CFL Grey Cup Betting History

Canadian Football League Grey Cup Results

The Grey Cup is both the name of the championship of the Canadian Football League and the name of the trophy awarded to the victorious team. The finale is traditionally held on a Sunday at the end of November and the venue is rotated annually.

The Toronto Argonauts have won the Grey Cup 18 times, which is the most all-time. Edmonton and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are the only other teams to win the Grey Cup 10 or more times.

The CFL season and the subsequent 2020 installment of the Grey Cup was canceled due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. It was the first time the Grey Cup was not played since 1919, as there was a lack of interested from the Interprovincial Rugby Football Union and intercollegiate unions, along with rules conflicts between the Canadian Rugby Union and the western union, according to The game was also wiped out from 1916-18 due to World War I.

The 2022 CFL Grey Cup championship went to the Toronto Argonauts, who defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 24-23 at Mosaic Stadium in Regina, Saskatchewan. The victory by the Argos prevented the Blue Bombers from becoming the first CFL team to win three consecutive Grey Cup titles since Edmonton was dominating the gridiron between 1978 and 1983.

The 2023 CFL Grey Cup championship watched the Montreal Alouettes, eight-point underdogs, rally past the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for a 28-24 victory. It was the first Grey Cup victory for Montreal since the club captured back-to-back championships in the 2009 and 2010 seasons.

Alouettes WR Tyson Philpot (6) is mobbed by teammates as the Alouettes beat the Blue Bombers 28-24 in the 110th edition of the Grey Cup. (Getty)
TeamWinnerLoserLine, TotalScoreATS Result
2023Montreal AlouettesWinnipeg Blue Bombers8, 4728-24Underdog-Over
2022Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue Bombers4 ½, 5324-23Underdog-Under
2021Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-Cats2 ½, 4433-25 (OT)Favorite-Over
2020(Canceled - COVID-19)
2019Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-Cats4, 5233-12Underdog-Under
2018Calgary StampedersOttawa RedBlacks4 ½, 5327-16Favorite-Under
2017Toronto ArgonautsCalgary Stampeders7, 5327-24Underdog-Under
2016Ottawa RedBlacksCalgary Stampeders10 ½, 54 ½39-33 (OT)Underdog-Over
2015Edmonton EskimosOttawa RedBlacks7, 52 ½26-20Underdog-Under
2014Calgary StampedersHamilton Tiger-Cats7 ½, 5220-16Underdog-Under
2013Saskatchewan RoughridersHamilton Tiger-Cats-45–23-
2012Toronto ArgonautsCalgary Stampeders-35–22-
2011BC LionsWinnipeg Blue Bombers-34–23-
2010Montreal AlouettesSaskatchewan Roughriders-21–18-
2009Montreal AlouettesSaskatchewan Roughriders-28–27-
2008Calgary StampedersMontreal Alouettes-22–14-
2007Saskatchewan RoughridersWinnipeg Blue Bombers-23–19-
2006BC LionsMontreal Alouettes-25–14-
2005Edmonton EskimosMontreal Alouettes-38–35-
2004Toronto ArgonautsBC Lions-27–19-
2003Edmonton EskimosMontreal Alouettes-34–22-
2002Montreal AlouettesEdmonton Eskimos-25–16-
2001Calgary StampedersWinnipeg Blue Bombers-27–19-
2000BC LionsMontreal Alouettes-28–26-
1999Hamilton Tiger-CatsCalgary Stampeders-32–21-
1998Calgary StampedersHamilton Tiger-Cats-26–24-
1997Toronto ArgonautsSaskatchewan Roughriders-47–23-
1996Toronto ArgonautsEdmonton Eskimos-43–37-
1995Baltimore StallionsCalgary Stampeders-37–20-
1994BC LionsBaltimore Football Club-26–23-
1993Edmonton EskimosWinnipeg Blue Bombers-33–23-
1992Calgary StampedersWinnipeg Blue Bombers-24–10-
1991Toronto ArgonautsCalgary Stampeders-36–21-
1990Winnipeg Blue BombersEdmonton Eskimos-50–11-
1989Saskatchewan RoughridersHamilton Tiger-Cats-43–40-
1988Winnipeg Blue BombersBC Lions-22–21-
1987Edmonton EskimosToronto Argonauts-38–36-
1986Hamilton Tiger-CatsEdmonton Eskimos-39–15-
1985BC LionsHamilton Tiger-Cats-37–24-
1984Winnipeg BlueBombers Hamilton Tiger-Cats-47–17-
1983Toronto ArgonautsBC Lions-18–17-
1982Edmonton EskimosToronto Argonauts-32–16-
1981Edmonton EskimosOttawa Rough Riders-26–23-
1980Edmonton EskimosHamilton Tiger-Cats-48–10-
1979Edmonton EskimosMontreal Alouettes-17–9-
1978Edmonton EskimosMontreal Alouettes-20–13-
1977Montreal AlouettesEdmonton Eskimos-41–6-
1976Ottawa Rough RidersSaskatchewan Roughriders-23–20-
1975Edmonton EskimosMontreal Alouettes-9–8-
1974Montreal AlouettesEdmonton Eskimos-20–7-
1973Ottawa Rough RidersEdmonton Eskimos-22–18-
1972Hamilton Tiger-CatsSaskatchewan Roughriders-13–10-
1971Calgary StampedersToronto Argonauts-14–11-
1970Montreal AlouettesCalgary Stampeders-23–10-
1969Ottawa Rough RidersSaskatchewan Roughriders-29–11-
1968Ottawa Rough RidersCalgary Stampeders-24–21-
1967Hamilton Tiger-CatsSaskatchewan Roughriders-24–1-
1966Saskatchewan RoughridersOttawa Rough Riders-29–14-
1965Hamilton Tiger-CatsWinnipeg Blue Bombers-22–16-
1964BC LionsHamilton Tiger-Cats-34–24-
1963Hamilton Tiger-CatsBC Lions-21–10-
1962Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-Cats-28–27-
1961Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-Cats-21–14-
1960Ottawa Rough RidersEdmonton Eskimos-16–6-
1959Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-Cats-21–7-
1958Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-Cats-35–28-
1957Hamilton Tiger-CatsWinnipeg Blue Bombers-32–7-
1956Edmonton EskimosMontreal Alouettes-50–27-
1955Edmonton EskimosMontreal Alouettes-34–19-
1954Edmonton EskimosMontreal Alouettes-26–25-
1953Hamilton Tiger-CatsWinnipeg Blue Bombers-12–6-
1952Toronto ArgonautsEdmonton Eskimos-21–11-
1951Ottawa Rough RidersSaskatchewan Roughriders-21–14-
1950Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue Bombers-13–0-
1949Montreal AlouettesCalgary Stampeders-28–15-
1948Calgary StampedersOttawa Rough Riders-12–7-
1947Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue Bombers-10–9-
1946Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue Bombers-28–6-
1945Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue Bombers-35–0-
1944St. Hyacinthe-DonnaconaHamilton Flying Wildcats-7–6-
1943Hamilton Flying WildcatsWinnipeg RCAF Bombers-23–14-
1942Toronto RCAF HurricanesWinnipeg RCAF Bombers-8–5-
1941Winnipeg Blue BombersOttawa Rough Riders-18–16-
1940 - 1Ottawa Rough RidersToronto Balmy Beach-8–2-
1940 - 2Ottawa Rough RidersToronto Balmy Beach-12–5-
1939Winnipeg Blue BombersOttawa Rough Riders-8–7-
1938Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue Bombers-30–7-
1937Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue Bombers-4–3-
1936Sarnia ImperialsOttawa Rough Riders-26–20-
1935Winnipeg 'PegsHamilton Tigers-18–12-
1934Sarnia ImperialsRegina Roughriders-20–12-
1933Toronto ArgonautsSarnia Imperials-4–3-
1932Hamilton TigersRegina Roughriders-25–6-
1931Montreal AAARegina Roughriders-22–0-
1930Toronto Balmy BeachRegina Roughriders-11–6-
1929Hamilton TigersRegina Roughriders-14–3-
1928Hamilton TigersRegina Roughriders-30–0-
1927Toronto Balmy BeachHamilton Tigers-9–6-
1926Ottawa SenatorsToronto Varsity Blues-10–7-
1925Ottawa SenatorsWinnipeg Tammany Tigers-24–1-
1924Queen's UniversityToronto Balmy Beach-11–2-
1923Queen's UniversityRegina Rugby Club-54–0-
1922Queen's UniversityEdmonton Elks-13–1-
1921Toronto ArgonautsEdmonton Eskimos-23–0-
1920University of TorontoToronto Argonauts-16–3-
1919(Canceled - lack of int.)----
1918(Canceled - World War I)----
1917(Canceled - World War I)----
1916(Canceled - World War I)----
1915Hamilton TigersToronto Rowing-13–7-
1914Toronto ArgonautsUniversity of Toronto-14–2-
1913Hamilton TigersToronto Parkdale Club-44–2-
1912Hamilton AlertsToronto Argonauts-11–4-
1911University of TorontoToronto Argonauts-14–7-
1910University of TorontoHamilton Tigers-16–7-
1909University of TorontoToronto Parkdale-26–6-