HypeX Review May 2024

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HypeX is a progressive esports gaming platform that blends tournament play with real money prizes. With ties to Intema Solutions as an emerging leader in esports and the iGaming industry, HypeX has garnered a large base of gamers participating in ongoing esports tournaments on a regular basis.


Representing esports’ biggest gaming titles, this site has grown to become the ultimate way to play and win real cash. HypeX offers tournament organization, daily free-to-play events and real cash prizes for winners. Players can create individual online profiles, access popular social feeds and take advantage of friend functionality.

Updated on: May 17, 2024


HypeX has become the premier gaming site for esports through regular tournaments. The site offers a wide selection of playing options.

Along with popular esports titles such as Call of Duty and Fortnite, sports is a large part of the mix. Madden22, NBA2K, FIFA, UFC4 and NHL22 top the list of sports related options. Many of the tournaments are free to enter and they still offer cash prizes.

There is also an ongoing lineup of sports-related tournaments that have entry fees to participate. Best of all, the cash prizes up for grabs in these esports events are significantly higher.

Players are free to chose which tournaments they wish to participate in. Stats are tracked automatically and there is a running tournament leader board summarizing all player results. Tournament brackets match up players in head-to-head competitions. The winners of each round move onto the next level of competition.

By covering all the bases with available betting markets and available sports, esports participants can play to their strengths.


HypeX.gg has been designed to meet the needs of today’s casual esports fans as well as experienced gamers. As a social gaming site, the HypeX mobile app creates an immersive atmosphere for all tournament action.

One of the most popular features of the HypeX mobile app is a running menu of available tournaments. This is organized by a game’s title, cash prize pool and start-up date. There is also a listing for the actual cash payout.

Another HypeX mobile app feature is a leaderboard identifying the day’s biggest winners. Gamers compete to see their name up in lights while also taking home a cash prize. This becomes a major draw for tournaments with paid entries offering the largest payouts.

There are four main sections of the mobile app tied to esports competition. The first is the auto stat tracker pinpointing a player’s actual performance.

The second section is the Honor/Dispute mode. This requires players to verify wins and losses in any head-to-head competitions. The site’s management team remains on hand to resolve any disputes in real time. Evidence of actual game results is routinely reviewed.

The third section displays an actual tournament bracket and the fourth section is a real time leaderboard.

The HypeX mobile app utilizes a proprietary scoring system to ensure safe and fair play. This scoring system is tied directly to specified game modes.


HypeX offers easy banking options for paid entries into tournaments and cash playouts as prizes. Bank cards such as Visa and Mastercard remain the most popular way to gain access to paid entry tournaments.

Certain online banking functions are also offered. PayPal is the primary money transfer option at HypeX. Real cash prizes for tournament play are paid through this method. HypeX has paid out more than $100,000 in prize money to date.


Backed by Intema Solutions Inc. as the parent company of HypeX, quality customer service remains a priority. In November of last year, Intema applied to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to operate in this Canadian province.

The goal was to become a fully registered operator of internet gaming and sports betting in Ontario as Canada’s most populated province.

Adding this layer of regulation to HypeX only enhances the customer service of this gaming site. HypeX has more than 50,000 active gamers in its current data base. The global appeal of esports is a driving factor of this gaming site’s continued success.

Access to customer service is through online options such as email and contact forms. The HypeX site and mobile app have proven to be helpful in covering all the basics for use.


Can you really win actual cash playing esports at HypeX?

Cash prizes are available for both free-to-play and paid entries into esports tournaments.

How can someone enter HypeX online events?

Players can create an online profile and register for a HypeX account through the site or mobile app.

How much money in real cash prized is available?

HypeX has $10,000 in real cash up for grabs every month just for the site’s free-to-play tournaments. Actual prize money for paid tournaments is tied to the overall number of participants.


The immense popularity of esports continues to grow on a global basis. HypeX takes a highly innovative approach to opening up play across a wide variety of esports gaming options.

Free-to-play tournaments at HypeX is a great way to start. This gives players a chance to hone their skills across a wide variety of gaming options. Veteran esports gamers can get some skin in the game when it comes to testing their skills against worthy competition.