2024 Final Four Picks, Predictions, Odds

The 2024 Final Four round of the NCAA Tournament concluded on Saturday, April 6, 2024 with two schools advancing to the Championship game.

Recap all the Final Four Betting Results and Odds for the 2024 NCAA Tournament.

2024 NCAA Tournament Elite Eight Betting Results

  • Straight Up (SU)
  • Against the Spread (ATS)
  • Over-Under (OU)

Favorites-Underdogs (SU): 2-0
Favorites-Underdogs (ATS): 2-0
Over-Under: 0-2

Saturday, April 6
Purdue (-9.5) 63, North Carolina State 50 - Under 146.5
UConn (-10.5) 86, Alabama 72 - Under 160.5

2024 NCAA Tourney Final Four Picks

Expert Picks Record: 36-26-2
First Four Record: 3-1
First Round Record: 20-12
Second Round Record: 9-5-2
Sweet 16 Record: 3-5
Elite Eight Record: 1-3

Kevin Rogers returns to the hardwood as he's providing his Best Bets for the 2024 NCAA Tournament Final Four and Championship.

Final Four Predictions

Saturday, April 6

Matchup: N.C. State vs. Purdue
TV-Time: TBS, 6:09 p.m. ET
Prediction: Purdue -9.5 (-110)

Matchup: Alabama vs. UConn
TV-Time: TBS, 8:49 p.m. ET
Prediction: UConn -11.5 (-110)

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NCAA Tournament Final Four Game Odds



2024 NCAA Tournament Final Four Betting Trends

Patrick Everson provides all the information here on the upcoming matchups for the Final Four betting matchups and markets.

March Madness Betting Trends - Final Four

2024 NCAA Men's Tournament Futures Odds

The 68-team field for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament has finally reached the Final Four, which takes place on Saturday April 6, 2024 with a pair of semifinal matchups.

Listed below are the futures odds for the remaining teams left to win the 2024 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

  • UConn Huskies -190
  • Purdue Boilermakers +210
  • North Carolina State Wolfpack +1600
  • Alabama Crimson Tide +1800


The NCAA Men's Tournament Regional Finals will take place on Saturday March 30, 2024 and Sunday March 31, 2024. Check out the Teams, Odds, Betting Stats and much more on each of the four regions.



There are few things as exciting as placing a bet on the finalists for the NCAA tournament. Final Four betting is all about making the right choices and putting money on the team with the best chances. This is an event that attracts millions of bettors with determination and drive.

During March madness betting season, everybody eyes up the Elite 8 and awaits the Final Four bracket. This is where the best of the best compete. It’s the cream of the crop. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so intense and moves so many people.

The Final Four tournament is the last set of games in the NCAA tournament. They involve the four teams remaining in their respective brackets. These compete in two games of a single-elimination tournament’s final round. The two teams that win face-off to decide first and second place. The remaining teams duke it out to place third.


When money’s on the line, it’s important to make informed decisions. So, you need to look in every nook and cranny for little details that might give you an edge when selecting a team in the Final Four bracket. You can check previous Final Four scores, read into the NCAA bracket, and perhaps participate in Elite 8 betting as practice.

Both the players and the coaches matter. Deep dive into their backgrounds and performance over time. You can also find more information on Final Four betting through social means. You might ask friends, online forums, or explore different websites. Most importantly, though, you need to gather and analyze the information you find.

Sadly, Final Four betting isn’t a black and white business. There are many gray areas. Consider the team composition, injured players, MVPs, strengths and weaknesses, and other key factors. Also, note when to place your bets.

The further from the Final Four games you place your bet (known as March Madness betting), the more money you can make. However, betting closer to the event means you’ll have more information for your decisions. After all, the odds for each team can change drastically as the games approach. It’s a balancing act between how much money you’d like to win and how high you want your chances to be.


Selection Sunday for the NCAA tournament will take place on March 17, 2024. The Final Four begins on April 6 and concludes on April 8 at State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona.

  • Semifinal 1: No. 11 N.C. State vs. No. 1 Purdue (TBS, 6:09 p.m. ET)
  • Semifinal 2: No. 4 Alabama vs. No. 1 UConn (TBS, 8:49 p.m. ET)


68 teams play their hearts out to make it to the Final Four bracket. As it stands, the finalists have yet to be determined. However, you can expect some fierce competition from the usual standouts. It’s important to find the outliers and exceptional teams early on. They’re usually the teams that make it to the final games.

Final Four betting revolves around these last matches. Once all other teams have lost, they’re the remaining competitors. 


As with most popular sports, the NCAA tournament creates some serious buzz. There’s a huge fanbase that participates a bit more than the rest, and they do so in the form of legal bets and online wagers. Generally, these bettors find advice online for each NCAA bracket. 

However, others gather to debate the best Final Four betting tactics and strategies before they start their March Madness betting.

March Madness betting can feel like a bit of a mess. However, with some reading and information seeking, you’re more likely to place sensible bets. When 68 teams face-off for the big win in under one month’s time, the excitement might take you by surprise. Stay focused, and think straight.


First off, you're going to want to make sure you're in a state that has legal, online betting. These include LouisianaNew YorkNew JerseyArizona, and a ton more. Check our guide on state-to-state betting to see if wagering is available in your area.

Using an online sportsbook such as FanDuel or DraftKings to place bets is the best choice for players across the country. It’s easy to do and accessible to users in a ton of eligible states-- just make sure online sportsbooks are legal where you want to bet. Also, remember to check the different types of wagers you can place. 

There are tons of strategies you can pick, and your success rate will depend on your knowledge of the players, coaches, and past successes each team has. Experts also suggest practicing with Elite 8 betting.

Overall, the Final Four tournament is a chance to have some fun and make some money on the side. Win or lose; you’re sure to enjoy yourself with friends, family, and great food.

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