery. Syndicate lotter betting offers a sense fo camaraderie in a normally solo activity.

Typical lottery players root only for their self, but syndicate groups make it so that one player can be cheering on almost 50 others. For some people, the sense of togetherness in gambling is extremely important.

While its app and website could use a facelift, they get the job done and provide a framework for Ontario players to get started. With possible expansion into more online casino games and even sports betting, will likely allocate resources to a sweeping platform upgrade.

Ontarians should be excited about the growth of legal wagering in their province and the addition of is no exception.