College Football Bowl Odds: Spreads, Lines, Trends for New Year’s Six Games

College football odds for New Year's Six games are rightly focused on the two College Football Playoff semifinals. But before those monster matchups, there are four big games. That includes No. 8 Oregon vs. No. 23 Liberty in the Fiesta Bowl.

Here’s everything you need to know about the college football bowl odds New Year's Six market: opening lines, spreads and betting trends for every game, as multiple oddsmakers provide insights on college football New Year's Six odds and action. Check back regularly for updates and use our BetMGM bonus code to get the most out of your action.

College Football Odds for New Year's Six

No. 4 Alabama vs No. 1 Michigan Odds

Jim Harbaugh and J.J. McCarthy face a tough challenge vs. Alabama. (Getty)
Matchup Spread Total Moneyline
  • Opening point spread: Michigan -2.5
  • Opening moneyline: Michigan -135/Alabama +115
  • Opening total: Over/Under 45.5 points scored
  • Time: 5 p.m. ET Monday, Jan. 1 (ESPN)

UPDATE 2 P.M. ET MONDAY, JAN. 1: Three hours pre-kick, Michigan has advanced to -2.5 in BetMGM's College Football Playoff semifinal odds market. That's up a point from the -1.5 flat/-1.5 (-115) the line has been at since Dec. 7.

The Wolverines opened -1.5 Dec. 3. and hit a low of -1 on Dec. 5.

Alabama is taking 61% of spread bets/60% of spread money. In addition, 68% of moneyline bets/57% of moneyline dollars are on the Crimson Tide. Plus, BetMGM has significant championship futures liability to 'Bama, largely driven by a $205,500 Tide +600 bet made during the preseason. That bet alone would pay out $1.233 million.

"We took some sharp bets today on Michigan, so we're currently sitting -2.5 Michigan," BetMGM trader Seamus Magee said. "However, it's still really heavy 'Bama money coming in. We're definitely rooting for Michigan to knock 'Bama out of our futures liability, and in the win-the-game book, as well."

The total opened at 45.5 and is currently 45.5. It topped out at 46.5 on Dec. 4, hit a low of 44.5 on Dec. 19, went to 45 Thursday and 45.5 Sunday. Ticket count is almost 5/1 and money 8/1 on the Over.

UPDATE 4 P.M. ET FRIDAY, DEC. 29: Three days ahead of kickoff, Michigan is laying 1.5 points in Caesars Sports' CFP semifinal odds market. That matches the Dec. 3 opening number, but there have been a few stops in between. Among them: a high point of Wolverines -2 on Dec. 4 and a low point of pick 'em on Dec. 13.

"We've taken a lot of Alabama action," Caesars lead college football trader Joey Feazel said. "We tested the waters by going to pick 'em. We wanted to see if a sharp thought there was value on Michigan at pick 'em, and they did.

"Within a couple hours, we took a pretty sharp wager on Michigan for $79,000. So we went back to Michigan -1.5."

Even with that bet, Rose Bowl action at Caesars is pretty tilted toward Alabama. But it's well-bet game overall, as well.

"Right now, there's a lot of action on the Rose Bowl. And it makes sense, because these are the two best teams, in our eyes," Feazel said.

Feazel added that Caesars has significant liability to Alabama and Washington in the championship futures market.

The total opened at 46, spent the early part of the month at 45.5 and has been at 45 since Dec. 13.

UPDATE 4:30 P.M. ET FRIDAY, DEC. 22: This matchup, by ticket count, continues to be the most-bet bowl matchup at BetMGM. Part and parcel to that, Alabama is No. 1 in spread tickets and spread money at BetMGM.

Since Dec. 12 at BetMGM (see below update), there's been no spread movement in the College Football Playoff semifinal odds market. Michigan remains -1.5, while tickets and money run about 2/1 on Alabama. So the Wolverines have cut into the advantage slightly; on Dec. 12, it was 2.5/1-plus tickets and 3/1 money on 'Bama.

The Crimson Tide's moneyline advantage has also shortened, but is still significant. Tickets are 4/1 and money 5/1 on Alabama to win outright.

From Dec. 5-Tuesday, the total was nailed to 45.5. On Tuesday, it dipped to 44.5. Still, BetMGM is seeing ticket count of almost 3/1 and money of 2.5/1 on the Over.

UPDATE MIDNIGHT ET TUESDAY, DEC. 12: On Dec. 3, once the matchups were announced, BetMGM opened Michigan -2.5 in its College Football Playoff semifinal odds market. By day's end, Michigan dropped to -1.5, then went to -1 on Dec. 5.

The line returned to Wolverines -1.5 on Dec. 7 and hasn't moved since. Spread ticket count is beyond 2.5/1 and spread money 3/1 on Alabama. Further, moneyline tickets are running 6/1 and moneyline dollars 9/1 on Alabama.

In fact, by ticket count at BetMGM, Alabama is taking three times more spread/moneyline bets than any of the other three CFP semifinalists.

The total opened at 45.5, went to 46.5 Dec. 4 and back to 45.5 Dec. 5. There's been no movement since, with the Over getting 69% of tickets/59% of money.

UPDATE 1:30 P.M. ET SUNDAY, DEC. 3: Michigan (13-0 SU/7-5-1 ATS) had little trouble with Iowa in the Big Ten championship game. The Wolverines rolled 26-0 as 21.5-point favorites and in turn landed the No. 1 seed in the College Football Playoff.

In the Jan. 1 Rose Bowl, the first of games on the College Football Playoff semifinal odds board, Michigan will meet No. 4 Alabama.

The Crimson Tide (12-1 SU/9-4 ATS) edged out unbeaten Florida State for the final CFP slot. In Saturday's SEC title game, Alabama held off Georgia 27-24 as a 5.5-point underdog in the SEC title game.

The SuperBook opened Michigan -2.5 in the College Football Playoff odds for the semifinals.

"Michigan has been considered better than Alabama all season. You've got to favor Michigan ins this game. But the number had to come down a little bit, because Alabama beat Georgia," SuperBook executive director John Murray said this afternoon. "This line is exactly where I think it should be. Michigan will never say this, but you know they wanted to get Florida State instead of Alabama."

Indeed, Murray said the Wolverines would've been close to 10-point favorites against the Seminoles. Instead, oddsmakers, bettors and fans get a great matchup, and at the Rose Bowl, no less. The line has already moved toward the underdog, too, with Michigan quickly shortening to -2.

"The Rose Bowl is always just an absolute monster for handle. So we're happy with that matchup," Murray said. "It sets up to be a much better playoff game for business. These are two extraordinarily public teams. Michigan-Alabama is a real jewel for us."

Murray added The SuperBook does well to Michigan and 'Bama in College Football Playoff championship futures odds. And he has no issue with the Crimson Tide getting in over Florida State.

"You can't really have a College Football Playoff, the national championship of college football, if the SEC is not included. The SEC wins this every year," Murray said.

No. 3 Texas vs No. 2 Washington Odds

Michael Penix and No. 2 Washington are underdogs vs. No. 3 Texas. (Getty)
Matchup Spread Total Moneyline
  • Opening point spread: Texas -4.5
  • Opening moneyline: Texas -190/Washington +170
  • Opening total: Over/Under 62.5 points scored
  • Time: 8:45 p.m. Monday, Jan. 1 (ESPN)

UPDATE 2 P.M. ET MONDAY, JAN. 1: A few hours before kickoff, Texas is down to -3.5 (-115) at BetMGM. Back on Dec. 3, the Longhorns opened -4.5 (-105), then moved to -4 on Dec. 5. The number stuck there until dipping to Texas -3.5 (-115) Saturday, but it then rebounded to -4.5 (-105) Sunday.

Underdog Washington is landing 58% of spread tickets/56% of spread cash. Moneyline betting is more pronounced, with 77% of tickets/68% of money on the Huskies.

"Not much new on Texas-Washington. It's still looking like we'll need Texas to cover -4," Magee said.

BetMGM's total opened at 62.5 and quickly got to 64.5 on Dec. 3. On Dec. 16, it fell back to 63. Wednesday brought a move up to 63.5, but this morning, the total returned to 62.5. All that noted, the Over is attracting 63% of tickets/79% of money.

UPDATE 4 P.M. ET FRIDAY, DEC. 29: Texas is -4 (-115) at Caesars in the second semifinal. That's where the Longhorns opened, and early in the month, the line made a couple trips to Texas -4.5. But it's been stuck on Texas -4, either flat or -115, since Dec. 6.

"There's not too much interest in Texas-Washington so far," Feazel said, noting that comparatively, Alabama-Michigan is sucking up the oxygen. "But I'm sure that'll change as we get closer to Monday's kickoff."

Feazel envisions a scenario in which Washington does what it did often this season: Keep the game close and find a way to win.

"I wouldn't be surprised if we see that in this game," he said. "Texas is better on paper, on both sides of the ball. But Washington has great players, including Michael Penix Jr. The Huskies are always gonna be in games. They're well-coached."

Like the spread, Caesars' total has operated in a small window. The total opened at 64, touched 64.5 for a few hours on Dec. 4, then returned to 64. On Dec. 18, the number dipped to 63.5, and it hasn't moved since.

UPDATE 4:30 P.M. ET FRIDAY, DEC. 22: Probably no surprise, but by ticket count, this is the No. 2 most-bet bowl game at BetMGM. Washington is taking the second-most spread tickets and third-most spread dollars.

Since Dec. 12 at BetMGM (see below update), there's been no spread movement. Texas remains 4-point chalk, and Washington is landing 63% of spread bets/60% of spread money. And as on Dec. 12, the moneyline is tilted toward the Huskies, at 82% of tickets/81% of money.

The total has moved over the past week and a half. On Saturday, BetMGM fell back from 64.5 to 63. So it's almost back to the 62.5 opener of Dec. 3. That noted, tickets and money remain in the 3/1 range on the Over.

UPDATE MIDNIGHT ET TUESDAY, DEC. 12: Texas opened -4.5 in BetMGM's College Football Playoff odds semifinals market, on Dec. 3. The line saw a couple of juice adjustments, to -4.5 (-105), then back to -4.5 flat, before falling to -4 on Dec. 5.

Underdog Washington is netting 65% of early spread tickets/60% of early spread money. Moneyline action is more tilted toward the Huskies, at 83% of tickets/79% of cash.

After opening at 62.5, the total has been painted to 64.5 at BetMGM since late on Dec. 3. Tickets and money are 3/1-plus on the Over.

UPDATE 1:30 P.M. ET SUNDAY DEC. 3: Washington (13-0 SU/7-5-1 ATS) was a 9.5-point underdog vs. Oregon in the Pac-12 championship game. The Ducks advancing to the CFP and Bo Nix winning the Heisman Trophy were considered highly likely.

However, the Huskies jumped out to a 10-0 first-quarter lead and were up 20-3 late in the first half. Ultimately, Washington had to overcome Oregon's comeback bid – the Huskies trailed 24-20 late in the third quarter – but came away with a 34-31 victory.

Texas (12-1 SU/7-6 ATS) pretty much had to get into the CFP if Alabama got in, because the Longhorns went on the road and beat the Tide 34-24 in Week 2. In Saturday's Big 12 championship game, Texas drubbed Oklahoma State 49-21 laying 14.5 points.

The SuperBook opened Texas a 4.5-point favorite vs. Washington in the Sugar Bowl.

"Washington just hasn't gotten a lot of respect in the market or from bettors. Texas is a very public team, and let's face it, Texas is rolling right now," Murray said. "But the Pac-12 had a terrific season. I don't think the Big 12 was that great this year. This will be an interesting game, and we've knocked this line down to 4."

In-Progress Games for College Football New Year's Six

No. 23 Liberty vs No. 8 Oregon Odds

Bo Nix hopes to help Oregon rebound from its loss in the Pac-12 final. (Getty)
Matchup Spread Total Moneyline
Oregon vs
-17.5 (-118)
+17.5 (-104)
o70.5 (-115)
u70.5 (-105)
  • Opening point spread: Oregon -16
  • Opening moneyline: Oregon -835/Liberty +540
  • Opening total: Over/Under 65 points scored
  • Time: 1 p.m. ET Monday, Jan. 1 (ESPN)

UPDATE 11:30 A.M. ET MONDAY, JAN. 1: The Ducks are hefty 18.5-point favorites at BetMGM, 90 minutes ahead of kickoff. Oregon opened -14 for the Fiesta Bowl, back on Dec. 3, and got out to -16.5 within two days.

The line went to Ducks -18.5 on Dec. 11, then -17.5 on Dec. 13 and -16.5 Wednesday. The weekend brought a climb to Oregon -17 Saturday, -17.5 Sunday and -18.5 this morning. Spread tickets and money are 3/1-plus on the Ducks.

"Liberty is a big need for us," BetMGM trader Seamus Magee said.

BetMGM's total opened at 63.5 and slowly climbed all month long, then made a big surge this morning. Overnight, the number was 67.5; it's since gone to 68.5/69/69.5/70 and is now 70.5. Ticket count is 3/1-plus and money 8/1 on the Over.

UPDATE 8:30 P.M. ET THURSDAY, DEC. 28: Oregon stretched from a -14.5 Dec. 4 opener to -16.5 by Dec. 6 at Caesars Sports. The Ducks twice peaked at -18.5, on Dec. 11 and 15, and they've slowly dialed down since then, to the current -16.5.

"We saw a lot of action early on Oregon," Feazel said. "Since getting to 18.5, we've seen some buyback on Liberty. There's been a little more opt-out news on the Oregon side, so a little more pushback with action on Liberty of late.

"We're still gonna need Liberty to be competitive in this one."

Caesars' total climbed from 64.5 to 65.5 within several hours of opening on Dec. 4. The number got to 66/66.5 on Dec. 18, 67 on Dec. 20 and 67.5 Wednesday. It's now at 67.

UPDATE 3:30 P.M. ET WEDNESDAY, DEC. 20: On Dec. 3, DraftKings opened Oregon -16.5 in the college football odds New Year's Six market. The Ducks initially backed up to -14.5 on Dec. 4, but rebounded to as high as -18 on Dec. 11.

Oregon is now at -17, with tickets and money in the 3/1 range on the Ducks.

The total opened at 64.5 and slowly made its way to the current high of 67. Early tickets are almost 4/1 and early dollars 6/1-plus on the Over.

UPDATE 4 P.M. ET MONDAY, DEC. 4: Oregon (11-2 SU/10-2-1 ATS) arguably has two better losses than Ohio State and Ole Miss. The Ducks lost twice to Washington, by a total of 6 points.

But in that second meeting, the Pac-12 title game, Oregon was 9.5-point chalk. So losing outright 34-31 substantially dinged the Ducks' credentials. Just look at what happened to Bo Nix's Heisman stock: Nix was a minus-money favorite entering the Pac-12 final, and he's now the +1600 third choice at TwinSpires, with LSU's Jayden Daniels a massive -1430 favorite.

Liberty (13-0 SU/9-4 ATS) was not only perfect on the field this season, but was also a top-10 spread-covering outfit. In the Conference USA final, the Flames pulled away late vs. New Mexico State in a 49-35 victory as 10-point faves.

Oregon hasn't moved off the -16 opener in TwinSpires' college football odds New Year's Six market. Early spread ticket count is 3/1 and early spread money 2/1 on big underdog Liberty in the Fiesta Bowl.

"Liberty is a very trendy 'dog. It feels like a lot of points," Lucas said.

The total is stable at 65, with tickets and money just shy of 2/1 on the Over.

Completed Games for College Football New Year's Six

No. 6 Georgia vs No. 5 Florida State Odds

Keon Coleman and Florid State are big 'dogs against Georgia. (Getty)
Matchup Spread Total Moneyline
Florida State vs
+23.5 (-110)
-23.5 (-110)
o46.5 (-115)
u46.5 (-105)
  • Opening point spread: Georgia -14.5
  • Opening moneyline: Georgia -745/Florida State +480
  • Opening total: Over/Under 45.5 points scored
  • Time: 4 p.m. ET Saturday, Dec. 30 (ESPN)

UPDATE 3:45 P.M. ET SATURDAY, DEC. 30: As kickoff approaches, Georgia is out to a massive 22.5-point chalk at BetMGM. Florida State is plenty shorthanded (see below update), and oddsmakers keep pushing the line higher.

Just since Wednesday at BetMGM, the Bulldogs climbed from -19.5 to -22.5. Georgia opened -14 on Dec. 3 and actually backed up to -13.5 on Dec. 4. But the line has done nothing but go up since then, reaching -16.5 Christmas day.

Georgia is taking a relatively modest 55% of spread bets, but that's translating into 72% of spread money. No surprise, huge 'dog Florida State is taking 87% of moneyline bets, but those tickets only account for 32% of moneyline cash.

"We're rooting for Florida State +19.5 to +21.5. Lots of money on Georgia today," BetMGM trader Seamus Magee said.

The total opened at 45.5, bottomed out at 44.5 and stuck there most of the month. Today brought multiple upward moves as the total reached 47.5, and it's now 46.5 (Over -115). Tickets and money are 3/1 on the Over.

UPDATE 8:30 P.M. ET THURSDAY, DEC. 28: As noted in the previous update (see below), the transfer-portal/opt-out list for both teams is extensive. But it's a larger issue for Florida State, which will start third-string quarterback Brock Glenn.

Caesars Sports opened Georgia -14.5 in its college football bowl odds New Year's Six market. The number stretched to -16 by Dec. 21, -17.5 by Tuesday and is now a hefty -20.

"Georgia is obviously the better team. A lot of opt-outs and de-motivation on the Florida State side. What more could the Seminoles have done?" Feazel asked, alluding to Florida State going 13-0 SU but not getting a College Football Playoff bid.

"This might be a Georgia rout. The second-stringers for Georgia are probably better than the first-stringers for Florida State. We're gonna need Florida State."

UPDATE 3:30 P.M. ET WEDNESDAY, DEC. 20: Georgia's transfer-portal/opt-out situation hasn't seen any major news. But it's worth keeping an eye on in the next week and a half.

At the moment, the Bulldogs are 14-point favorites at DraftKings. That's up a half-point from the -13.5 Dec. 3 opener and down a half-point from the Dec. 4 -14.5 high point. Ticket count is 3/1 and money almost 5/1 on Georgia.

The total opened at 45 and has stuck in the narrow range of 45/45.5/44.5 over the past two weeks-plus. It's currently 44.5 on interesting splits among early bettors: Ticket count is 4/1-plus on the Over, while money is almost 2/1 on the Under.

UPDATE 4 P.M. ET MONDAY, DEC. 4: Florida State is surely feeling like the scorned stepchild. The Seminoles went 13-0 SU (8-5 ATS) and won the ACC championship, but didn't get into the four-team College Football Playoff.

However, that's a function of Florida State's far-less-than-ideal quarterback situation. Starting QB Jordan Travis suffered a season-ending leg injury in Week 12, and Tate Rodemaker got a concussion late in a Week 13 win over Florida.

Rodemaker didn't play in FSU's 16-6 win as 1-point pups vs. Louisville in the ACC title game. Freshman Brock Glenn started, completing a meager 8 of 21 passes for 55 yards.

So even though the 'Noles are ranked No. 5 in the CFP, they are two-touchdown 'dogs vs. No. 6 Georgia in the Orange Bowl. And that's with Rodemaker expected to return.

The Bulldogs, who won the last two national titles, saw their 29-game SU winning streak end in the SEC championship game. Georgia (12-1 SU/5-8 ATS) trailed Alabama most of the way and lost 27-24 as a 5.5-point favorite.

Basically, oddsmakers are saying Florida State would be a sizable 'dog to any of the four CFP teams – and then some.

"Ohio State, Georgia, Oregon and Penn State would all be favorites over Florida State," SuperBook executive director John Murray said. "In fact, Georgia would be favored vs. all four CFP teams."

At TwinSpires, the Bulldogs opened -14.5 against the Seminoles. Georgia inched down to -14 early, with 54% of bets/62% of dollars on Florida State.

"The public is siding with recently snubbed Florida State and taking the two touchdowns," Lucas said. "Nobody knows for certain how serious either school will take this game. So we've only seen a little bit of handle on it."

The total is unchanged at 45.5, with 55% of bets/63% of money on the Under.

No. 11 Ole Miss vs No. 10 Penn State Odds

QB Jaxson Dart leads Ole Miss against Penn State in the Peach Bowl. (Getty)
Matchup Spread Total Moneyline
Penn State vs
Ole Miss
-5.5 (-112)
+5.5 (-108)
o53.5 (-105)
u53.5 (-115)
  • Opening point spread: Penn State -4
  • Opening moneyline: Penn State -186/Ole Miss +150
  • Opening total: Over/Under 49.5 points scored
  • Time: Noon ET Saturday, Dec. 30 (ESPN)

UPDATE 11 A.M. ET SATURDAY, DEC. 30: This line is on the move as kickoff nears. Penn State was -4.5 overnight at BetMGM, but shot up to -6 this morning, then backed up to -5.5. Ole Miss is drawing 61% of spread bets/59% of spread money.

Further, on the moneyline, it's 81% bets/74% money on the Rebels.

"There's a lot of Ole Miss moneyline play and at +5.5," BetMGM trader Christian Cipollini said. "It's two-way action at Penn State -4.5, but we'd be better off with Penn State covering -4.5."

The total opened at 48.5 and saw most of its movement since recently. It reached 50.5 Friday, then today made stops at 51.5/52/52.5 on the way to 53.5. It's now 52.5 (Over -115), with 68% of tickets/77% of money on the Over.

However, BetMGM isn't rooting for the Over. At least not at all numbers.

"We have a six-figure, two-leg parlay that can close today if Under 50.5 cashes. So the biggest need is going to be Over 50.5. Mizzou moneyline was the first leg for that parlay."

Missouri beat Ohio State 14-3 in Friday night's Cotton Bowl.

UPDATE 8:30 P.M. ET THURSDAY, DEC. 28: Penn State toggled between the -3.5 opener/-4/-4.5 most of this month at Caesars Sports. But there was a brief stint at Nittany Lions -3 on Dec. 6-7. Penn State has been stable at -4.5 since Wednesday morning.

"We're seeing the line go up for the Penn State side. I agree with the line movement. James Franklin's teams tend to show out for bowl games," Feazel said. "There's slightly more action on Penn State. I expect to see that line grow as we get closer to the game on Saturday."

The total has been painted to 49.5 at Caesars since Dec. 11. It opened 48.5 on Dec. 4 and peaked that same day at 49.5. The total then dipped to 49/48.5 on Dec. 11.

UPDATE 3:30 P.M. ET WEDNESDAY, DEC. 20: The Peach Bowl hasn't seen much transfer-portal/opt-out volatility. On Dec. 3, DraftKings opened Penn State -3.5 in its college football bowl odds New Year's Six market. the Nittany Lions are currently -4.

Underdog Ole Miss is netting 59% of early spread bets and spread dollars.

DK's total toggled between 48.5/49/49.5 over the past two-plus weeks. It's now back at the 48.5 opener, with tickets 2/1 and money almost 4/1 on the Over.

UPDATE 4 P.M. ET MONDAY, DEC. 4: These two teams combined for four of the most high-quality losses in the nation this season. Penn State (10-2 SU/9-3 ATS) fell at home to Michigan and on the road vs. Ohio State. Ole Miss (10-2 SU/7-4-1 ATS) lost road games to Georgia and Alabama.

Now, Penn State and Mississippi will meet in the Peach Bowl.

The Nittany Lions finished the regular season with a 42-0 bashing of Michigan State as 22.5-point road faves. The Rebels wrapped up with a 17-7 win giving 10 points at Mississippi State.

TwinSpires opened Penn State -4 and is up a tick to -4.5. The Nittany Lions are seeing 55% of early spread tickets/72% of early spread money.

"Sharp play on Penn State -4 after the opener," Lucas said.

The total is down a point to 48.5, with 54% of tickets/58% of cash on the Under.

No. 9 Missouri vs No. 7 Ohio State

Marvin Harrison Jr. and Ohio State face Missouri in the Cotton Bowl. (Getty)
Matchup Spread Total Moneyline
Ohio State vs
-4.5 (-106)
+4.5 (-114)
o51.5 (-110)
u51.5 (-110)
  • Opening point spread: Ohio State -2.5
  • Opening moneyline: Ohio State -148/Missouri +120
  • Opening total: Over/Under 49 points scored
  • Time: 8 p.m. ET Friday, Dec. 29 (ESPN)

UPDATE 7 P.M. ET FRIDAY, DEC. 29: As is the case everywhere, this spread has been all over the map at BetMGM. On Dec. 3, Ohio State opened as 6.5-point chalk. Within a day, the number was all the way down to Buckeyes -2.5. By Dec. 5, it jumped the fence to Missouri -1, and Mizzou got to -3 by Dec. 7.

Over the past 10 days, the line made a run back to Ohio State. Slowly but surely, it got to Buckeyes -5 early this evening. Now, Ohio State is -4, while taking 56% of spread bets, while 51% of spread money is on Missouri. On the moneyline, it's 57% tickets/54% money on Missouri.

But because there was such a wide array of spread and moneyline numbers, those splits aren't necessarily indicative of the book's need. BetMGM trader Seamus Magee summarized where things stand.

"We need Mizzou to cover +4.5," Magee said.

The total opened at 51.5, bottomed out at 48.5 on Dec. 7 and 13, then slowly made its way to 52.5 by this evening. It's now at 51.5, with tickets and money 4/1 on the Over.

UPDATE 8:30 P.M. ET THURSDAY, DEC. 28: With kickoff 24 hours out, this line has moved back toward Ohio State at Caesars Sports. Over the past few days, the Buckeyes re-acquired their status as favorites.

"This has probably been the wildest line movement for a bowl game so far," Caesars lead college football trader Joey Feazel said. "We opened Ohio State -6.5, it went all the way to Missouri -3.5, now it's Ohio State -4."

That's because of all the transfer-portal/opt-out news. The latest is that Ohio State wideout Marvin Harrison Jr. might actually play Friday night.

"Harrison is practicing, flirting with playing. I don't think anybody believes that's happening," Feazel said, before addressing the game itself. "Missouri way outkicked its coverage [this season]. The Tigers want this one bad. To me, the Missouri side makes sense. But Ohio State is better on paper.

"We're pretty much split on this game. On the spread, we need Mizzou, and on the moneyline, we need Ohio State."

Caesars opened the total at 51.5 on Dec. 4 and within a few hours bottomed out at 48.5. Since then, the number toggled between 49 and 49.5 a couple times, and it's now 49.

UPDATE 3:30 P.M. ET WEDNESDAY, DEC. 20: The Buckeyes have a host of transfer-portal players already, including QB Kyle McCord. And several opt-outs are still possible, including stud wideout Marvin Harrison Jr.

So it should come as no surprise that the Cotton Bowl line made huge moves and jumped the fence early on. DrafKings Sportsbook opened Ohio State -6.5 on Dec. 3, and within a day, it was down to Buckeyes -2. By Dec. 5, it went to Missouri -1/-1.5, and the Tigers were -2.5 from Dec. 7-14.

By Tuesday, there was a little regression for Mizzou, to -1. The Buckeyes are seeing 58% of spread bets, while 52% of spread cash is on the Tigers.

DK's total opened at 51.5, bottomed out at 48.5 multiple times and is now at 49. Ticket count is 5/1 and money 2/1 on the Over.

UPDATE 4 P.M. ET MONDAY, DEC. 4: Ohio State (11-1 SU/6-5-1 ATS) has just one blemish on its record, in the regular-season finale. The Buckeyes fell to archrival Michigan 30-24 catching 3 points on the road.

With the Cotton Bowl up next, Ohio State has notable wins over Notre Dame and Penn State.

Missouri (10-2 SU/8-4 ATS) finished the regular season on a 5-1 SU and ATS run. And the only SU loss came at Georgia, in a game the Tigers were quite competitive in. Mizzou was within 24-21 early in the fourth quarter of a 30-21 Week 10 loss as a 14-point underdog.

The Tigers capped the season with a 48-14 road beatdown of Arkansas as 9-point favorites.

Ohio State opened and remains -2.5 at TwinSpires Sportsbook, with ticket count already 3/1-plus and money 4/1 on the Buckeyes.

"It's all Ohio State action so far. We're holding steady at 2.5, but we'll likely move to 3 if this continues," TwinSpires director of retail sports Zachary Lucas said.

The total nudged from 49 to 49.5, with 61% of early tickets/66% of early cash on the Over.

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