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Golden Nugget posts 2012 GOY odds

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Here we are in the middle on June in the sweltering heat of a Las Vegas summer with most bettors’ wagering menu already full with the NBA Finals beginning, a baseball season with about 10 weeks of pitching data to go off of, but on Monday morning, just about everyone with a bettable bankroll had their thoughts turned to the fall with college football.

The Golden Nugget released spreads on 111 college football games for the upcoming season that sport book director Tony Miller and his staff thought were the most attractive. There are 15 weeks worth of action highlighted by the most anticipated games everyone wants to see like the Nov. 3 affair between Alabama and LSU. The Tigers are listed as two-point home favorites in the SEC showdown. The Nugget is also offering rivalry games that may only appeal to a few from a certain region like Colorado laying six points against Colorado State on Sept. 2 in Week 1.

That’s the beauty of what Miller and the Golden Nugget tapped into six years ago when they first offered the games of the year and became the starting point to where the market would actually go when other books eventually first offer the games.

“We wanted something that would make us stand out a bit and appeal to a broad audience of both out-of-town visitors, locals, sharp money, and small money,“ said Miller, “The initial response was overwhelming and it has continued to grow each ensuing year.”

For Miller to put his neck out there and allow every wise guy in the city to take a chop at early numbers could be seen as dangerous, but Miller has held his own quite well, showing a profit in four of the five previous years. It’s one on one, bettor vs. [...], with no odds screen to help the bettor know what is a good or bad number, but there are no other competing numbers.

The process on Monday began with dozens of bettors lining up to get their first whack at the virgin numbers. Bettors were allowed to bet three games at $1,000 each per visit and then they had to go to the back of the line. This process went on at a frenzied pace for an hour until every ounce of perceived value was drained.

The biggest movers in the first wave of action came on Ohio State with two of its games moving the most, but Golden Nugget assistant manager Aaron Kessler said this was the first year they haven’t seen massive moves on a few select teams. The early action was spread out across the menu.

“We didn’t have any games move more than twice one way within the first hour of action,” said Kessler, who took more than 100 limit wagers in that first hour.

According to sharp money, Urban Meyer is going to make a much bigger impact with the Buckeyes than expected as Ohio State comes off a losing season. Michigan State was a 4 ½-point home favorite for its Sept. 29 meeting against OSU and Buckeyes money has pushed the game to -2 ½.

Michigan may have finally beaten Ohio State last season, but the bettors are saying its back to the usual this year when they meet in Columbus on Nov. 24. The Wolverines opened as 3-point road favorites and that game is now a pick’em.

A sign of how good Ohio State might be was taken even further when wagers were taken on the same Michigan squad at plus-12 against Alabama on the opening week at Cowboys Stadium pushing the game down to -10.

Even though the wagers are for only $1,000 now ($5,000 will be offered the week of the game), the action this week kind of shows the thought process of what the sharpest college football minds in town are thinking about on certain teams. Many of the lines will be vastly different by the time the games actually kick off and an assist will be given to each one of the bettors who showed their cards at the Golden Nugget in June for helping set the market.

Here’s a look at the opening numbers from all 111 games. Enjoy, and happy handicapping!

(Neutral Sites listed in Parenthesis)

Week 1
Date Away Home
Friday, Aug. 31 Boise State Michigan State (-6 ½)
Saturday, Sept. 1 Marshall West Virginia (-20)
Saturday, Sept. 1 (Arlington, TX) Michigan Alabama (-12)
Saturday, Sept. 1 (Atlanta, GA) Auburn Clemson (-2 ½)
Saturday, Sept. 1 (Dublin, Ireland) Navy Notre Dame (-13 ½)
Sunday, Sept. 2 Kentucky Louisville (-11 ½)
Sunday, Sept. 2 (Denver, CO) Colorado (-6) Colorado State
Week 2
Date Away Home
Thursday, Sept. 6 Pittsburgh Cincinnati (-5)
Saturday, Sept. 8 Oklahoma State (-9 ½) Arizona
Saturday, Sept. 8 Miami Kansas State (-7)
Saturday, Sept. 8 Iowa State Iowa (-5)
Saturday, Sept. 8 Washington LSU (-21)
Saturday, Sept. 8 Georgia (-3) Missouri
Saturday, Sept. 8 Florida Texas A&M (-1)
Saturday, Sept. 8 Nebraska (-6 ½) UCLA
Saturday, Sept. 8 (East Rutherford, NJ) USC (-21) Syracuse
Week 3
Date Away Home
Friday, Sept. 14 Washington State (-17 ½) UNLV
Saturday, Sept. 15 Alabama (-6 ½) Arkansas
Saturday, Sept. 15 Notre Dame Michigan State (-3)
Saturday, Sept. 15 USC (-10) Stanford
Saturday, Sept. 15 Florida (-5) Tennessee
Week 4
Date Away Home
Saturday, Sept. 22 LSU (-10 ½) Auburn
Saturday, Sept. 22 Clemson Florida State (-8)
Saturday, Sept. 22 Michigan Notre Dame (-1)
Saturday, Sept. 22 Kansas State Oklahoma (-16)
Saturday, Sept. 22 Missouri South Carolina (-5)
Saturday, Sept. 22 California USC (-24)
Week 5
Date Away Home
Saturday, Sept. 29 Mississippi Alabama (-31)
Saturday, Sept. 29 Tennessee Georgia (-13 ½)
Saturday, Sept. 29 Ohio State Michigan State (-4 ½)
Saturday, Sept. 29 Wisconsin Nebraska (-3)
Saturday, Sept. 29 Texas Oklahoma State (-3 ½)
Saturday, Sept. 29 Arkansas (-2 ½) Texas A&M
Saturday, Sept. 29 Baylor West Virginia (-11)
Week 6
Date Away Home
Thursday, Oct. 4 USC (-16) Utah
Saturday, Oct. 6 Arkansas (-4 ½) Auburn
Saturday, Oct. 6 LSU (-7 ½) Florida
Saturday, Oct. 6 Kansas Kansas State (-20)
Saturday, Oct. 6 Nebraska Ohio State (-2)
Saturday, Oct. 6 Washington Oregon (-20)
Saturday, Oct. 6 Georgia (-2 ½) South Carolina
Saturday, Oct. 6 West Virginia Texas (-4 ½)
Saturday, Oct. 6 (Chicago, IL) Miami, Fl. Notre Dame (-9 ½)
Week 7
Date Away Home
Saturday, Oct. 13 Stanford Notre Dame (-5)
Saturday, Oct. 13 Nevada (-17) UNLV
Saturday, Oct. 13 Alabama (-14 ½) Missouri
Saturday, Oct. 13 USC (-17) Washington
Saturday, Oct. 13 (Dallas, TX) Texas Oklahoma (-6)
Week 8
Date Away Home
Saturday, Oct. 20 UNLV Boise State (-35 ½)
Saturday, Oct. 20 Stanford (-4) California
Saturday, Oct. 20 South Carolina Florida (-4)
Saturday, Oct. 20 Florida State (-10) Miami, Fl.
Saturday, Oct. 20 Michigan State Michigan (-6)
Saturday, Oct. 20 BYU Notre Dame (-10)
Saturday, Oct. 20 Alabama (-17) Tennessee
Saturday, Oct. 20 Baylor Texas (-11)
Saturday, Oct. 20 LSU (-8) Texas A&M
Saturday, Oct. 20 Colorado USC (-36)
Saturday, Oct. 20 Kansas State West Virginia (-7 ½)
Week 9
Date Away Home
Friday, Oct. 26 Cincinnati Louisville (-3 ½)
Saturday, Oct. 27 Mississippi State Alabama (-24)
Saturday, Oct. 27 USC (-14) Arizona
Saturday, Oct. 27 Texas A&M Auburn (-3)
Saturday, Oct. 27 Michigan (-2) Nebraska
Saturday, Oct. 27 Notre Dame Oklahoma (-12)
Saturday, Oct. 27 TCU Oklahoma State (-9)
Saturday, Oct. 27 Ohio State (-3) Penn State
Saturday, Oct. 27 Tennessee South Carolina (-7 ½)
Saturday, Oct. 27 Michigan State Wisconsin (-5)
Saturday, Oct. 27 (Jacksonville, FL) Florida Georgia (-4 ½)
Week 10
Date Away Home
Thursday, Nov. 1 Virginia Tech (-6 ½) Miami, Fl.
Saturday, Nov. 3 Missouri Florida (-5 ½)
Saturday, Nov. 3 Oklahoma State Kansas State (-1)
Saturday, Nov. 3 Alabama LSU (-2)
Saturday, Nov. 3 Nebraska Michigan State (-5)
Saturday, Nov. 3 Pittsburgh Notre Dame (-13)
Saturday, Nov. 3 Oregon USC (-6)
Saturday, Nov. 3 TCU West Virginia (-7)
Week 11
Date Away Home
Thursday, Nov. 8 Florida State Virginia Tech (-1)
Friday, Nov. 9 Pittsburgh (-2 ½) Connecticut
Saturday, Nov. 10 Texas A&M Alabama (-20)
Saturday, Nov. 10 Georgia (-6) Auburn
Saturday, Nov. 10 Notre Dame (-12) Boston College
Saturday, Nov. 10 Mississippi State LSU (-17)
Saturday, Nov. 10 Baylor Oklahoma (-17)
Saturday, Nov. 10 West Virginia Oklahoma State (-6 ½)
Saturday, Nov. 10 Arkansas (-3) South Carolina
Saturday, Nov. 10 Kansas State TCU (-3 ½)
Saturday, Nov. 10 Missouri Tennessee (-1)
Saturday, Nov. 10 Arizona State USC (-27)
Week 12
Date Away Home
Saturday, Nov. 17 Mississippi LSU (-26)
Saturday, Nov. 17 Stanford Oregon (-13 ½)
Saturday, Nov. 17 USC (-16) UCLA
Saturday, Nov. 17 Ohio State Wisconsin (-7)
Saturday, Nov. 17 Oklahoma (-4) West Virginia
Week 13
Date Away Home
Friday, Nov. 23 Arizona State Arizona (-5 ½)
Friday, Nov. 23 Washington Washington State (-3)
Saturday, Nov. 24 Auburn Alabama (-18)
Saturday, Nov. 24 LSU (-3) Arkansas
Saturday, Nov. 24 South Carolina Clemson (-4)
Saturday, Nov. 24 Florida Florida State (-7 ½)
Saturday, Nov. 24 Mississippi State (-10) Mississippi
Saturday, Nov. 24 Michigan (-3) Ohio State
Saturday, Nov. 24 Oklahoma State Oklahoma (-8)
Saturday, Nov. 24 Oregon (-16) Oregon State
Saturday, Nov. 24 TCU Texas (-7 ½)
Saturday, Nov. 24 Missouri Texas A&M (-3)
Saturday, Nov. 24 Notre Dame USC (-14)
Week 14
Date Away Home
Saturday, Dec. 1 Texas (-3) Kansas State
Saturday, Dec. 1 Oklahoma (-10) TCU
Week 15
Date Away Home
Saturday, Dec. 8 (Philadelphia, PA) Army Navy -4 ½

NCAA FB Hot Streaks
5-0 Week 2, 11-3 NCAA FB TY
7-0 Saturday, 83% +770 TY
7-1 Record Saturday
11-3 College FB Win Streak
2-0 Thurs., 5-0 G-Plays, +895 TY
7-1 Totals, 10-6 Picks TY
4-1 Last 5 CFB Guarantees
4-0 L4 G-Plays, 2-0 Thursdays TY
Money Leaders
Handicapper Money
Micah Roberts + 895
Bill Marzano + 775
Kyle Hunter + 770
Last Week's Leaders
Handicapper Money
Kyle Hunter + 700
Joe Nelson + 590
Bill Marzano + 500
Percentage Leaders
Handicapper Pct
Kyle Hunter 83 %
Bill Marzano 79 %
Gary Bart 69 %
Guaranteed Leaders
Handicapper Money
Micah Roberts + 495
Mark Franco + 300
Stephen Nover + 275
Over-Under Leaders
Handicapper Money
Kyle Hunter + 680
Vince Akins + 590
Bill Marzano + 400
Member Leaders
Handicapper Money
Kevin Rogers + 385
Micah Roberts + 350
Gary Bart + 300
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