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NFL Win Totals posted

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One day after the NFL lockout ended, MGM Resorts surprisingly opened the first NFL season win totals in Las Vegas. A day later, Cantor Gaming unveiled their numbers to the betting public. The surprising part is that the books would offer such propositions so soon without all the key information being in place, most notably, quarterbacks possibly on the move. However, the two large chains of Las Vegas sports books both put their numbers up with confidence.

“I feel pretty good about the numbers we put up and have had an idea what they we’re going to be for some time, but was just waiting for confirmation that there would be 16 games for each team because of the uncertainty of how long the lockout would go,” Cantor Gaming’s sports book director Mike Colbert said.

“We had the luxury of getting a feel for what sharp money liked this season because we’ve had our lines posted for all 17 weeks for some time now. Between that and all the other intangibles, we feel pretty good about the numbers.”

Colbert discounted the notion that quarterbacks possibly on the move like Kevin Kolb, Kyle Orton, Donovan McNabb and Vince Young would make much of a difference on the number. MGM Resorts sports book director Jay Rood agreed.

“We’ll make slight adjustments as the news happens, and will take lower limits on certain teams until adjusted properly, but it was important for us to get the numbers out there early to get action on teams before the market is infiltrated with vastly different numbers,“ said Rood.

Quite a few bettors make money on the season win totals by just betting each side of the total at different properties with hopes of catching a middle, winning one side and pushing on the other, or just scalping a price for a guaranteed return on investment.

Rood’s first bit of action at MGM Resorts came on the UNDER against the Bengals (7.5), Redskins (6.5) and Bears (9.5). The action came so fast and furious on the Bengals UNDER that Rood moved the total to 7 wins flat and it was still bet causing him to shade the UNDER to -130. That was the only team that Rood moved the number on rather than the price.

Teams that could have value coming up on the basis of quarterback acquisitions could be betting OVER on the Cardinals and Dolphins. The Kevin Kolb rumored trade from Philadelphia to Arizona appears to be nearly finalized and makes OVER 6 wins seem attractive, although both Colbert and Rood built in the possibility into their initial number.

Kyle Orton could be reunited in Miami with Brandon Marshall if the Broncos work out a deal for a third-round pick, but getting past the listed number of 8 still seems like a difficult task.

Although Kolb is untested and played very little at Philadelphia, he has shown glimpses of possibly being a good NFL quarterback. With him going to the NFC West, it does change the complexion within the division with Seattle (7 wins), San Francisco (8) and St. Louis (7). All those seem like good numbers, but the possibility of QB Tavaris Jackson leading the Seahawks in a division that might get better with Kolb makes seven wins seem a like tall task.

The best news of all is that we're finally getting into discussions about betting on the NFL rather than the recurring question of 'when they'll play'. The anxiety of losing any weeks of pre-season or regular season games is over, at least for everyone outside of Canton, Ohio where the Hall of Fame preseason game became the only casualty of the lockout.

ARIZONA 6 OV -120 5.5 UN -125 5-11
ATLANTA 10.5 UN -115 10 OV -120 12-4
BALTIMORE 11 10.5 OV -115 12-4
BUFFALO 5 OV -130 5.5 OV -120 4-12
CAROLINA 4.5 4.5 UN -115 2-14
CHICAGO 9.5 9 UN -120 11-5
CINCINNATI 7.5 OV -120 7 4-12
CLEVELAND 6.5 7 UN -130 5-11
DALLAS 9 UN -120 9 UN -125 6-10
DENVER 6 UN -120 5.5 OV -125 4-12
DETROIT 7.5 UN -120 8 UN -130 6-10
GREEN BAY 11.5 11 UN -130 10-6
HOUSTON 8 OV -115 8 OV -115 6-10
INDIANAPOLIS 10 UN -120 9.5 OV -130 10-6
JACKSONVILLE 6 6.5 UN -120 8-8
KANSAS CITY 8 UN -120 7.5 UN -115 10-6
MIAMI 8 UN -115 7.5 UN -120 7-9
MINNESOTA 6.5 OV -120 6.5 OV -140 6-10
NEW ENGLAND 11.5 UN -120 11 UN -130 14-2
NEW ORLEANS 10 UN -125 10 UN -130 11-5
N.Y. GIANTS 9.5 UN -115 9 OV -125 10-6
N.Y. JETS 10 UN -120 9.5 OV -130 11-5
OAKLAND 7 7 UN -120 8-8
PHILADELPHIA 10 OV -120 9.5 OV -130 10-6
PITTSBURGH 11 UN -120 10.5 OV -125 12-4
ST. LOUIS 7 OV -120 7 OV -135 7-9
SAN DIEGO 10 10 UN -135 9-7
SAN FRANCISCO 8 OV -120 7.5 OV -125 6-10
SEATTLE 7 UN -120 6.5 OV -115 7-9
TAMPA BAY 8.5 8 OV -115 10-6
TENNESSEE 6.5 OV -115 7 UN -135 6-10
WASHINGTON 6.5 OV -120 6.5 OV -125 6-10

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