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The CFL Scoreboard on is a must-stop for any Canadian Football League fan but for an individual wagering on the CFL, it’s an essential sports betting resource.

The 2023 Canadian Football League (CFL) is expected to begin on June 8, 2023 and conclude with the CFL Grey Cup on Nov. 19, 2023.


All bettors have many different tools in their handicapping workshop and the CFL Scoreboard is a necessity to complete any analysis. Each matchup features two teams, one is always designated as the home team while the other is away. All contests have a Game Time posted and presents their format in Eastern Standard Time Zone (ET).

The CFL Scoreboard features the latest sports betting odds and the scoreboard always shows the point-spread and total for the CFL games. The team listed as the favorite will have a minus (-) even with their name, which means the underdog is the other team and the total points or ‘over/under’ is filled in next to them. The Win-Loss record on the scoreboard is a key factor in determining who the favorite and underdog are but certainly not the only one. The current record is always displayed and we show two numbers, the overall record for the team and the away record for whoever the visitor is and the home record for the designated host.


Prior to the start of the game, bettors can click through to our Matchups featured and view Line Movements on our CFL Scoreboard page from multiple sportsbooks in the United States. These Live Scores pages provide the sports betting markets for each particular matchup, showing the fluctuation for both the point-spread, totals and money-line wagers.

When the game kicks off, our CFL Livescores track the game and show who’s winning and losing during the contest. When the game reaches halftime, the CFL Scoreboard become more popular since the Line Movements present the second-half odds. Savvy bettors looking to chase or press their bets always come here first to see the odds on the final two quarters of action.

After each game concludes, we designate the winner of each contest and provide the all-important Against the Spread (ATS) result. This determines whether your wager was a loser or winner, hopefully the latter. Similar to Previews before the game, Recaps are populated after and those nuggets provide more insight on what you may have missed.

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