WC – Finals and 3rd Place Odds

The World Cup Finals and 3rd Place Game will begin on Saturday July 14 and conclude on Sunday July 15.

Listed below are the three-way lines for the two matchups, plus the odds to advance to the finals and futures as well.

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(Group Finish)

Saturday, July 14 - 3rd Place Game

( 1G) Belgium vs. (2G) England  - FOX, 11:00 a.m. ET
Belgium +122
England +215
Draw +230
Over 3 (+101)
Under 3 (-121)

Team to Win 3rd Place
Belgium -150
England +120

Sunday, July 15 - Finals

(1C) France vs. (1D) Croatia - FOX, 11:00 a.m. ET
France -110
Croatia +300
Draw +225
Over 2 (+106)
Under 2 (-126)

Team to Win World Cup:
France -220
Croatia +180

Odds Subject to Change - Updated 7.12.18

Explanation of Odds

-- Three-Way Lines for Soccer include options for Team A, Team B, or a Draw. This wager is based on the first 90 minutes of play and any extra time added for injuries and substitution. If the game is tied after this period, the winning wager is the DRAW. Otherwise, the winning wager will be either Team A or Team B depending on the result.

-- The 90 minutes of play also relates to totals. Ex. If a game is tied 1-1 after 90 minutes, the UNDER (2.5) would be deemed a winning wager. Any goals scored thereafter would not for or against the total listed.

-- Team to Advance Odds include options for Team A or Team B only. This wager is based on the first 90 minutes plus the extra time (two 15-minute halves) and penalty kicks if necessary. The odds for favorites are higher in this bet and lower for underdogs.