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Rivalry is an esports and sports betting platform that launched in 2018. The platform is esports-focused and provides users a place to bet and consume relevant stats and news. Rivalry was “made by gamers for gamers” and that is evidenced through their Rivalry Academy, a resource that provides a guide for new bettors.

Rivalry has been approved by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, and the company has gone live now that the province has opened up its commercial betting market as of April 4, 2022!




There is a wide array of options for esports and sports bettors alike. Rivalry Sportsbook offers betting on 18 different esports. Its esports section spans from first-person shooter games like Counter Strike and Call of Duty to popular sports video games such as NBA 2K and FIFA.

Within each league, the Rivalry site makes it easy to navigate to the live, upcoming, and most popular events. Users have visibility to competing teams or players, start time, and decimal odds for any given event.

For sports betting, Rivalry offers the major sports popular in North America and a handful of others such as boxing, MMA, tennis, and volleyball. Its selection of sports leagues isn’t quite as broad as other traditional sportsbooks, mainly because it’s an esports-focused site. It offers a number of international leagues, spanning more than a handful of countries within its basketballhockey, and soccer selections.Markets

The sports betting markets are fairly limited in Rivalry sportsbook, but esports markets have plenty to offer. For first-person shooter games, Rivalry offers money lines, exact score props, map-winner bets, and kill totals.

Common betting markets for sports video games include money lines, spreads and totals. Although the NBA 2K and FIFA leagues are in their respective off-seasons, other common bets would include team totals and league championship futures.

Sports betting markets are a bit scarcer than esports markets in Rivalry sportsbook. For basketball and football, there are only money lines, spreads, and totals for the first half or for the game. No player props, specialized same-game-parlays, or odds boosts are offered for any sports.

Rivalry Esports


Sportsbooks often need enticing welcome offers to attract customers. Luckily, Rivalry has an industry-standard offer despite its youth. Users can simply sign up for an account and receive a 100% deposit match up to $100 as long as they enter the code WELCOME100. It’s also extremely easy to find the welcome offer terms and conditions, which many sportsbooks make elusive.

Although this welcome offer may be live in Canada, remember it is unavailable for promotion in Ontario.


Upon signup, users must enter the code WELCOME100 to be eligible for the 100% deposit match up to $100. It’s also important to note that the deposit match comes in the form of bonus funds. That means users cannot withdraw the deposit match money until they have wagered that amount in real cash.

When a bet is placed and won using bonus funds, winnings are awarded to the bettor as cash. If the bet loses, nothing is taken from the bettor’s cash balance. Bonus money is essentially money a bettor can use to place bonus bets with the chance of turning the bonus money into real, withdrawable cash.

Although this welcome offer may be live in Canada, remember it is unavailable for promotion in Ontario.


On top of its typical betting markets, Rivalry offers fun contests that are designed to incentivize users to bet in different ways. All contests are completely optional. Contests are centered around completing quests on the Rivalry site. All users with an account have outstanding quests to complete. Quests must be completed before their expiration date for users to receive XP (Experience Points).

Contests run from Monday through Thursday or from Friday through Sunday, so completing quests on time is crucial. Users work to generate as much XP as possible and compete against each other to win cash prizes.

Users can gain more XP by completing quests and leveling up. Leveled-up accounts generate more XP for completing quests and, as a result, provide a better chance at topping the contest’s leaderboard.

For those concerned they will struggle to win cash by topping the leaderboard, Rivalry offers a cash bonus to a randomly-selected competitor. It’s another of the many incentives Rivalry provides users to bet on their favorite teams.


Rivalry has an extensive list of payment options for prospective users, ranging from basic credit card deposits to 7-Eleven cash vouchers. There is almost undoubtedly a payment method that will fit anyone’s preference.

On top of credit cards, Rivalry accepts bank transfers, bitcoin, and a number of E-wallet services.


Rivalry offers a live chat customer support feature for which the response time is typically under five minutes. For users with a general, common question, they also offer an FAQ page broken out into sections that help guide the user to their answer.

It’s a very efficient interface as the FAQ page has all of the different help sections listed on the left side. This allows users to easily find the category that will most likely be able to help them. The categories include account creation and information, welcome offer details, deposit and withdrawal questions, and more.



Esports betting is 100% legal in the following states:


The welcome offer for Rivalry Sportsbook is a 100% deposit match up to $100. This means users will receive bonus funds equal to the amount they deposit, up to $100. If a user deposits $50 using code WELCOME100, they will receive $50 in bonus funds. If a user deposits $200 using the welcome code, they will receive $100 in bonus funds. Although this welcome offer may be live in Canada, remember it is unavailable for promotion in Ontario.


Only wagers with odds of 1.5 or greater will qualify. Odds of 1.5 is the equivalent of -200 in American odds.


While decimal odds are not the most common odds in North America, they are easily convertible for bettors to understand. There are numerous online odds conversion tools for bettors, but let’s take a look at how to read them ourselves.

Decimal odds of 1.5 are the equivalent to American odds of -200. Using a $100 wager, the calculation would be $100*1.5 = $150. This means a winning wager would result in $150 for the bettor, including their initial $100 stake. Since $50 is the profit on a $100 wager, we know that represents -200 written as American odds.


Rivalry Sportsbook is a unique and fun way to bet on esports and sports alike. Though its market offering is fairly limited compared to major sportsbooks, its contests and quests make it stand out. There are plenty of incentives to join, including an easily redeemed welcome bonus.