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Clutchbet Sportsbook

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There are a number of popular online sportsbooks in the regulated Australian sports betting industry. Over the past few years, a few of those operators have expanded into the legal US markets. Recent industry news from down under now adds Clutchbet Sportsbook to that growing list.

Clutchbet Sportsbook Overview

This Australian-based mobile sportsbook operator will be making its official US debut in Colorado, Iowa and Louisiana. All three of these states provide an excellent atmosphere for the unique approach Clutchbet Sportsbook can provide.

One noticeable difference that should carry over well in the US is this book’s international flare. Along with access to all the biggest US sports leagues, Clutchbet customers will have inside access to betting sports such as cricket, rugby and of course Australian Rules Football.

Live betting on daily sports action across the board is another one of Clutchbet Sportsbook’s strong suits. This exciting betting market is constantly being expanded to include additional daily options.

Clutchbet Sportsbook Promo Code

Behind a strong lineup of promotional incentives, Clutchbet Sportsbook will make a strong marketing push in its US markets. Known as BlueBet in Australia, the company has been able to build a strong base of loyal sports betting customers.

Most promotional offers for new customers are normally accompanied by a specific promo code. These codes can be applied during the initial registration process as a means to activate a bonus offer. Any active Clutchbet promo codes will be clearly noted on the betting site and mobile betting app.

Welcome Offer

Just about every new mobile sportsbook launch comes with an initial welcome offer. Clutchbet Sportsbook should follow suit with a generous offer for new US customers in available markets.

One of the most common welcome offers is tied to an initial deposit into an online betting account. Referred to as a matching deposit bonus, a new customer can earn free bet credit up to a set amount. For example, a 100% match up to $100 can double a betting bankroll to $200 when the deposit offer is maxed out.

Another popular welcome offer is tied to the initial bet made from a new sportsbook account. Also known as a risk-free bet, that initial wager is covered win or lose up to a set amount. Using the same $100 bonus amount, a losing wager on the initial bet placed up to that amount would be credited back to an online account.

Clutchbet Sportsbook will post a full listing of all the terms and conditions for any active welcome offer or other promotional incentive. This listing will also include any relevant Clutchbet promo codes.

How to Sign Up with Clutchbet Sportsbook

Signing up for a new Clutchbet Sportsbook online or mobile account should follow a simple three-step process.

  1. A new account is created online with a full name and email address.
  2. Through the use of a confirmation email, more information is requested to verify both identity and eligibility for opening a Clutchbet Sportsbook account.
  3. Once identity and eligibility has been verified, the new Clutchbet Sportsbook account can be activated via an initial deposit.

Clutchbet Sportsbook Mobile App Review

Clutchbet Sportsbook will offer an actual betting website in US markets. The company has also developed its own mobile sports betting app. This app can be downloaded onto iOS (the App Store) and Android (Google Play) mobile devices.

The Clutchbet mobile app also mirrors the betting site in terms of functionality and ease of use. Given the company’s vast experience in Australia, the Clutchbet Sportsbook mobile app will appeal to both novice and advanced sports bettors.

Highlighting the company’s international appeal, the Clutchbet mobile app has been specifically designed for the US market.

Available sports leagues are clearly identified with the most popular options listed first. Betting markets are also easy to distinguish and the process for placing a wager has been simplified.

As with any new sportsbook app, some early bugs will need fixing. However, given the company’s background in mobile sports betting, the finished product should offer widescale appeal.

Available Leagues & Markets

New to the US market, sports bettors should be pleased with the overall variety of options Clutchbet Sportsbook covers. This includes an expanded selection of sports leagues both in the US and on a global scale.

Available betting markets will also cover quite a bit of ground. Clutchbet Sportsbook will place a heavy emphasis on the most popular betting options. Yet, the overall range and scope of all the betting markets offered should be impressive based on past reputation.


Entering the US market, the main focus will be on the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB as the biggest betting leagues. Options will be ramped up when each of these leagues are in season.

Additional betting sports will include soccer, golf, tennis, motor sports, boxing and MMF fighting as the next most popular US options. Given the site’s Aussie background, there should also be a wide range of international leagues covering a wide variety of nontraditional betting sports.


The US market is still driven by straight bets on a game’s point spread, total line and money line odds. However, the end consumer has begun to diversify their overall betting strategy. Clutchbet Sportsbook will be able to customize its listing of betting markets to meet these changing tastes.

New innovations such as micro betting, same-game parlays and custom props are taking hold with US bettors and Clutchbet should respond accordingly. As mentioned, one of this online book’s strong suits will be live in-game betting options. Betting on live sports as they take place remains the fastest growing segment of the legal US industry.

Customer Service & Payment Options

Clutchbet Sportsbook has already established a solid track record of customer service through its Australian company roots. Known for being customer oriented, banking options offered will be geared towards popular sports betting preferences.

Customer Service

Governed by the South Australian Gambling Codes of Practices in its home country, Clutchbet Sportsbook will adhere to those same standards in its US operations. This sets the stage for excellent customer service response time through online options such as email and chat.

The Clutchbet site and mobile app itself will be the primary resource for pertinent customer information. There is an expanded FAQ section covering all the general aspects of using this sportsbook. Rules and regulations are presented in a clear and concise fashion.

Payment Options

Credit and debit cards tied to Visa and Mastercard remain the most popular options for banking at Clutchbet Sportsbook. These options are also expanded to online banking for funding an online account and requesting withdrawals.

Additional banking options may include designated money transfer services. In most cases, the banking option used to make payments into a Clutchbet betting account will be used to process any withdrawal requests.

Clutchbet Sportsbook FAQ

What is the time frame for the launch of Clutchbet Sportsbook in the US?

The company is ready to go live in Iowa in the coming weeks. Colorado and Louisiana have also been designated as legal US markets.

Why did the company change from BlueBet to Clutchbet Sportsbook in the US market?

The primary goal with the name change is to create a new and unique sports betting experience for US sports bettors where available.

Will Clutchbet offer any additional online gaming options in the US?

Available gaming options are dictated by the rules and regulations of individual US states. Clutchbet may decide to expand its gaming options beyond sports depending on the particular US market.

Clutchbet Sportsbook Conclusion

The legal US sports betting industry remains in a constant state of flux. New entries such as Clutchbet Sportsbook introduce a new and unique spin on the entire online sports betting experience.

Given the company’s successful background in Australia, this should work in its favor entering the US. When it comes to attracting US bettors to the Clutchbet sports betting site and mobile sportsbook app, the international appeal can be marketed as a major point of difference.

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