WNBA Schedules

May 28th

Sat May 25
Sun May 26
Mon May 27
Tue May 28
Wed May 29
Thu May 30
Fri May 31
Phoenix Mercury Mercury 3 - 2
Connecticut Sun Sun 5 - 0
Los Angeles Sparks Sparks 1 - 4
Indiana Fever Fever 1 - 6
Seattle Storm Storm 3 - 3
Chicago Sky Sky 2 - 2


The 2024 WNBA regular season takes place over four months, beginning in on Tuesday May 14, 2024 and ending on September 19, 2024.

All 12 teams play an WNBA regular season schedule of 40 games with 20 each of home and away. Those contests take place on every day of the week and while most of the games are played at night.

The WNBA regular season schedule is divided between playing teams within its conference and outside of the conference, making up of the Eastern and Western Conferences.


  • Apr. 28: Training Camp Begins
  • May 3: Pre-season Games Begin
  • May 12: Last Possible Date for Pre-Season Games
  • May 13: Final Roster Cut-down Date
  • May 14:  Regular Season Begins
  • June 1-13: WNBA Commissioner’s Cup Tournament
  • June 25: WNBA Commissioner’s Cup Championship
  • July 18-21: WNBA All-Star Break
  • July 20: WNBA All-Star Game
  • July 21- August 14: Olympic Break
  • Aug. 20: Trade Deadline
  • Sept. 19: Regular Season Ends
  • Sept. 22: Playoffs Begin
  • Oct. 20: Last Possible Finals Date


The WNBA playoffs begin after the WNBA regular season in the third week of September and usually end in the third week of October. Eight teams make the playoffs and conference affiliation doesn't matter, meaning the top eight teams in the league make the playoffs.

The first round is single elimination and marks the fifth seed facing the eighth seed and the sixth seed taking on the seventh seed. The second round is also single elimination as the third and fourth seeds face the teams that won in the first round.

The first and second seeds don't take the court until the semifinals, which is a best-of-five format. The first seed faces the lowest seed that advances from the second round, while the second seed takes on the highest seed out of the second round.

The WNBA Finals is also a best-of-five format with the two remaining teams left. The higher seed hosts the first two games, goes on the road in the third and fourth games, and then hosts the fifth game if necessary.

There are four rounds to the WNBA Playoffs Schedule.

  • First Round – Two Series (4 teams)
  • Second Round – Two Series (4 teams)
  • Semifinals – Two Series (4 teams)
  • WNBA Finals – One Series (2 teams)

The winner of each series will advance to the ensuing round until the WNBA Finals when a champion is crowned.