Betano Ontario Sportsbook Review May 2024

While so many sportsbook options in Ontario make it hard to know where to start as a new bettor, consider opening an account with Betano Ontario.

Even veteran bettors can reap the rewards of this rising star in the sports betting industry. With plenty of sports betting markets, great online security features, and a user-friendly website, this platform is a great choice for anyone looking to wager on their favourite teams.

In this Betano Ontario review, we'll talk about the sportsbook's bet types, unique features, payment methods, responsible gaming tools, and more.

By the end, you should feel confident getting started with one of the newest and best options for Ontario bettors.



If you've ever opened an account with a mobile betting platform before, getting started with Betano ON shouldn't be too different barring a couple of twists.

Even inexperienced players should have no issue walking through this intuitive and straightforward process.

Let's talk about the key steps you'll need to take to launch your brand-new Betano Ontario account.

  1. Navigate to the Betano Ontario website or download the app and click on the "register" button in the top right of the screen.
  2. Begin entering the necessary information to open an account. You can start with simply an email address or link a social media account such as Facebook or LinkedIn, which allows the sportsbook to automatically fill in some of your personal information. If you choose to start with your email, you'll have to enter more information manually.
  3. Regardless of the method you've chosen, you'll need to submit your mobile phone number and your physical address. You'll also create a unique username and password.
  4. Once you've created your account, you can link a payment method to make an initial deposit and start betting!


Betano Ontario is an easy-to-navigate platform with various tabs and a decent range of unique features that players of all experience levels enjoy.

Let's talk about some of the unique sports betting features that you can find when playing with this up-and-coming Ontario sportsbook.


This feature allows users to build same-game parlays for major sporting events such as NFL and NBA games. You can also bet on markets like the UEFA Euro and the World Cup, with both of which Betano ON has official betting partnerships, making the sportsbook a top soccer betting site.


This feature enhances the live sports betting experience with Betano ON, as it allows you to follow the action while placing bets at the same time.

It's somewhat similar to the live stream betting option you'll find with other operators, but the integration between the sports viewing and betting aspects makes this feature a major reason to use the Betano ON product, as it boosts your ability to place in-the-moment live bets.


This feature is another one that is geared towards live betting, but not exclusively, as these metrics are available for all the major sports and available betting markets on the Betano ON platform.

You can't make educated sports betting decisions without statistics, so providing these numbers to users without making them leave the sportsbook helps users make solid, informed bets.


With any active market, betting odds tend to fluctuate. Betano ON's Speedbet feature allows you to evade the hurdle of going through the bet slip and place any bet in just a couple of seconds by holding onto the odds tile. Being able to quickly lock in competitive odds helps you get the most value out of your bankroll.


Smart notifications, tailored specifically to your wagers and betting interests, are another top feature of the Betano ON app. As always, speed is vital when it comes to sports betting, so having relevant information sent right to your home screen is another way Betano ON makes it easier for you to play and find value.


Betano Ontario Sportsbook covers a wide range of betting options, including professional and college football, basketball, hockey and baseball, golf, tennis, motorsports, boxing, and mixed martial arts (MMA).

Here's a closer look at betting markets available on Betano ON:

  • Hockey (NHL, NCAA, World Championships)
  • Soccer (World Cup, UEFA Euro, Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue !, German Bundesliga, MLS, Mexican Liga MX)
  • Football (NFL, NCAA, CFL, Arena)
  • Baseball (MLB, NCAA, Baseball Classic, Korean Baseball)
  • Basketball (NBA, NCAA, WNBA, NBA Summer League)
  • Golf (PGA, European Tour, Champions, LPGA, Celebrity Internal)
  • Fighting (Boxing, UFC, MMA)
  • eSports (League of Legends, Counter Strike, DOTA, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Valorant, PUBG)


As with any online sports betting site and app, there are some upsides and downsides to playing with Betano ON. The platform is easy to use with a clear layout, but let's dive more into what might make it a good fit for your betting needs.


The Betano Ontario app is one of the best-looking and easiest to use in the industry thanks to a modern and intuitive design. It's easy to set up your account and link the payment method of your choice. Should you struggle to figure anything out, excellent customer service options are at your disposal.

In fact, the very existence of the Betano ON app is a major pro as not every sportsbook in Ontario is eligible to put forth a dedicated mobile app. While some competitors are limited to desktop versions and mobile-dedicated browsers, Betano ON makes the mobile experience a breeze via its app.

Within the app, you'll find tons of sports markets, bet types, and detailed betting statistics. The bet builder feature and live betting enhancements have also been lauded by many, and the eSports options are also of a calibre rarely seen in the industry.


Despite French being relatively prominent in Ontario, Betano ON's customer support is English-only. This language barrier doesn't create too much of an issue for residents, but it's something to note for those who prefer support in another language.

There have been minor complaints regarding the relatively tight array of banking options, but most of the most popular ones are available, and just about every player already uses at least one eligible method.

Additionally, there are only cash-outs available for select competitions, but with the vast array of live betting options, there's almost always an opportunity to hedge if you believe that you're in a strong enough winning position that a cash-out option would be the best move.


You can't bet without money in your account, and the money you win is of no use to you if you can't pull it out, so having a wide array of easy-to-use payment methods is a vital feature of any betting platform.

Fortunately, with Betano ON online sportsbook, you have plenty of choices that cover almost any user. Adhere to requirements such as the minimum deposit amount and check out some of the most popular methods with Betano ON:

  • Apple Pay
  • Bank account via secure login or E-check
  • Credit card payments: Visa, Mastercard and/or Discover
  • Debit: Visa, Mastercard and/or Discover
  • PayPal
  • Play+
  • Venmo


Betano ON Sportsbook is a newer player in the online betting field, having only existed since 2017. It is a product of Kaizen Gaming Canada, Inc., a branch of an international online betting company that has found success not only in Canada and its home country of Greece but also in other European countries like Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic, as well as South American markets like Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador.


Betano ON may be one of the newer options on the scene, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't offer a full array of betting markets for key sports. Let's talk about a few of the key ways to play with Betano Ontario and which ones might be best for your needs.


This bet is more or less specific to soccer, a sport in which each game has three plausible outcomes due to the prevalence of draws. As the name suggests, a double chance allows you to win if either of two chosen outcomes happens. For instance, you could support a draw to happen or one time to win. Or, you could cash in as long as there's a winner and no draw occurs.


A handicap is a projected margin of victory for the favoured team in any matchup. As the bettor, your job is to guess whether or not the favourite will win by more than that amount.


Also known as a point spread, this type of bet is a true classic and featured for just about every major sport. That being said, it's most popular for betting on football or basketball, sports where there can be lots of granularity in setting these lines because plenty of points are scored.


If you can't tell which team has the upper hand in a game, but think you have an idea of whether the game will be high or low scoring, you might want to try over/under betting (AKA totals betting).

The total is the projection for how many points will be scored by the two teams in the game. Your job is to project whether the score will be higher or lower than the number set by sportsbooks.


This is another term for over/under, although it can extend beyond the final score of a game. It can involve a player's scoring total, the number of corner kicks in a soccer game, or just about anything that can be counted. All you have to do is decide whether the projected amount is too high or too low.


The moneyline wager is the simplest type of betting—all you need to do is project a winner, or in the case of soccer, a draw if you so choose. The payout will be different based on the projected likelihood of your chosen team winning, but it's a great, straightforward way for beginners to get started.


This is another term for something very similar to a moneyline, most frequently associated with the unique three-outcome odds presented for soccer.


These multi-part bets allow you to pull together multiple individual wagers, such as a team's moneyline, the game's total, and props involving individual players' performances, to achieve an elevated payout.

If any one of the individual wagers, or legs, loses, the whole bet loses. Parlays are tough to hit but can lead to high potential payouts, so experienced bettors looking for a high-risk, high-reward way to play often enjoy these types of bets.


If you want to hone in on one game, consider same-game parlays. They're the same as regular parlays except that SGPs consist of legs all from a single competition.


Betano ON prides itself on following responsible gambling practices and implements features such as the following:

  • Self-exclusion measures: If you need a full and indefinite lock on your account, Betano Ontario can help you get exactly what you need when stepping away from betting is the best thing for you.
  • Game break options: In some cases, a permanent move isn't necessary—a time-out can do wonders for allowing a bettor to reset mentally and recalibrate with some responsible gaming habits. If this is what you need, Betano ON can help you set up a timed lock on your account so that you can take a break until you're ready to play responsibly and safely.
  • Loss limits: Since problem gambling is most harmful when you're losing, Betano ON allows users to set a maximum amount of losses they can sustain before an automatic lock is placed on the account. This allows you to keep playing as long as you're financially within your means, while the lock will come down if you surpass those limitations.
  • Customer support: If you need help using any of these tools or have questions about responsible gaming with Betano ON, you can always check out any of the sportsbook's outstanding customer service options. From educational materials to live chat and email contact methods, gamblers can feel fully supported.
  • Links and help for gambling-related issues: Sometimes, the resources provided by the sportsbook itself simply aren't enough for those dealing with a gambling problem. If this is the case, you can always visit the Responsible Gambling Council's website for more help.


Our Betano Ontario review explored everything from the platform's mobile app and payment methods to tips to play responsibly. If you have more questions, check out the FAQs below:


Yes, if you are located in Ontario and at least 19 years of age, Betano ON is legal for you to play with.


To bet on sports in Ontario, you must be at least 19 years old. Always be sure to check the local regulations on gambling before you start to play with any of the sports betting markets in a new area for the first time.


As a sportsbook with an iGaming license, Betano ON does offer an app to users in Ontario.


You can sign up with Betano Ontario using either an email address or an existing social media account of yours. You'll also need to submit personal information and create a unique username and password to secure your new account.


With more than 25 sports available to bet on with Betano Ontario, you can find competitive odds on major sports like football, hockey, baseball, basketball and soccer, as well as betting odds on less popular sports like water polo or snooker.


Yes, for users of at least 19 years of age in Ontario, Betano Ontario is available.