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The bet365 parlay builder is a versatile tool with several customizable features. The edit bet, partial cash out, and auto cash out features allow you to control your wagers and get the most out of your experience.



The bet365 parlay builder has several useful options for building parlay bets. This makes it easy to edit your bet and get maximum value. They include the edit bet feature, auto cash out, and partial cash out.


The Edit Bet feature allows you to change your bets, remove them, or edit them in-play and before the game. You can switch between win-only and each-way bets if available, thus effectively changing your bet type in-play.

Use the Edit Bet feature to do the following:

  • Add a selection
  • Swap a selection
  • Remove a selection
  • Change the type of bet
  • Increase the risk of the bet

You could turn three two-play parlays into a three-team parlay, for example, or add two more parlays to your slip.

The Edit Bet feature is only available when cash out is an option for all unsettled selections in your bet and when the outcome is not yet determined. However, if selections in your parlay have already been determined, you can still edit your remaining bets.

To edit your bet, simply select the Edit Bet button in the top right corner of your bet slip. You can then add or remove bets and

increase/decrease your risk. This feature makes it easy to quickly and effectively change your bet slip.

Edit Bet Terms and Conditions:

Edit Bet is only available on selected events, fixtures, and markets.

A time delay occurs when validating an Edit Bet request. If the price changes or a market suspends during this time, then the Edit Bet request may not be successful.

Edit Bet is not available on Bet Builder, Each Way Extra bets, or Colossus bets.

bet365 cannot guarantee that the Edit Bet feature will be available on your bet selection. Where Edit Bet is available pre-event and we do not cover the event In-Play then Edit Bet will be unavailable once the event starts.


The Auto Cash Out feature creates a rule for your bets so that you don’t have to manually cash out. You can create a rule to automatically withdraw your whole bet when it reaches a particular amount.

You’ll enter the amount you want to cash out at in the “If the value reaches...” section and select “Create Rule” to set the auto cash out value. At this point, a green dot will appear on the cog icon to indicate that you set a rule.

If you decide that you no longer want that rule, you can select “Remove Rule.” Furthermore, if you make a manual withdrawal, you overrule the auto option.

There are numerous advantages to using the auto feature. It allows you to monitor your bet and add/remove rules. Any customer can use this feature, and winnings are available per regular guidelines.

Also, you won’t risk losing your cash bet, and you can control the status of your wager. The only exception to note is that if you set the auto rule when cash out is unavailable, bets are settled based on the final result.

Additionally, the bet365 parlay builder has a partial cash out feature.


The Partial Cash Out feature is helpful because it lets you withdraw part of your bet while leaving the rest on your risk. For remaining bets, you can partially cash out up to 10 times for straight bets and five times for parlays.

To select a partial cash out, click the cog button next to “Cash Out” and select “Partial Cash Out.” You can then move the slider to adjust the amount.

Any remaining risk that you haven’t cashed out stays on the bet and will be settled with the final result. The minimum value that you can partially cash out is the equivalent of any secured funds with fixed odds parlays. This is the minimum unit risk.

In addition, the minimum partial cash out amount must be 10 times the minimum unit risk for the selected bet type. In this manner, the partial option gives bettors flexibility when making bets.

Partial Cash Out allows you to lower your amount of risk by securing a partial withdrawal no matter the outcome of your bet. This feature of the bet365 parlay builder provides significant flexibility and risk protection.

In addition to the bet365 parlay builder, some bookmakers offer a parlay calculator. With this calculator, you can determine whether the fixed odds parlay is up to par with the true odds parlay. Thus, it can help you make a decision about whether to use the bet365 parlay builder.

It’s particularly beneficial to use a parlay calculator to determine whether the fixed odds parlay offers favorable odds in comparison with the true odds parlay.


Soccer is the top market for the bet365 parlay builder, especially in the UK during televised games. Pre-game use of the bet365 parlay builder is notably higher than the in-play use.

When compared to other wager types, the bet365 parlay builder sees higher use on Sunday and Monday Premier League fixtures. You can also use our exclusive bet365 Bonus Code when placing you sports bet.

Top leagues for the bet365 parlay builder include:

  • English Premier League
  • Champions League
  • FA Cup
  • Europa League
  • Spanish La Liga

Popular markets for the parlay builder are:

  • To Score at Any Time
  • Full Time Result
  • Player to be Booked
  • Total Goals
  • Total Corners

Parlay builder slips are also available for basketball games. However, as this feature is relatively new to this market, it’s still not as popular as parlay builder slips in soccer.

Moreover, most bet builder slips in basketball occur during NBA games. Top markets for basketball parlay builders include:

  • Money Line
  • Play Three’s
  • Point Spread
  • Player Assists
  • Player Points

Finally, international tennis matches provide another popular option for those looking to use the parlay builder. The Australian Open provides a particularly popular event for users to utilize the builder.

As the builder is only available during specific tennis tournaments and events, it’s not yet as robust as the basketball and soccer markets. However, it’s likely that bet365 will increase the number of markets and events that feature the builder.


When considering true odds parlays and fixed odds parlays, it’s commendable to use a parlay calculator. The use of parlay calculators is popular among bettors to lower risk and ensure a savvy wager.

You may find it especially beneficial to analyze whether the fixed odds parlay offers the best of it when compared to the true odds parlay. A parlay calculator can help you do that.

Once you’ve analyzed your fixed odds parlay, which should be as close to the true odds parlay as possible, you can make secure wagers at trusted bookmakers. True odds parlays are rare but will give you the best value for your wager.



Bookmakers generally offer fixed odds based on an estimate of the true odds parlays. As most operators will adjust fixed odds from time to time, it helps to stay up-to-date with the latest odds. That way, you’ll avoid unnecessary risk and losses.


Both true odds parlays and fixed odds parlays are an indication of probability. In that sense, one is no better than the other. One might consider true odds more accurate, and fixed odds a variation that bookmakers use to manipulate outcomes. The majority of odds that operators offer are fixed.


The most popular markets for the bet365 builder are soccer, basketball, and tennis. While soccer dominates the scene because of its variety of international events, basketball builder slips are also becoming popular in the NBA. Within these sports, you can wager on match outcome, player assists, player points, point spread, total goals, or total corners. There are additional options, but those are the most prominent.


The bet builder allows you to take control of your slip. You can add, remove, and swap out your wagers, as well as add a rule for auto cash out. By adding a rule, you lower the risk of missing out on a successful wager. The partial cash out feature also lowers your risk of losing the whole amount. You can combine team parlays to get more value out of your slip.


The bet builder gives you significant flexibility when it comes to editing your slip. You can remove, add, or adjust the number of your wagers. The bet builder offers a wide range of possibilities for team parlays, and you can combine your favorites to develop the ultimate slip.


Those looking for an effective way to place parlays will find a helpful tool in the bet365 parlay builder, as it features various markets and options for sports enthusiasts and bettors. It’s also likely that bet365 will include additional markets soon.