2024 MLB Playoffs Picks, Predictions, Odds

The 2024 MLB regular season began on Thursday March 29, 2024 and scheduled to end on Sunday September 29, 2024.

The MLB Playoffs are expected to begin on Tuesday October 1, 2024 as 12 teams will compete to win the 2024 World Series.

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2024 World Series Predictions

The 2024 World Series is expected to begin on Tuesday October 22, 2024 and possibly end with a Game 7 on Saturday November 2, 2024.

Our MLB Playoffs Picks, Predictions and Odds will be providing all the key MLB Betting Resources for the 2024 postseason which includes Futures Prices and Series Odds.

Until then, check out all the key numbers and features for the upcoming 2024 regular season.

Odds to win 2024 MLB World Series

Listed below are the opening odds to win the 2024 World Series prior to the start of the 2024 regular season.

  • Atlanta Braves +600
  • Los Angeles Dodgers +700
  • Texas Rangers +800
  • Houston Astros +800
  • Philadelphia Phillies +1000
  • Tampa Bay Rays +1300
  • Toronto Blue Jays +1600
  • New York Yankees +1600
  • Minnesota Twins +1800
  • San Diego Padres +1800
  • World Series Odds Comparison

Odds to win 2024 National League Pennant

Listed below are the opening odds to win the 2024 National League Pennant prior to the start of the 2024 regular season.

Odds to win 2024 American League Pennant

Listed below are the opening odds to win the 2024 American League Pennant prior to the start of the 2024 regular season.

MLB Playoffs Format

The MLB Playoffs will feature 12 teams, divided equally with six coming from both the American and National League.

The MLB postseason consists of four rounds and each series within the rounds are 'best-of" single elimination matchups.

  • Wild Card Series (Best-of-3)
  • Division Series (Best-of-5)
  • Championship Series (Best-of-7)
  • World Series (Best-of-7)

The 1 and 2 seeds from both the American and National League will automatically be placed into the Division Series, waiting their opponents from the Wild Card round.

The Wild Card Round will be 3 vs. 6 and 4 vs. 5 with the lower seed hosting the three-game series. The first team to win two games will advance to the Division Series, where the 1 and 2 seeds will host three of the five games (1, 2, 5).

The Championship Series uses a 2-3-2 format for the best-of-seven matchup and so does the World Series.

MLB World Series History

The Texas Rangers captured the 2023 World Series by defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks in 4-1 of the best-of-seven series.

The World Series Odds had the Texas Rangers installed as -178 favorites to win the series.

Prior to the start of the regular season, the Texas Rangers were listed as high as a 50/1 betting choice to win the 2023 World Series.

Last 5 Winners

  • 2023: Texas Rangers
  • 2022: Houston Astros
  • 2021: Atlanta Braves
  • 2020: L.A. Dodgers
  • 2019: Washington Nationals
  • History Archive

Popular MLB Futures Odds Markets

MLB Division Winner Futures Odds Markets


The MLB Scoreboard not only provides the scores for the MLB Postseason, but so much more.


  • Money-line: The money line is the price offered on which team ultimately wins the game. It really is as simple as that, and in a money line sport like baseball, it's predominantly the way to bet outcomes on the side. Prices are always relevant to the implied probability a certain team has in a particular matchup, and it's up to the bettor to decide whether or not they agree with that offering with their MLB bets.
  • Run-line: This bet really is just a point spread of 1.5 for the game. The baseball team that's listed as the money line favorite is always going to have the -1.5 attached to their side and usually with a plus-money price tag attached, although it's all relative to the money line price that's set. Underdogs at +1.5 will be the “favorite” in terms of price on the run-line as that bet cashes if said team wins the game outright, or loses by just a single run.
  • Run Totals: Total bets (or Over-Under bets) are the same in baseball as they are in any other sport. They are put up as a number of what oddsmakers believe is a fair combined score for a particular game and bettors decide whether to go above (over) or below (under) that posted number. A total of 9.5 for a baseball game would need to see 10 combined runs scored for an 'over' bet to hit, while 9 or fewer total runs would connect on the 'under'.
  • Props: MLB Prop bets in wagering are vast and extensive, as there are many prop wagers offered for a particular game. Baseball bettors that have more of a fantasy baseball background where things like hits, steals, strikeouts, etc. matter, will find themselves liking baseball prop bets as those are known as player props and can be bet on as well. For example, for every L.A. Angels game there will be odds on how many hits outfielder Mike Trout will get in an over/under fashion, how many bases he'll get with his hits (over/under), as well as how many strikeouts the respective starting pitchers might accumulate during their time on the mound. The amount of MLB prop bets are endless. 
  • Live Betting: This is a discipline that does take some getting used to, but with the nature of baseball in general being that bettors can visually see how an inning or a game is shaping up – say runners on 1st and 2nd with nobody out – wagering on what happens next can be quite exciting and profitable all at the same time. For example, say the Pittsburgh Pirates hold a two-run lead as the visitors after the Top of the 7th inning. They were underdogs in the pre-game market and come into the game with the league's worst bullpen. This scenario presents a great situational spot to bet on their opponent on the money line because that team was favored to begin with, and now they get to have three innings of at-bats against a very bad bullpen. Live odds fluctuate constantly and as a number's game, if you know your MLB stats, you have a huge advantage betting live odds.
  • Futures: Future wagers are exactly as they sound, in that they are wagers that aren't going to be paid off until sometime down the road. In MLB betting, that could mean taking a team to win the World Series months before the playoffs even start, backing a squad to win their respective division or their respective pennant. Future wagers even exist for the individual with things like Rookie of the Year and Cy Young awards among others.
  • Parlays: Going the parlay route in baseball betting is basically the same as any other sport, as bettors have to combine at least two betting selections and go from there. Most sportsbooks will allow bettors to parlay multiple money lines or totals together, or any combination of those two options. Parlays offer a bigger payday for bettors that feel confident in multiple selections, but again, all selections must win for a parlay to pay out. Should only one game lose on the parlay, the entire ticket gets ripped up.



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