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Mar 24, 2022

Emerson Fittipaldi expects Ferrari to dominate in Jeddah

With the Saudi Arabian GP right here, we got in touch with two time Formula 1 World Champion Emerson Fittipaldi to get his view on what can happen in Jeddah. Here's what he had to say.

Looking ahead to the exciting race in Jeddah, who do you think will come out on top and win the race?

"I'm sure Ferrari."

"They got their act together better than anybody else before the season and it showed in the results in Bahrain."

"This new aerodynamic package with the porpoising that was happening, in all the teams, it happened when you had ground effect cars many years ago and you could see Ferrari was the most, what I call, stable. Didn't look porpoised, the back or the front."

"For sure, they are very powerful."

"In Jeddah, they're going to run strong again. No doubt about that."

Red Bull did not get the best start to the season with both cars not finishing. What do you expect from them this weekend? Should they be concerned with the durability of the new car?

"The other team that can be running strong (in Jeddah) but they have engine problems, is Red Bull."

"I mean Red Bull is right there. They'll be very strong. Max Verstappen will be strong again."

"And then for our surprise, was (Kevin) Magnussen in the new Haas car, who, similar to the Ferrari, got their act together on the new rules package."

"The car was strong in practice, strong in qualifying and was strong in the race. This shows the potential for this year, that Haas has. They have already, what I call the package correct with the new rules."

"And then who was a little disappointing for everybody for sure was Mercedes."

"Even Lewis (Hamilton), as always the racer, he was on the podium there but they're not as strong as before."

"My opinion, it would be very interesting to see in Jeddah, the confirmation of what happened in Bahrain. Because it was only one week ago, they didn't have the time to go take the car back to the factory. It's a very short time."

"The cars will start in Jeddah, very similar to how they finished in Bahrain."

"I don't think they have time to do any major aerodynamic modification or final tuning of the aerodynamics."

McLaren did not have a successful start to their season. Should Zak Brown be concerned or is there still reason to be optimistic?

"McLaren was disappointing. Zak Brown made a statement that they know they need to work, they need to recover and McLaren, for sure, has the technology, the people, the capacity to recover."

"I'm sure they'll find out soon why it's not working and come back with a strong answer and improve."

"My opinion is that it's going to happen more in the European races. They have more time to work for that."

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Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

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