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Underdog fantasy, led by prominent fantasy sports entrepreneur Jeremy Levine, has decided to branch out from its fantasy sports nest. It won’t stray too far, but the company will soon compete with the titans of the sportsbook industry.

Levine, Underdog’s co-founder, has dealt with these titans of the industry before as his previous two daily fantasy sites ended up a part of DraftKings and Fanduel respectively. In fall of 2021, Underdog announced its acquisition of Goat Gaming, a firm that will provide all of the backend technology for Levine’s third site’s eventual sportsbook launch.

While the company has not identified a launch date for Underdog Sportsbook, it’s likely that they will do everything possible to go live before the start of the 2022 NFL season.


Underdog Fantasy was founded in 2020 and raised money through a group of highly recognizable investors, including Kevin Durant, Mark Cuban, Adam Schefter, and more. What separates Underdog from every other DFS site is its focus on Best Ball and Pick ‘Em contests as opposed to salary cap contests.

In an NFL Best Ball contest, users draft a team, and their highest-scoring players are automatically set into their lineup each week. It’s perfect for fantasy players who struggle with start-sit decisions and it’s a great low-maintenance option for those who are in a lot of different leagues.

Pick ‘em contests are a fan favorite and offer participants a taste of sports betting to go along with their fantasy sports appetite. In an NFL pick ‘em contest, users can go head-to-head and make predictions on yardage totals, touchdown totals, and more. They can also do “rivals” pick ‘em contests where they bet on one player outperforming another player.

Underdog’s pick ‘em contests are essentially the bridge between their fantasy sports prowess and their soon-to-be sports betting expertise.

Underdog PromotionsUNDERDOG PROMO CODE

Currently, there is no pre-launch promo code for Underdog Sportsbook. However, those interested in Underdog Sportsbook should be on the lookout for pre-launch offers over the next several months. Even the titans of the sports betting industry, like Caesars, offer fruitful pre-launch promotions to entice users.


While there is no promo code currently available for Underdog Sportsbook, there is a promo code available for Underdog Fantasy. The sportsbook promo code will likely differ to some degree, but the fantasy promo code could provide some insight regarding what to expect.

Underdog Fantasy allows new users to Deposit matches are extremely common for new sportsbooks as well, so it’s likely there will be a similar, if not better, offer when Underdog Sportsbook launches.


Underdog’s current welcome offer is tied to its offer: As we approach the Underdog Sportsbook launch, we will keep you up to date on any additional welcome offers or promo codes.


Although Underdog does not yet have an app or website dedicated to its sportsbook, users can still sign up for Underdog Fantasy to get a feel for the platform and to participate in some of the unique contests it offers.

  1. Download the Underdog Fantasy app via the App Store or Play Store
  2. Click the “Sign-up” button on the homepage
  3. Create a username and password and enter your personal information including name, email, and date of birth
  4. Use code to
  5. Finish sign-up by entering a deposit amount and clicking “Deposit”



  • Unique contests such as Best Ball and Pick ‘Em that stray from the typical salary-based fantasy contests
  • Pick ‘Em contests allow users to get a sports betting feel before Underdog Sportsbook goes live
  • Smooth interface


  • Limited promotional offers
  • No live chat service


The Underdog Fantasy mobile app is easy to use and an overall great app. There are tabs for snake drafts and pick ‘em contests, and users have the option to view all of their active and completed contests. The interface is smooth and fast, and there are rarely any glitches, lags, or crashes.

The selection of sports is displayed across the top of the screen, and once users navigate to their desired contest-league combination, it’s easy to scroll through and make selections.

The only qualm with the Underdog app is that there is no live chat service for customer support. There is only an option to email, which is a slower and potentially more frustrating solution for users.


All indications across thousands of App Store and Play Store reviews point to Underdog being very safe to use.



Underdog Fantasy covers all of the major US sports leagues and expands into some less popular leagues such as e-sports, golf, and boxing. Although Underdog Sportsbook is not yet live, users can expect a similar, or even expanded, offering. While it may not make sense for Underdog to offer fantasy contests for international leagues, there would likely be plenty of suitors for sports betting on international leagues.


Considering Underdog already offers prop bets through its fantasy app, it will almost undoubtedly offer prop betting in its sportsbook app. On top of prop bets, Underdog Sportsbook will likely give bettors the chance to wager on spreads, totals, game props, and more.

If Underdog truly plans to compete with the likes of FanDuel and DraftKings, it will probably need to dip into same-game-parlay, bonus back bet, and profit boost markets as well. It has proven to be innovative in its short history thus far, so there should be little doubt that Underdog comes to the table with a competitive sportsbook.


Payment options currently include:

  1. Credit/Debit Card
  2. PayPal


Relative to the industry leaders, Underdog’s customer service leaves something to be desired. Without a live chat service, users are forced to wait for an email response which can be quick, but it’s a far cry from the immediacy of live chatting.

Underdog Online Sports Betting FAQUNDERDOG FAQ


Underdog Sportsbook is not yet live, but it’s possible that it launches some time soon. Underdog Fantasy was established in 2020 and is available in 41 states plus Canada.


There are currently no public agreements between Underdog Sportsbook and any particular state, but online sports betting is legal in almost half of US states. There is plenty of overlap between those states and the 41 states that Underdog Fantasy currently operates in. We’ll be sure to provide updates on the launch when more information comes to light.


That’s the plan. Co-founder Jeremy Levine has expressed his desire to have fantasy sports, sports betting, and sports-betting-adjacent products all in one place. That would include things like March Madness brackets, Super Bowl squares, Survivor pools, and more.

He’s also expressed interest in an immersive sportsbook experience, which could involve virtual and augmented reality.


If Underdog Sportsbook builds on the innovation and creativity of Underdog Fantasy, it should be a really unique and great product. The leadership team has already proven they can operate a highly successful fantasy sports business, and the team of high-profile investors should place the company in the public eye.

With so much attention and such a strong desire to innovate, however, Underdog has to find a balance. Innovation is great, but going too far too fast could repel customers who want to keep it simple.

Overall, Underdog Fantasy is a great product and potential users should be excited for Underdog Sportsbook. We’ll be sure to relay any updates on the latest and greatest Underdog Sportsbook news.

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