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SBK Sportsbook
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Whether you're just betting a team to win or playing Premier League soccer matches with a different handicap, the SBK Sportsbook is all you'll need to cover the wide world of sports betting!

Hankering for some cricket action? Check out the leagues in India. Looking to try your hand at some Steeple Chase races? There's a slew of European tracks to choose from. The SBK Sportsbook could easily double as a decent geography tutorial.



Created by the betting exchange operator Smarkets, the SBK Sportsbook app first launched in England before heading to the US. This is a mobile-only app that's available for most platforms. Smarkets has been in the industry since 2008, and its annual handle in US Dollars is over $5 billion. At the current moment, SBK is only available in Colorado and Indiana, but Iowa is next up on the list.


More sports bettors should take advantage when books give away money. Successful sports betting tips always include having multiple books to check your options. The SBK Sportsbook promo code could be one of the best in the business.


When you become a new customer, you'll get a welcome offer that allows you to make $100 worth of bets for only $10. That's almost 4-teamer ROI territory, and aren't BONUS Bets a great way to start any relationship?

SBK Sportsbook Welcome Offer

Keep in mind that no SBK Sportsbook Promo Code is required at this time.


You've heard the saying: there's no such thing as a free lunch. Check the welcome bonus terms when you sign up. The SBK Sportsbook promo deal comes with some rules and regulations, but most of them are standard. Bonus Plays and Bonus bets usually involve some restrictions. Check them before you make any wagers to avoid any aggravation on your end.


One of the most exciting aspects of the SBK Sportsbook is its odds. They call themselves "The home of best-odds sports betting."

A slight change in odds can mean a bigger change in what your winning percentage needs to be for success. You're going to win more money playing with the best odds than you will using free play on bad odds.


The SBK - Smarkets Sports Betting App is available for download on The App Store, Google's Play Store, and Android APK. If you already have a Smarkets account, you can use that same username and password for your SBK online sportsbook account.

Once the application is open, simply hit the "Join" button and complete your registration. After verification, make your initial deposit, and you can start wagering immediately.


This SBK - Smarkets Sports Betting App is well designed. You can find events by sport or start time, and the display shows all the major sports and their schedules.

Wagering is also easy.

Simply pick the game you’re looking to wager on, then choose the type of bet, the amount and confirm your wager. It's really that easy. Once you see the wager has been accepted, notice your balance will be reduced by the exact amount of each wager.

SBK - Smarkets Sports Betting App

The SBK Sportsbook layout makes it easy to find whichever sport you’re looking for some action on. All sports are listed by category, and there are also quick links available for the top trending categories at that time. You can also program these shortcuts to maximize your efficiency on this top online sports betting option.


It shouldn't be a surprise that SBK Sportsbook offers options on so many sports. Originating in the UK gives the SBK Sportsbook an international feel to its sports wagering options. Your sports and horse racing options cover most of the leagues around the world.


All the major sport leagues are on the board at the SBK Sportsbook. Domestically you'll find NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Golf, and more. The options internationally are one of the reasons SBK is considered one of the best online sportsbooks. Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, and Tennis are just some of the sports betting choices. There are also full track odds from hundreds of the best horse racing online offering the programs from tracks all across the world.


International sports betting menus tend to differ from those you'll find in most US based sportsbooks. SBK Sportsbook offers many ways to wager:

  • Straight Plays - The standard point spread or moneyline on sides and Over/Under on totals.
  • Parlay Tickets - The SBK Sportsbook offers traditional lines on multiple plays all on the same ticket.
  • Future Bets – Feeling like Nostradamus? There are extensive future bet categories on most sports.
  • Props - Fantasy players will love the player/team prop opportunities available with their SBK account.
  • Betting Live - Using live wagering has an entire chapter in the how to win at sports betting handbook. The SBK Sportsbook has in-play live action on most sporting events.


Getting your money both into and out of your SBK Sportsbook account is easy. Once your account is open, the SBK Sportsbook applications help desk can answer most questions relating to wagering on your phone. They also have a customer service phone line.


Occasionally, with even the best sports betting apps, you may need help from customer service. SBK Sportsbook representatives can be reached a few ways:

  • SBK Sportsbook Email:
  • SBK Sportsbook Twitter: @sbk
  • SBK Sportsbook Phone: 720-213-6164


Another excellent feature about SBK Sportsbook is how easy it is to get paid when you win. So many books make it easy to deposit into your account, but withdrawing your winnings is more difficult. SBK Sportsbook makes it easy on both ends. Their quick withdrawal feature works well when you want to take back some of your money.

You’ll be able to load money into your account online using most traditional funding sources. If using a credit card is your preferred method of deposit, check with your credit card company to ensure they allow charges through gambling companies. The Smarkets partnership with local casinos means you can also fund your account with cash at Bronco Billy’s Casino and Hotel in Cripple Creek and 7-Eleven locations that offer the PayNearMe platform.



No. Smarkets is a betting exchange. That's different than a traditional sportsbook. Betting exchanges allow customers to bet against each other.

The SBK Sportsbook was created by Smarkets as a more traditional sportsbook. Available in the UK, and now in the US, the mobile SBK Sportsbook application on your smartphone is like having the best online sportsbook in your pocket.


If you already have a Smarkets account, your login credentials will work for SBK.

You do not need an existing Smarkets account to join SBK Sportsbook.


Smarkets uses partnerships with local retail businesses that are already established in markets where the SBK Sportsbook is available. In the state of Colorado, you will be using your account through the company’s relationship with Bronco Billy’s Casino and Hotel in Cripple Creek.


The overturning of PASPA opened the doors for both new and established companies to begin their US sportsbook operations. Not all sportsbooks are created equal.

SBK Sportsbook is operated by Smarkets, an established and trustworthy gambling company. They’ve operated in the UK for years and are only now entering the US market. The maturity of the global gambling sector is far ahead of most domestic organizations, and that shows up in the way the SBK Sportsbook is designed.

Whether you’re a fan of 10-team parlays or like betting team totals, the SBK Sportsbook has you covered. You’ll have a tough time finding another online sportsbook with the best lines and seemingly every sport from every country.