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Even people who aren’t basketball fans know about Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal. Now the big man is throwing himself in the sports betting arena with SHAQPOT, a new service catering to sports fans who want to get a little skin in the game by wagering on their favorite teams.

SHAQPOT sportsbook brings you exciting sports betting from a name you know and trust. With a bit of luck on your side, you can stack your winnings even taller than Shaq Diesel himself. Let’s take a closer look at this new service. Check out our SHAQPOT review below.



SHAQPOT is an upcoming service that will soon be available for players. Authentic Brands Group, the firm that Shaquille O’Neal uses to manage his business ventures, filed a trademark in October of 2020 to prepare the launch of SHAQPOT sportsbook.

Details about this new service are still emerging, but it’s expected that SHAQPOT will be partnered with an established sports betting provider. That will allow the service to open in a number of different markets right away, rather than starting in one state before expanding.

Expect to see SHAQPOT launching its services soon across the US where sports betting is legal. Look out for a SHAQPOT signup offer once the service goes live to make sure you aren’t leaving any bonuses on the table.


With former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal behind SHAQPOT, you had better believe SHAQPOT sportsbook will offer odds for professional basketball. But you’ll also be able to bet on a range of other sports from the SHAQPOT app, from American sports to international games.

Expect to see NBA betting, as well as odds for NFLNHL, and NBA matchups. There are also certain to be other sports like soccer, horse racing, golf, and tennis available for betting.

Keep an eye out for more specifics on the offerings from SHAQPOT sportsbook once the service goes live in the near future. The service is sure to have competitive offers on a whole range of sporting events.


The SHAQPOT app will let you get in on the action SHAQPOT offers while you’re on the go, from anywhere that has an internet connection. Look for the SHAQPOT app to be unveiled once the service goes live soon.

The SHAQPOT app is likely to be available for both iOS and Android devices. You’ll be able to access your wagers and any SHAQPOT promotions right from your phone. Now all the action is conveniently located right at your fingertips no matter where you are.


At the time of writing our SHAQPOT review, SHAQPOT is not yet available. Once the service launches, signing up to play will be easy. Simply create your account at the SHAQPOT website to claim your SHAQPOT signup offer.

Once you’re up and running, review the odds offered on SHAQPOT sportsbook either through the website or the SHAQPOT app. Once you find odds that you find favorable, place your bets. With a bit of luck, your team will win, and you’ll walk away with a decent payout.

Make sure to take advantage of any SHAQPOT promo code that is used to promote the new service in order to get the most out of your betting. Read on for a closer look at these SHAQPOT promotions.


With so many sportsbooks available, SHAQPOT promotions will need to have a strong offering to draw in new players. Expect a generous SHAQPOT signup offer, among other SHAQPOT promo code deals.

These SHAQPOT promotions can offer you a variety of bonuses such as matched deposits or bonus credit to gamble with. The SHAQPOT signup offer can give you some credit to start out with, while any future SHAQPOT promo code will be a bonus on top of that.


Let’s take a look at a few questions you may have about SHAQPOT. Our SHAQPOT review team included this helpful FAQ for easy reference.


Yes, SHAQPOT is a legitimate service. A trademark for the service was filed by the Authentic Brands Group, the company that manages Shaquille O’Neal’s many business ventures. You can trust that this service is coming from a well-established, US-based company.


SHAQPOT sportsbook and the SHAQPOT app are not yet available for players. However, keep an eye out for any SHAQPOT signup offer once the service launches. The service will likely be available in many states where sports betting is legal.


Once SHAQPOT launches its services, you’ll be able to claim bonus credit at the sportsbook by using the SHAQPOT promo code. Our SHAQPOT review team will watch out for this SHAQPOT promo code once it becomes available, so keep an eye on our website for future updates.


Unfortunately, there are no guarantees when it comes to gambling. We would all be millionaires if there was any certainty to betting. However, SHAQPOT is certain to offer competitive odds and additional bonuses that will give you a fair shot at taking home a generous prize.


SHAQPOT is an upcoming service from NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. Sports bettors can now place their wagers at a service endorsed by the Shaq Daddy himself. Our SHAQPOT review team finds this upcoming service to be a promising one.

Keep an eye out for future developments on SHAQPOT once the service goes live. It’s expected that Shaquille O’Neal and his team at Authentic Brands Group will look to partner with an existing sportsbook in order to launch their service. That will give them a much better base to build on than if they ever became a standalone company.

Watch out for news on which existing provider SHAQPOT will be pairing with once the service gets closer to launch. That’s sure to coincide with the release of various SHAQPOT promotions, so make sure you’re making use of those to get the most for your entertainment dollar.

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