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Wisconsin Sports Betting

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wisconsin Sports Betting

Sports betting is an industry that is beginning to flourish across the United States. Recent changes to laws and regulations have caused the industry to take off in several states.

However, Wisconsin sports betting remains prohibited. We’ll go into the details of these regulations in this guide. We’ll also go over some options you’ll have if and when WI sports betting is legalized.

Daily Fantasy Sports in Wisconsin

Despite the general prohibition on Wisconsin sports betting, daily fantasy sports are available in the state. This is because fantasy sports services do not fall under the same legal classification as Wisconsin betting sites.

As is the same in most of the country, the prevailing legal view in the state is that fantasy sports do not fall under the category of Wisconsin sports betting because fantasy sports involve a certain degree of skill. This sets it apart from traditional gambling on games of chance.

Major fantasy sports services are already accepting customers in Wisconsin. This is despite no existing legislation mentioning the service. A bill has been introduced to formally legalize and regulate betting in Wisconsin on daily fantasy sports. As of late 2020, it has not yet been passed.

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Most Likely Wisconsin Sportsbooks

Even though betting in Wisconsin is not yet available, that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare ahead of time. Take a look at these top providers that may come to the state if WI sports betting launches.

All of the following are well-established, US-based companies. That ensures that they will all comply with any regulations surrounding Wisconsin online sports betting once WI sports betting is available.


The FOX network already provides fans with live coverage of various sporting events. Now they’ve started offering sportsbook services as well. Expect them to expand and offer Wisconsin sportsbook services once they’re permitted to with FOX Bet.

This service caters to new players, so it will be perfect for the new Wisconsin sports betting industry once it launches. They currently operate in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, and Colorado. Look out for their Wisconsin sports betting apps in the future.

FanDuel Sportsbook

As you’ll see below, daily fantasy sports are already available for betting in Wisconsin. FanDuel sportsbook is one of the top providers for daily fantasy sports and offers services as a sportsbook too. Their Wisconsin sports betting apps will allow players to keep sports wagers and fantasy sports conveniently in one place.

FanDuel operates in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, West Virginia, Indiana, and Tennessee. Keep an eye on their likely expansion if Wisconsin sports betting launches.

DraftKings Sportsbook

Like FanDuel, DraftKings is already available for Wisconsin sports betting on fantasy sports. Their Wisconsin sports betting apps will allow bettors in the state to keep their games all in one place.

DraftKings sportsbook currently operates in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Indiana, and Tennessee. It may expand to join other Wisconsin betting sites once the industry opens up.

Wisconsin Betting Laws

Nationwide, the legal landscape around sports betting changed with the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (or PAPSA). The ruling lifted the federal prohibition on sports betting, allowing states to decide whether to legalize or prohibit betting independently. So, where does that leave Wisconsin sports betting?

The Wisconsin Legislature has explicitly prohibited betting in Wisconsin outside of Native American casinos. This law extends to Wisconsin online sports betting, even those using providers based outside of the state. The current state of these laws means that no Wisconsin sportsbooks are active.

Despite the current prohibition, the repeal of PAPSA has left the decision in the hands of state officials. So what is the current outlook for Wisconsin sports betting?

States where you can already place an online sports bet today :

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Arizona | Colorado | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Massachusetts | Maryland | Michigan | Nevada | New Jersey | New York | Pennsylvania | Tennessee | Virginia | Washington DC | West Virginia

Future of Wisconsin Online Sports Betting

The current legal momentum in state legislatures across the country is moving away from prohibition and towards regulated betting. The revenue brought in by states that have legalized betting shows the change can be very financially lucrative. However, there are signs that change may be slower to come for Wisconsin online sports betting.

No bills are currently up for debate in the state Legislature. Furthermore, the bill would require approval by both the state’s Assembly and Senate in two consecutive sessions. It would then go to a state-wide referendum to leave the choice with voters.

There are further political complications, as well. The compacts which regulate Native American casinos currently prohibit the tribes from accepting Wisconsin sports betting. Any potential changes to the law would also involve renegotiating the agreements between the state government and the tribes.

As of late 2020, it seems like Wisconsin sports betting may yet be far off. However, there is one current option for betting in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Online Sports Betting: Events and Betting Markets

Though Wisconsin sports betting is currently restricted, Wisconsin betting sites will have future offerings for local events. Since they take place right in the state, these events are sure to be popular for WI sports betting.

Popular Wisconsin Sporting Events

The state is home to some of the most historic motorsports tracks in the country. The famous Milwaukee Mile is the second oldest motorsports track in the world that is still operational. The racetrack previously served as the venue for the IndyCar Series and NASCAR Xfinity Series, which will be popular events for future Wisconsin betting sites.

Road America is another local track hosting races in the area dating back to 1955 to the present day. This track serves as the venue for events such as the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, NASCAR Xfinity Series, SCCA Pirelli World Challenge, and the IndyCar Series.

All of these motorsports events are popular among bettors where the sports betting market is operational. Once Wisconsin sports betting is offered, expect these to be top picks on any Wisconsin sports betting apps.

Betting on Pro Sports Teams in Wisconsin

Wisconsin hosts several professional sports teams. These are sure to be popular offerings for future Wisconsin sportsbooks and Wisconsin sports betting apps.

NFL Betting in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is home to one of the oldest professional football teams in the country, the Green Bay Packers. Fans will be able to wager on their team once WI sports betting launches.

Green Bay Packers Betting

With their four Super Bowl rings and nine pre-Super Bowl titles, the Packers earned Green Bay the nickname ‘Titletown.’ The Packers will be one of the top offerings in Wisconsin sports betting once the service becomes available.

NBA Betting in Wisconsin

Another professional team playing out of Wisconsin are the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks.

Milwaukee Bucks Betting

With one NBA championship to their name, Wisconsin sports betting is sure to offer bets on these local favorites bringing home a new title. The Bucks have had strong players on their roster, including past greats like Kareem Abdul-Jabar and new stars like Giannis Antetokounmpo.

NHL Betting in Wisconsin

There are currently no NHL teams based out of the Badger State. Wisconsin sportsbooks will have to focus on out-of-state teams when it comes to hockey.

MLB Betting in Wisconsin

Neighbors to the Milwaukee Bucks, Wisconsin also hosts baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers. These hometown favorites are sure to be big-ticket items for Wisconsin online sports betting.

Milwaukee Brewers Betting

Since coming to Milwaukee in 1970, the Brewers have made an appearance in the World Series, but have not brought home a title. Wisconsin sports betting will offer fans a chance to bet on their team securing their first championship if the state legalizes the industry.

Other Wisconsin Teams to Bet On

As well as these professional sports, there are plenty of college teams for future Wisconsin sports betting markets. With their passionate followings, college teams are sure to be popular offerings on Wisconsin betting sites and other Wisconsin online sports betting if legislation allows for bets on collegiate events.

Betting on College Football in Wisconsin

College football is huge across the country, and the Badger State is no exception. Here are just a few of the college football offerings future Wisconsin sportsbooks will have to pick from for WI sports betting.

University of Wisconsin Badgers

One of the state’s favorite teams, the Badgers are sitting fourth in the Big Ten western conference as of late-2020. WI sports betting is sure to feature this local favorite heavily in the future.

Concordia University Falcons

Though they play their ball a little further down the college football tiers in Division III, the Concordia Falcons are still a well-supported team. Future Wisconsin sportsbooks will have plenty of deals for betting on these and other college football teams.

Betting on College Basketball in Wisconsin

The state is also rich in college basketball teams. Any of these local sides will be perfect for betting in Wisconsin if state laws legalize the industry. We can potentially expect to see all of them featured in Wisconsin sportsbooks.

University of Wisconsin Badgers

Like their football team, the Wisconsin Badgers basketball team will also be perfect for future WI sports betting on local sides. Look for odds on the Badgers bringing home their first title in over 50 years on future Wisconsin sports betting apps.

Marquette University Golden Eagles

The Golden Eagles are a team with a great history, having taken home national championships in 1970 and 1977. Wisconsin sportsbooks will offer fans the chance to bet on their favorite team repeating that feat in the modern era.

Wisconsin Online Sports Betting FAQ

Here’s a quick reference for some common questions about Wisconsin sports betting and future Wisconsin betting sites.

Is it legal to bet on sports online in Wisconsin?

There are no laws allowing for regulated Wisconsin online sports betting. Federal law in the U.S. has recently changed to leave the decision to legalize sports betting to each individual state.

However, the Wisconsin state government has made no move to legalize gambling. The law prohibits gamblers in the state from gambling outside of approved Native American casinos.

When will sports betting be legalized in Wisconsin?

There is no set date for when the Wisconsin sports betting industry will be open up. Any legislation to legalize and regulate Wisconsin sports betting faces a steep legislative challenge to be signed into law. Residents will have to wait for such a change before betting in Wisconsin.

Can I bet on daily fantasy sports in Wisconsin?

Daily fantasy sports are currently available in Wisconsin. That is because these services are viewed as games involving some skill, rather than Wisconsin betting sites. The state has not formally legalized daily fantasy sports, but some bills to do so have gone to the state legislature.

Can I bet from my phone in Wisconsin?

Most sports betting providers do offer a mobile service available on phones. However, Wisconsin sports betting is currently prohibited. There will need to be a change in the law before these Wisconsin sports betting apps become available.

Final Thoughts on Betting in Wisconsin

Wisconsin sports betting is currently prohibited. Nationally, regulations that restrict sports betting have started to lift as states see the revenue that regulated gambling brings in. However, betting in Wisconsin remains prohibited.

There is an exception for daily fantasy sports. These are considered games of skill rather than chance under the law, so don’t classify them as Wisconsin online sports betting. Daily fantasy sports providers are among the most likely to provide future Wisconsin sportsbooks and Wisconsin sports betting apps once the industry launches in the state.

For now, there aren’t any Wisconsin betting sites taking customers. Sports fans in the state will have to wait for a change in regulations to start using Wisconsin sports betting apps. Until then, keep up to date on any updates on Wisconsin sports betting laws so you can play legally.

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