Schumacher Tops The Suzuka All-Time Leaderboard

After a thrilling Australian Grand Prix where Carlos Sainz notched his third grand prix win, the F1 circus heads to Suzuka for the Japanese Grand Prix.

The site of the Japanese Grand Prix since 1987, Suzuka is highly regarded by drivers and racing fans alike. The circuit which was originally a test track for Honda has seen dominant performances by the likes of Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

Like we did with the Australian Grand Prix, we also generated the all-time leaderboard for Suzuka. You can bet on who's going to win the 2024 edition using bonus codes from Caesars.


To create the leaderboard, we collected the results of all Japanese grands prix from 1987 to present day, held at Interlagos, through the official F1 website. We have not included the 1976 and 1977 editions as they were held at the Fuji speedway.

As F1 scoring systems have been different through the years, we applied the current points scoring system to all results to maintain uniformity for comparing drivers.

For example, the 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix that was won by Gerhard Berger. The Austrian received 10 points for winning the race while today he would receive 25 points. Furthermore, only the top six finishers were awarded points in 1991 while today the top 10 would get them.

So, in such situations we awarded points as per today’s scoring standards and then generated the leaderboard.

Schumacher Superb At Suzuka

From our adjusted leaderboard, Lewis Hamilton (200 points) is sandwiched between a pair of Germans - Michael Schumacher on top with 230 points and Sebastian Vettel third with 191 points. Reigning world champion and Japanese GP winner Max Verstappen is eighth but can leapfrog Fernando Alonso this Sunday.

When it comes to points per race, Ayrton Senna leads the pack with 17.20 points per race, followed by Vettel (15.92) and Hamilton (15.38). Important to note that the Brazilian great raced eight times at Suzuka while Vettel raced 12 times and Hamilton 13.

Winners And Podium Finishes

Schumacher holds the record for most wins (6) at Suzuka followed by a tie between Hamilton and Vettel who have four wins each. Hamilton, however, has a marginally better win percentage than Vettel.

Schumacher also has the highest number of podiums (9) at Suzuka followed by Vettel (8) and Hamilton (7).

Pole-to-win Conversion

In 33 grands prix at Suzuka, the polesitter has won 17 times - equating to a 51.51% pole-to-win conversion. 16 winners were not on pole (48.49%).

In the last 10 grands prix, the polesitter has won six times and not won four times - equating to a 60% conversion rate.