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World Cup 2022
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The 2022 World Cup from Qatar has concluded and you can recap the entire event in our World Cup hub, which breaks down Argentina's championship run.

For bettors looking for more action, be sure to check out our Soccer Free Picks as we continue to push out selections on all the top-flight European leagues and tournaments!

Looking For Expert World Cup Picks?

Here at VegasInsider, we have an All Star roster of handicappers whose sole job is to put together picks based off of their expert analysis from decades of watching sports. They may not post a 100% hit rate (let us know if you find anyone that does), but they put in the hard work of looking for the best picks so you don't have to!

World Cup Picks to Win Outright

To win outright in the World Cup means that you are looking to bet on the team that you think wins the entire World Cup out of the 32 total teams. So to get to this point, the team you're betting on would have to win 5 straight games: Round of 32, Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and of course, the Final. VegasInsider will have you rolling in the green every round as we'll have our best outright picks right here.

Moneyline World Cup Picks

Betting on the moneyline is very simple. You are betting on that team to win. Just win. They don't have to cover any spreads, they don't have to win by a certain number, if they win that game, you've hit that moneyline.

World Cup Top Goalscorer Picks

Betting on the top goalscorer of the World Cup is one of the most entertaining side bets, and typically one of the heaviest bet options in the World Cup. Basically, you are betting on that player to score the most goals during the duration of the World Cup so ideally, you want to bet on a player you not only think can score goals, but also have his team last long enough to hold that lead. Our handicappers do sell these picks during the World Cup and you will have the opportunity to see who they are buying into during it!

World Cup Picks 2022/23: Schedule

The World Cup is a long event -- it runs from November 20, 2022, to December 18. There are 5 rounds, if you will, of play, and they are the group stage, the round of 16, the quarterfinals, the semifinals, and of course, the final.

The group stage is the longest, and with 8 different groups of 4 teams, takes almost two weeks to play. The group stage will run from November 20 to December 2. Once that is over, the round of 16 begins and lasts from December 3 until December 6. The quarterfinals run from December 9 till December 10, the semifinals from December 13 to December 14. Then there is a third-place game on December 17, and finally the Grand Final is on December 18.

World Cup Expert Picks FAQ

When do we release our expert picks?

Our expert picks will be released a few days before each game, so you'll have ample time to get your picks in and research the games.

What kind of World Cup picks do we make?

Our expert handicappers will offer a wide variety of picks, ranging from World Cup outright picks to Golden Boot picks that they like.

What is the best site for World Cup betting picks?

Well you wouldn't be here if you didn't think VegasInsider was the way to go! We'll always keep you on the winning side.

What is the benefit of using a World Cup picks service like VegasInsider?

The benefit to using a site like VegasInsider for your World Cup picks is that we do all the work for you and put our thoughts to paper so that you can see exactly what our experts are thinking!