The 2024 CFL regular season is expected to begin on June 6, 2024 with 18 games played per each of the nine teams over a 21-week period. The final week of the regular season will conclude on October 6, 2024.

The CFL Playoffs will be played on November 2, 2024 and November 9, 2024 before the finale.

The 111th Grey Cup, the CFL Championship Game, is scheduled to take place on November 17, 2024 at BC Place in Vancouver, Canada.

The CFL regular season schedule is spread out over four months and the league uses a 21-week format. The first week takes place normally takes place in June, but due to this season starting late, it begins in August. The regular season schedule ends in November with the annual championship, the Grey Cup taking place in the third or fourth week of November.

All nine teams in the CFL play a regular season schedule of 18 games. The majority of those games take place on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, while occasional games are scheduled on Monday when it is a holiday.

The CFL regular season schedule is divided between playing teams within its division and outside of the division in the conference as the two divisions are made up of East and West.

Since the CFL has four teams in the East division and the five teams in the West division, the schedule isn't even for every team. Clubs in the West play their division foes nine times, compared to only five matchups from the East (one team they face twice). The East squads play eight games against their division, while facing the West division six times (one team they face twice).

During the 18-week CFL regular season schedule, each team is given three ‘bye’ weeks. That essentially allows team to rest and reward the players for time off during the grueling schedule. The CFL is often considered a battle of attrition where injuries play a major toll and a break albeit a week sometimes can help more than you know.


The CFL Playoffs schedule is determined after the regular season concludes in Week 16 and normally begins in the first week of October. Four teams qualify for the division semi-final round as the team with the better record hosts. The two division winners from the East and West have a bye until the division finals and host the winners from the semi-final round.

The two teams to come out of the division finals play for the Grey Cup, which is the championship game in the CFL.

  • Division Semi-Finals – Two Games (4 teams)
  • Division Finals – Two Games (4 teams)
  • CFL Grey Cup – One Game (2 teams)

There are a total of five playoff games spread out over three weeks. There are no bye weeks during the CFL postseason, while the Grey Cup is played at a neutral location and venue.