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As the legal US sportsbook industry continues to expand, a new concept in betting is on the horizon. Wagr has launched in Tennessee. This social-based betting site is looking to reimagine the way sports fans bet on the games.

When someone places a wager at a traditional sportsbook, they are betting against the house. Wagr has created a betting platform that gives individual users the opportunity to bet against one another.

This novel concept combines sports betting and social interaction into one shared experience. As Wagr rolls out in Tennessee, new customers should be able to take advantage of a Wagr promo code to get started.

Here's a breakdown of the newest betting sites in the US market.



The tagline at Wagr is “sports betting for everyone is finally here.” That sums up the social aspect of this new sports betting site. To get things started in the right way, new customers can expect a Wagr promo code and an exciting welcome offer.


A Wagr bonus code is used as an activation tool for promotional offers and incentives. Some betting sites offer a bonus bet guarantee or matching bonus on an initial deposit. These promotional offers can be activated when first registering on the site.


Wagr.us has launched in Tennessee through its mobile betting app. The actual site has yet to publish any specific details for its welcome offer. However, new customers can expect to receive some type of incentive for signing up.


Traditional sportsbooks make their money on the commission or juice charged to book a bet. The standard juice on a sports bet is 10% and that is collected on every losing wager.

Wagr.us takes a totally different approach. This business model makes its money on user fees. Wagr sports betting is actually between two parties. Peer-to-peer bets are placed and paid out accordingly based on the outcome.

Wagr is there to primarily facilitate the process. This betting site’s role is to bring interested parties together in a social betting atmosphere. Wagr will still be regulated on a state by state basis. This means that any interested parties will need to be in the same state to participate.

Another stated goal of Wagr.us is to provide a social, simple and safe experience for its customers. More than a few sports fans are looking for ways to bet on the sports and teams they love the most. However, the complexity of traditional sportsbooks can be intimidating.

The Wagr sports betting experience aims to eliminate that intimidation factor through simple betting mechanics. Sports fans now get to challenge their family and friends. They are not betting against the house. They are now betting against one another.

Wagr does all the heavy lifting when it comes to recording the bets and tracking the results. As mentioned, there will be a nominal fee charged as part of this service.


Customers at Wagr can expect to find the same types of betting options that are available at traditional sportsbooks. Wagr Tennessee features even more betting options for in-state teams.

The NFL’s Tennessee Titans should be a huge draw for peer-to-peer wagers. Betting on football games is the perfect way to stir up some friendly competition backed by real-money wagers.

The NHL’s Nashville Predators is another strong market for Wagr Tennessee. Hockey is not one of the biggest betting sports as compared to football and basketball. Yet, with Wagr sports betting in the state, Predators games should attract a lot of attention.

Wagr customers are able to bet against one another across a wide selection of sports leagues and betting markets.

Point spreads and total lines will be the main focus during the rollout phase. In time, head-to-head money line bets will be another popular market. There are also plans to add prop bet options at some point in time.

Just like traditional sportsbooks, Wagr will look to expand into as many betting markets as possible. This will only increase the attraction of this social sports betting service.


Wagr.us is in the state of Tennessee. The site secured an operator’s license earlier this year.

Tennessee is an excellent test market for this new betting concept. Legal betting first went live in the Volunteer State in November of 2020. Since there are no land-based casinos or racetracks in the state, all sports betting is done online.

All the biggest legal US sportsbook operators are live in Tennessee, so the competition for bettors will be strong. However, the peer-to-peer betting concept should gain some traction. The fact that all sports betting in this state takes place online is a major plus.

The other state in Wagr’s initial rollout plan is Virginia. This makes perfect sense given that Virginia’s legal sports betting industry basically mirrors Tennessee’s.

Legal sports betting in the Commonwealth started in January 2021. All betting takes place online through mobile sportsbook apps. Just like Tennessee, all the biggest legal US books operate in this state as well.


The Wagr mobile app will be the key to this site’s long-term success. In states with legal online betting, around 85 to 90 percent of the betting volume is generated by mobile bets.

Wagr’s business model of peer-to-peer wagering is highly conducive to mobile betting. The Wagr mobile app will be designed to encourage betting action when sports fans are gathered in a social setting.

Ease of use will be a main attribute of the Wagr betting app. The learning curve needs to be quick to attract users to this service. This app is also designed to be expandable.

Users can expect to find a simple betting platform at the start. Once the concept of peer-to-peer betting takes hold, the app can expand its capabilities accordingly.


Given the social aspect of Wagr, customer service should be on point as one of this site’s strengths. This will be necessary as a way to speed up that learning curve.

On-site support should be strong through an informational guide on the Wagr website. Online interaction will be the primary means of communication.

Another form of customer service will be the use of social media. The actual users of Wagr sports betting could be the best source of information and guidance for new and potential customers.


The most popular means for funding an online Wagr betting account would be debit and credit cards. Online banking should be another way to both fund an account and request withdrawals.

Given the Wagr business model, banking options will be designed to make moving money in and out of an online account as easy as possible.



There is a strong group of investors backing this brand. Wagr will also be fully regulated by the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation.


At first, most peer-to-peer wagers will be on a game’s point spread or total line.


The platform fee at Wagr will cover access to the betting app. Every other aspect of the betting process will be included.


The business concept behind Wagr.us can tap into a whole different market of sports bettors. Wagers between family and friends are as old as time itself. Creating an online betting platform to encourage them could be genius.

Both Tennessee and Virginia are excellent launching points for this unique betting product as strong online markets. This should give Wagr a strong push out of the gate.

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