World Cup – Round of 16

World Cup 2022
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You wait for it every four years. When every fourth summer arrives in around the world, so does the World Cup, capturing the attention of an entire planet. Cities around the world are eerily quiet when their nation’s team is on the pitchThat all changed when Qatar, home of triple digit temperatures in June, was awarded the tournament. The first Arab nation to host this event has temporarily changed the look of our traditional US holiday season wagering options. This November and December are going to be extra special for gamblers around the world.

Let’s look at the next round of the biggest sports betting event in the world game by game. It’s called the Round of 16. The Sweet 16 and beginning of the knockout stage, AKA lose and go home time!

World Cup Round of 16 Table, Fixtures & Odds

Round of 16 Match Schedule

  • Dec. 3: USA vs. Netherlands
  • Dec. 3: Argentina vs. Australia
  • Dec. 4: France vs. Poland
  • Dec. 4: England vs. Senegal
  • Dec. 5: Japan vs Croatia
  • Dec. 5: Brazil vs. South Korea
  • Dec. 6: Morocco vs. Spain
  • Dec. 6: Portugal vs. Switzerland

World Cup Round of 16 Odds

Take a look at odds for each country to advance from the Round of 16.

CountryOdds to Advance
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World Cup Round of 16 Favorites

As we're sitting now, the big favorites are:

World Cup Round of 16 Format

Making it through to the Round of 16 involved playing all 3 of the other teams in your group and finishing in one of the top 2 places. Going forward it’s no longer a round robin format. This part of the World Cup is called the knockout stage for a reason. Whether the final score is from regulation time or the match ends with penalty kicks, eight teams will make the quarterfinals and the others will see their chance at immortality end.

Saturday - December 3rd

Sunday - December 4th

Monday - December 5th

Tuesday - December 6th

Check back here for more info about the World Cup Round of 16 in Qatar!