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You wait for it every four years. When every fourth summer arrives in around the world, so does the World Cup, capturing the attention of an entire planet. Cities around the world are eerily quiet when their nation’s team is on the pitchThat all changed when Qatar, home of triple digit temperatures in June, was awarded the tournament. The first Arab nation to host this event has temporarily changed the look of our traditional US holiday season wagering options. This November and December are going to be extra special for gamblers around the world.

Let’s look at the next round of the biggest sports betting event in the world game by game. It’s called the Round of 16. The Sweet 16 and beginning of the knockout stage, AKA lose and go home time!

World Cup Round of 16 Table, Fixtures & Odds

Round of 16 Match Schedule

The schedule will be updated as soon as the Group Stages establish those qualifying teams.

When the knockout stage begins on Saturday December 3rd, half of the original field will still have a shot at winning the World Cup Final. However, with two games every day through Tuesday the 6th, half of those teams will be heading home before the Quarter Finals begin on that Friday.

World Cup Round of 16 Odds

TeamChas' Prediction
Netherlands +1200Only 8 of the 32 had better odds when the tournament started.
USA +10000If the USA ladies snuck on the field the odds would be much lower.
Argentina +800One of the favorites again to win it all.
Denmark +2800One of the long shots but somebody beside the citizens of Copenhagen played them early.
France +500They’ll probably be favored in every match until they repeat or get sent packing.
Mexico +15000They were a great play to make it this far but their odds say it all.
England +500This squad is the co-third choice for a reason.
Senegal +8000Seeing them advancing over the 5th ranked team in the world would be a surprise, but don't count them out yet.
Spain +700One of only 6 squads that opened at less than double digit odds.
Croatia +5000A nice run to finish their European qualifiers but +5000 for a reason.
Brazil +400Favored and deservingly so.
Uruguay +5000Hard seeing them getting past the next match but they’ve already made their fans proud.
Belgium +1000Some of those odds are because this is a good club but they’ve never made the finals.
Germany +900Probably the best team not in the Top 10 rankings.
Portugal +1000Benefited from playing in one of the easiest groups in round robin play.
Switzerland +8000Makes sense to take a neutral stance on their chance to win it all.

World Cup Round of 16 Favorites

As we're sitting now, the big favorites are:

  • Argentina (+800)
  • France (+500)
  • Spain (+700)
  • Brazil (+400)
  • England (+500)
  • Germany (+900)

World Cup Round of 16 Format

Making it through to the Round of 16 involved playing all 3 of the other teams in your group and finishing in one of the top 2 places. Going forward it’s no longer a round robin format. This part of the World Cup is called the knockout stage for a reason. Whether the final score is from regulation time or the match ends with penalty kicks, eight teams will make the quarterfinals and the others will see their chance at immortality end.

What Matches Could We See in the Round of 16?

Netherlands vs USA
Saturday, December 3

Netherlands had a tougher time with Group A then their fans anticipated.
The fact that they did not qualify last time out isn’t a reason to write the Dutch off just yet!
They’re coming off back to back semi final finishes before 2018 and their opening line to win it all this time around was only +1200. This team’s passage into the Knockout Stage went through the host teams group and they have to pick it up a notch if they’re beating any other Pot 1 participants not named Qatar.

This USA squad was a DNQ the last time around, but this is their third straight Round of 16. They played up to England in their Round Robin and that performance has to give them, and their backers at 100-1, some excitement. This looks like a lucky draw as well. Catching the winner of arguably the weakest group with a shot at their first quarter finals in 20 years will definitely be a motivator for this club.

Argentina vs Denmark

Argentina looks like Argentina early and that’s exactly what you want from a squad only paying +800. They’re in Pot 1 and it’s another tourney where they’re entering well ranked. Getting this far went smoothly as they dominated those first three matches. You have to think that getting knocked out in the very first knockout match of the 2018 Round of 16 will have them primed for this match up against a very good opponent.

The entire group that included Denmark, played their round robin as if they were trying not to advance. This club made it this far by beating teams they should. Countries like Argentina weren’t on that list. In 2018, they lost a heartbreaker in this same spot. Every team from here out will be solid favorites over the Danes but the fact that their opening line was only at +2800 means somebody beside just the citizens of Copenhagen bet they can win it all.

France vs Mexico
Sunday, December 4

The squad from France are reigning champions and co third choice at +500. Their last six World Cup adventures include 2 titles in 3 trips to the finals. Those Group D games showed the depth of Les Bleus. All 3 matches were in hand early. Betting this squad so far has worked out well. Of course, it’s always hard to watch your team slow it down when you’re chasing one more goal for that Team Total Over cash.

Mexico is right where it normally is. This country is playing in its 8th straight Round of 16. Last time it was Brazil that knocked them out. In 2014 Netherlands and the tournament before that Argentina gave them the boot. During this match, the entire country of Estados Unidos Mexicanos will be hoping that El Tri can make their first quarter final since 1986.

England vs Senegal

England is top ranked, in Pot 1, and won their group. That seems like it should be for the co third choice at +500 when this event began. They made it to the semi finals last time out and also in 1990 but it’s been a long time (1966) since they’ve won the final. This is a team that needs to dominate this opponent and show the world they’re ready to play that next opponent not named Senegal.

This is Senegal’s third time qualifying for the ironic World Cup in their last six attempts, including reaching the quarter finals in 2002. This West African country’s club made it to this round despite being one of the longest shots on the board of all the remaining teams. Some years being stuck in the host country’s group is better than others. Getting to play Qatar and Ecuador in the round robin helped this club make it this far. Seeing them advancing over the 5th ranked team in the world would be beyond a shocker.

Spain vs Croatia
Monday, December 5

There are only six countries from the final 32 opening at single digit odds. Spain is one of them at +700. Coming off that contest with Germany, anything less than making it through this match and into the quarters would be a major failure for a Pot 1 club that won its only title in 2010. Heading into to the tournament ranked 7th in the world shows this team is capable of making a run to the championship. They’ll need to play their best if they want to be a reality.

Croatia made it to the final four in 2018 losing to the eventual champion in the semi-finals. That’s not too shabby for a nation that wasn’t established until 1991 and was playing in only their 5th World Cup. This club was outmatched by their group winner. Although they had a nice run of wins to finish their European qualifiers, they entered this competition with odds of +5000 for a reason.

Brazil vs Uruguay

It may feel like Brazil wins this event every year. Actually, it’s been 20 years since the last of their world leading 5 titles. That championship ended a run of three straight finals for the canaries. Since then they’ve been to 3 elite eights and 1 final four finishing 4th, 5th or 6th in each of the last 4 cups. Heading into the 2020 run as overall favorites at +400 shows that this year’s squad is simply more of the same. Those past results shows that this is a focused program and don’t look past their current opponents.

Uruguay is on the list for most Soccer World Cup championships ever. You might be able to use that as a trivia question since their last title was back in 1950. The last three versions of this squad have made their South American citizens proud by reaching this round in all those efforts including 5th place last year and 4th place in 2010. It’ll be hard for them to get past this match but with opening odds of +5000 they’ve done well to make their fans proud.

Belgium vs Germany
Tuesday, December 6

Belgium is coming off a 3rd place finish in 2018, their best finish yet. In 2014 they finished 6th and the club head’s into World Cup play ranked #2 in the world. The fact that they’ve never made a final is one of the reasons you’re getting +1000 on a team that looks in good form. This country of less than 12 million didn’t have many worries watching their De Rode Duivels squad dominate their group in early play. Knockout rounds usually have the best teams left and that’ll describe every opponent Belguim plays going forward.

Germany may be showing up at the party with a ranking outside the top ten but you’re not opening at +900 in this field unless you’re a player! You Die Nationalmannschaft fans have to hope last visit was an aberration. In the previous 16 years they won in 2014, lost to Brazil in 2002 and won the consolation game in the two World Cups in between. This team is a soccer giant that knows how to win on the world’s stage. As soon as you can, add “Bet Germany” on your things to do list.

Portugal vs Switzerland

Portugal had a fairly easy trio in their round robin circuit. World Cup groups can be unpredictable. Then, if you advance, the matchups can become almost obvious. Play the runner up from a group that had only one contender is a great way to enter the Round of 16. Although they’ve never made a final, Ronaldo’s team has been to this position in 3 of the last 4 World Cups. Coincidently, the sports highest goal scorer of all time was on all of those clubs as he’s playing in his fifth world tournament. Heading forward, Portugal, which opened at +1000, may be over matched against some of the world’s best but having CR7 on the pitch evens that out.

If you’re a fan of Switzerland, just enjoy being here. Of the seven other groups, there were a handful where a different draw would have found this team watching from home instead of being a runner up. This country has made it this far in 3 of their last 4 visits but hasn’t won a Group of 16 game since 1954. They play the games for a reason and every sport has upsets that live in history. At +8000 when the World Cup began, it’s not likely this will be one of those moments.

Check back here for more info about the World Cup Round of 16 in Qatar!

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