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NBA2K League: Overview

NBA2K League is a collaboration between the NBA and Take-Two Interactive. This professional esports league features the best NBA 2K players in the world.

This esports league also has the unique distinction of being operated by a US professional sports league, the NBA itself. The first season of play was in 2018 and the 2021 season just came to a close.

Knicks Gaming were the league champion that initial season. T-Wolves Gaming took the title in 2019 and the Wizards District Gaming were crowned the 2020 NBA2K League Champions.

The NBA2K League started with 17 teams that all had a direct NBA affiliation. Since that inaugural run, the league has expanded to 23 teams. Only one team, Gen.G., is not affiliated with an actual team in the NBA. In 2021, there were three in-season tournaments including full league participation in The Tipoff and The Turn. At the end of regular season play, the top five teams in each conference advanced to the playoffs.

The remaining 13 teams competed in The Ticket as the final tournament. The winners from each conference in this tournament earned their way into the playoff field with the 11th and 12th seeds.

Over the course of the 2021 NBA2K League season, more than $1.5 million was awarded in prize money. Teams were made up of five esports players with no connection to current NBA players. Each of these players assumed a specific role in the game. This is also referred to as an archetype.

NBA2K League Betting State-by-State

Legally betting on NBA2K League competition is tied to each state’s regulations concerning esports.

Of the states offering legal sports betting in some form, esports betting is legal in:

In-person betting only is available in Washington State.

How do I bet on the NBA2K League?

Sports bettors can wager on NBA2K League play through the mobile app or website of a legal sportsbook. However, they must be physically present in one of the states mentioned above to place an actual bet.

The sign-up process at a typical US-based legal sportsbook follows this simple four-step process:

  1. Complete the online registration form at any sportsbook offering NBA2K League betting.
  2. Upon verification of a valid email address, complete the registration process to confirm identity and eligibility.
  3. Once approved, an initial deposit along any available promo codes will activate the new online betting account.
  4. Check the sportsbook’s active betting board for all NBA2K League betting markets and options.

NBA2K League Fast Facts

  • NBA 2K has been the top-rated NBA video game series for more than two decades.
  • The NBA 2K series has topped 110 million units sold worldwide.
  • NBA 2K17 earned top honors as the highest-rated console sports game ever that year.
  • NBA 2K19 sold more than 12 million units.
  • NBA 2K20 topped that number with 15 million units sold.
  • In China, NBA 2K Online remains the No. 1 PC online sports game. There are more than 49.5 million registered users.
  • NBA2K League has more than 2 million followers through various social media platforms.

NBA2K League Top Teams

Wizards District Gamingwere the team to beat in 2021 as defending NBA2K League Champions. They did not back down from those lofty expectations with an 11-3 record during the 2021 regular season schedule.

They won a tie-breaker against Hornets Venom GT to earn the top seed in the Eastern Conference standings. The other four playoff teams in the East were Grizz Gaming, Nets GC, 76ers GC and Knicks Gaming.

The top NBA2K League team in the Western Conference was T-Wolves Gaming at 12-2 on the year. Pacers Gaming was in second place followed by Jazz Gaming in third place. The other three playoff teams in the West were Warriors Gaming Squad, Pistons GT and Blazers Gaming.


Betting markets for NBA2K League play are basically the same options offered for actual NBA games. The main difference is that money line odds are the most popular market as opposed to point spread bets.

Other popular markets include player props. These betting options cover a player’s blocks, steals, points scored, assists and turnovers. Most props are presented in an over/under format on a fixed number.

Sportsbooks with NBA2K League betting odds offer first quarter, halftime and third quarter betting lines. Certain player props are also offered for these three increments of playing time.

NBA2K League Archetypes

NBA2K uses archetypes to define a particular player’s main role in the game. There are six different archetypes in NBA2K League play. Below is a one-line explanation of each one.

  • Glass cleaner: Players grabbing rebounds and out-muscling opponents in the paint.
  • Slasher: Players that can throw down monster jams and posterize defenders.
  • Playmaker: Players with ball-handling skills on offense and lockdown ability on defense.
  • Sharpshooter: Players that score from anywhere on the court.
  • Rim protector: Players that play the role of a Big underneath the rim on either end of the court.
  • Post scorer: Players that can fill the role of a power forward that can dominate in the paint.

NBA 2K League Finals

The 2021 NBA2K Finals are in the books. This three-game series featured the East’s Wizards District Gaming back to defend their title. They faced off against the West’s Jazz Gaming.

Wizards District Gaming entered the 2021 NBA2K League Finals as clear betting favorites. After winning the first match 69-62, they outdueled Jazz Gaming 60-54 in the second matchup.

Putting an exclamation point on back-to-back championships, Wizards District Gaming won the final match in convincing fashion. The final score was 75-53.

NBA2K League FAQ

What is an “archetype”?

This is the name given to a player filling a specific role in the game. For example, a “glass cleaner” is used to describe a player who primarily rebounds the ball.

Can I bet on the NBA2K League?

NBA2K is considered to be an esport This means that bets can be placed on the league in states allowing wagers on esports. Currently, the list of states for legal esports’ betting includes NJ, NV, CT, CO, VA, TN, WA* (*in-person only).

Is betting on NBA2K League safe?

In states where betting on esports is legal, these types of bets are also highly regulated. The betting lines are released by reputable sportsbook operators to also ensure safe and fair play.

Final Thoughts on NBA2K League

Esports continue to be a popular alternative for sports fans interested in diversifying their overall sports betting strategy.

NBA2K League is the perfect betting complement to betting on actual NBA games. The betting markets and options tend to mirror one another. There will be a slight learning curve getting to know each NBA 2K team’s top players. This includes the archetypes for each team. However, that is part of the handicapping process for betting on any sport or sporting event.

Game play in this esport is also the same as an actual basketball game . This creates a high level betting excitement in conjunction with all the virtual action on the court.