Hometown Heroes: MLB Teams with Best Home Field Advantage

Baseball is back! The Dodgers and Padres kick off spring training with the year’s first game on Thursday, February 22nd. That means it’s time for MLB fans to pull their hats and jerseys out of the closet and prepare to cheer on their favorite teams at their home stadiums. Ahead of the start of the season we took a look through the records to see what teams benefit most from playing in front of their hometown crowds. Using Baseball Reference as our source, we compiled each team’s home and road win-loss records from each season between 2014 and 2023 to see which clubs have the best home field advantage.

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Who has the best home field advantage?

We started by taking a look at the teams that won the highest percentage of their home games over the past 10 seasons.

Since 2014 the Los Angeles Dodgers have won the highest percentage of their home games, and by a pretty decent margin as well. They’ve won over 66% of their games at Dodgers Stadium, with the next closest team being the New York Yankees who have won 61% of their games played at their namesake park. They are the only two teams to have won over 60% of their matchups at home. The Houston Astros are very close though, having won 59.84% of their games at Minute Maid Park.

We also took a look at which teams did the best at home compared to the road. We did this by subtracting each team’s road win percentage over the same time span (2014 through 2023) from their home win percentage to find how much more often they won at their own stadium.

Unsurprisingly, each team performed better in their home ballpark than they did on the road. How much more often they won at home versus as the visitor varied though. The Colorado Rockies saw the biggest boost from being at home. The Rockies won over 14% more often at Coors Field than they did during road trips. This is likely due in part to Rockies players being more accustomed to playing in Denver’s high altitude. The Philadelphia Phillies were the only other team to see more than a 10% difference, winning at Citizens Bank Park 11.74% more often than on the road. Interestingly, neither the Rockies nor the Phillies were among the top 10 teams in home win percentage, meaning the large difference between their home and road win percentages are fueled by struggles on the road as much as dominance at home.

With all the data assembled, we also found an unfortunate trend for a few organizations. These are the six teams that lost more than won at home during the seasons we examined:

The Detroit Tigers lost more games at home than any other squad over the last 10 seasons. They won just over 46% of their games at Comerica Park since 2014. They were the only team to win less than 48% of their home games in that span. Be sure to keep all this in mind when placing bets this season, and check out our BetMGM bonus code for the sportsbooks’ best offers.