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Argentina wins 2022 World Cup

The 2022 World Cup from Qatar concluded on Sunday Dec. 18, 2022 and bettors watched Argentina lift the trophy as it defeated France in penalty kicks. The two nations were tied 2-2 after 90 minutes and the pair each added a goal to go 3-3 through extra time. In the penalty kicks, Argentina won 4-2.

For betting purposes, the draw paid +200 in the final match and the Over 2.5 goals (+150) cashed with France's rally in the second-half.

Other popular "Special Odds" to cash in the World Cup Finals were listed below:

  • Argentina To Lift the Trophy +110
  • Argentina by Penalties +800
  • Both Teams to Score +100
  • Game decided after Penalties +400

Lionel Messi scored two goals for Argentina in the win and Kylian Mbappe countered with a hattrick, both individuals scoring in extra time.

With the hattrick, Mbappe won the "Golden Boot" award aka Top Goal Scorer of the World Cup tournament as he finished with eight goals. Messi finished with seven. Prior to the tournament, Mbappe was listed as a 9/1 choice (Bet $100 to win $900) to capture the honor.

Argentina winning the 2022 World Cup paid out futures odds as high as +550 at most sportsbooks.

France striker Kylian Mbappe led all players with eight goals in the 2022 World Cup. (Getty)

World Cup 2022 Final Highlights

Messi carried off on top

Argentina, France play all-timer

From 16 to 1

Mbappe's Hattrick not enough

France rally with two quick goals

Argentina build 2-0 lead

World Cup Match Betting Results

The World Cup will have 64 matches played during the tournament and we'll be keeping track of key betting results.

The group stage will have 48 and then another 16 matches in the knockout round, which consists of the Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and the Championship.

World Cup Knockout Results

Favorites-Underdogs: 10-1
Draws: 5
Over-Under: 11-5
Both Teams to Score: 10-6
Penalty Kick Goals: 6

Argentina 2 France 2 (Draw +200) -- Argentina wins on PKs (4-2)

3rd-Place Game
Croatia 2 Morocco 1 (Favorite +135)

Argentina 3 Croatia 0 (Favorite -110)
France 2 Morocco 0 (Favorite -188)

Croatia 0 Brazil 0 (Draw +400) -- Croatia wins on PKs (4-2)
Argentina 2 Netherlands 2 (Draw +210) -- Argentina wins on PKs (4-2)

Morocco 1 Portugal 0 (Underdog +475)
France 2 England 1 (Favorite +170)

Round of 16
Netherlands 3 USA 1 (Favorite -118)
Argentina 2 Australia 1 (Favorite -500)

France 3 Poland 1 (Favorite -300)
England 3 Senegal 0 (Favorite -188)

Japan 1 Croatia 1 (Draw +100) -- Croatia wins on PKs (3-1)
Brazil 4 South Korea 1 (Favorite -400)

Spain 0 Morocco 0 (Draw +350) -- Morocco wins on PKs (3-0)
Portugal 6 Switzerland 1 (Favorite -200)

Closing Odds per bet365

World Cup Knockout Stage

World Cup Final

Sunday, Dec. 18
Argentina vs. France (FOX, 10:00 a.m. ET)

Betting Preview, Score Predictions, Best Bets

World Cup 3rd-Place Match

Saturday, Dec. 17
Croatia vs. France (FOX, 10:00 a.m. ET)

World Cup Futures Odds

Odds to win World Cup Tournament
France -110
Argentina -110

Semifinals Futures Odds

Odds to win World Cup Tournament
France +110
Argentina +175
Croatia +700
Morocco +900

Quarterfinals Futures Odds

Odds to win World Cup Tournament
Brazil +175
France +400
Argentina +600
England +600
Portugal +600
Netherlands +1400
Morocco +2800
Croatia +3300

World Cup Knockout Stage Schedule

World Cup Final

Sunday, Dec. 18
Argentina vs. France (FOX, 10:00 a.m. ET)

World Cup 3rd-Place Match

Saturday, Dec. 17
Croatia vs. France (FOX, 10:00 a.m. ET)


Tuesday, Dec. 13
Argentina vs. Croatia (FOX, 2:00 p.m. ET)

Wednesday, Dec. 14
France vs. Morocco (FOX, 2:00 p.m. ET)


Friday, Dec. 9
Croatia vs. Brazil (FOX, 10:00 a.m. ET)
Netherland vs. Argentina (FOX, 2:00 p.m. ET)

Saturday, Dec. 10
England vs. France (FOX, 2:00 p.m. ET)

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Round of 16

Saturday, Dec. 3
Netherland vs. USA (10:00 a.m. ET)
Argentina vs. Australia (2:00 p.m. ET)

Sunday, Dec. 4
France vs. Poland (10:00 a.m. ET)
England vs. Senegal (2:00 p.m. ET)

Monday, Dec. 5
Japan vs. Croatia (10:00 a.m. ET)
Brazil vs. South Korea (2:00 p.m. ET)

Tuesday, Dec. 6
Morocco vs. Spain (10:00 a.m. ET)
Portugal vs. Switzerland (2:00 p.m. ET)

Round of 16 Futures Odds

Brazil +220
Argentina +500
France +550
Spain +600
England +900

World Cup Free Picks

VegasInsider betting expert Andrew Beasley will be providing his Best Bets and Correct Score predictions throughout the entire event:

2022 World Cup Free Picks

World Cup 2022 Match Odds

The 2022 World Cup will have 48 Group matches, which will begin on Sunday Nov. 20 and conclude on Friday Dec. 2. Bettors can start placing wagers on the first 16 matches now by viewing our World Cup Soccer Odds, which features 3-Way Betting Odds and Total (Over-Under) Odds.

World Cup Group Results

Group A
1) Netherlands
2) Senegal

Group B
1) England
2) United States

Group C
1) Argentina
2) Poland

Group D
1) France
2) Australia

Group E
1) Japan
2) Spain

Group F
1) Morocco
2) Croatia

Group G
1) Brazil
2) Switzerland

Group H
1) Portugal
2) South Korea

World Cup Group Match Betting Results

The World Cup will have 48 group matches and listed below are the betting results.

World Cup Group Results

Favorites-Underdogs: 25-13
Draws: 10
Over-Under: 18-30
Both Teams to Score: 19-29
Penalty Kick Goals: 8

Closing Odds per bet365

Round 3
Netherlands 2 Qatar 0 (Favorite -500)
Senegal 2 Ecuador 1 (Underdog +225)
England 3 Wales 0 (Favorite -225)
USA 1 Iran 0 (Favorite +100)

Australia 1 Denmark 0 (Underdog +600)
Tunisia 1 France 0 (Underdog +800)
Mexico 2 Saudi Arabia 1 (Favorite -143)
Argentina 2 Poland 0 (Favorite -223)

Morocco 2 Canada 1 (Favorite -110)
Croatia 0 Belgium 0 (Draw +240)
Germany 4 Costa Rica 2 (Favorite -1200)
Japan 2 Spain 1 (Underdog +800)

Uruguay 2 Ghana 0 (Favorite -110)
South Korea 2 Portugal 1 (Underdog +280)
Switzerland 3 Serbia 2 (Favorite +170)
Cameroon 1 Brazil 0 (Underdog +650)

Round 2
Iran 2 Wales 0 (Underdog +275)
Senegal 3 Qatar 1 (Favorite -150)
Netherlands 1 Ecuador 1 (Draw +240)
England 0 USA 0 (Draw +333)

Australia 1 Tunisia 0 (Underdog +275)
Poland 2 Saudi Arabia 0 (Favorite -143)
France 2 Denmark 1 (Favorite -134)
Argentina 2 Mexico 0 (Favorite -188)

Costa Rica 1 Japan 0 (Underdog +700)
Morocco 2 Belgium 0 (Underdog +275)
Croatia 4 Canada 1 (Favorite +110)
Spain 1 Germany 1 (Draw +250)

Ghana 3 South Korea 2 (Underdog +180)
Cameroon 3 Serbia 3 (Draw +275)
Brazil 1 Switzerland 0 (Favorite -200)
Portugal 2 Uruguay 0 (Favorite -110)

Round 1
Ecuador 2 Qatar 0 (Favorite +130
England 6 Iran 2 (Favorite -250)
Netherlands 1 Senegal 0 (Favorite -150)
USA 1 Wales 1 (Draw +200)

Saudi Arabia 2 Argentina 1 (Underdog +2200)
Denmark 0 Tunisia 0 (Draw +280)
Mexico 0 Poland 0 (Draw +200)
France 4 Australia 1 (Favorite -400)

Morocco 0 Croatia 0 (Draw +225)
Japan 2 Germany 1 (Underdog +600)
Spain 7 Costa Rica 0 (Favorite -600)
Belgium 1 Canada 0 (Favorite -200)

Switzerland 1 Cameroon 0 (Favorite -138)
Uruguay 0 South Korea 0 (Draw +260)
Portugal 3 Ghana 2 (Favorite -275)
Brazil 2 Serbia 0 (Favorite -275)

World Cup Highlights

Brazil, Switzerland finish 1-2 in Group H

South Korea sneaks into Knockout round

Japan claims top spot in crazy Group E finish

Morocco surprises with 1st finish

Argentina rallies for 1st in Group C

Australia captures 2nd in Group D

England, USA finish 1-2 in Group B

Netherlands lives up to expectations

Portugal advance to Rd of 16

Brazil notches 2nd straight shutout

Group E still up for Grabs

Morocco shocks Belgium

Messi, Argentina rebound

France is 1st to advance

Japan stuns Germany

Saudi Arabia cashes 24/1 ticket

World Cup 2022 Futures Odds

The oddsmakers at Bet365 have posted futures odds on all 32 nations for the 2022 World Cup and the odds are ranging from as low as 4/1 (Bet $100 to win $400) to as high as 750/1 (Bet $100 to win $75,000).

Be sure to follow our World Cup Futures for all 32 teams as the tournament numbers are updated daily. Also, you can view the betting odds on Top Goal Scorers, Group Odds and Dual Forecast Odds.

Top 5 World Cup Contenders

(Pre-Tournament Odds)

Brazil +400
Argentina +550
France +600
England +800
Spain +850

Top 5 Goal Scorers Contenders

(Pre-Tournament Odds)

Harry Kane (England) +700
Kylian Mbappe (France) +900
Junior Neymar (Brazil) +1200
Karim Benzema (France) +1200
Lionel Messi (Argentina) +1200

Group Favorite Odds

(Pre-Tournament Odds)

Group A: Netherlands -225
Group B: England -300
Group C: Argentina -250
Group D: France -250
Group E: Spain -120
Group F: Belgium -188
Group G: Brazil -275
Group H: Portugal -163

World Cup 2022 Predictions

Our VegasInsider World Cup Soccer Experts will be providing top quality soccer Score Predictions, Goal Totals and Both Teams Score (BTS) picks for all 64 of the 2022 World Cup matches.

Along with match picks, our World Cup Soccer Experts have looked at the Favorites and Potential matches we can see in each of the upcoming knockout stages.

Round of 16

How to Bet the World Cup

Our friends at BettingExpert have created some great betting strategies for the 2022 World Cup and we strongly suggest you check out all the highlighted pieces below:





World Cup 2022 Group Previews

The World Cup is divided into eight groups of four teams and only two teams within each group will advance to the Knockout Stage, which begins with the Round of 16, followed by the Quarterfinals, Semifinals and eventually the Championship or Final game.

Our World Cup betting experts have provided a detailed betting analysis of each of the eight groups, focusing on the fixtures, odds, favorites and which teams will advance to the Knockout Stage.

World Cup 2022 Group Predictions

Group AGroup B
Group CGroup D
Group EGroup F
Group GGroup H

After the World Cup draw was announced and the 32 teams were placed into groups, pundits often determine which is the hardest group and the term "Group of Death" is given to one of the eight.

For the 2022 World Cup, it's been tough to determine one outlier as the hardest but we've ranked the World Groups from strongest to weakest below:

World Cup 2022 Group Rankings

1 - Group G
Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia, Cameroon
2 - Group E
Spain, Germany, Japan, Costa Rica
3 - Group C
Argentina, Mexico, Poland, Saudi Arabia
4 - Group B
England, Iran, United States, Wales
5 - Group D
France, Denmark, Australia, Tunisia
6 - Group F
Belgium, Croatia, Canada, Morocco
7 - Group H
Portugal, Uruguay, South Korea, Ghana
8 - Group A
Netherlands, Ecuador, Senegal, Qatar

World Cup Teams to Watch

Our World Cup 2022 VegasInsider soccer experts have taken a closer look at 18 of the 32 teams competing in Qatar.

Check out the odds, fixtures and predictions for all of them below.

CanadaCosta Rica

World Cup Betting History

The 2022 World Cup will be the 22nd running of the global soccer tournament and it will also be the first tournament played in an Arab nation, plus it's also the first event not being held in May, June or July.

Our World Cup History provides great details on the tournament, which goes back to 1930.

World Cup Last 5 Champions

2018: France
2014: Germany
2010: Spain
2006: Italy
2002: Brazil

World Cup All-Time Champions

Brazil (5)
Germany (4), Italy (4)
Argentina (2), France (2), Uruguay (2)
England (1), Spain (1)

World Cup 2022 Betting Resources

The World Cup is an International soccer competition that takes place every four years, usually played in the summer. However, the World Cup in Qatar will be played in the winter (Nov. 20, 2022 through Dec. 18, 2022).

The tournament features 32 teams that went through a thorough qualifying process in order to reach the event. The World Cup is run by FIFA (International Federation of Association Football), who is the international governing body of soccer or what many countries call football. The first World Cup tournament took place in 1930.

World Cup Tournament Format

Teams: 32 Nations
Groups: 8 (A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H)

World Cup Game Format

Group: Round Robin (6 Matches)
Knockout Round: Field cut from 32 to 16 teams (8 Matches)
Quarterfinals: Four Matches
Semifinals: Two Matches
Championship: One Match