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2021-22 NBA Playoff Prop Odds

Oct. 16, 2021
by VI News

The 2021-22 NBA regular season is scheduled to begin on Tuesday October 19, 2021 while the playoffs are set to begin on April 16, 2022.

Legal Sportsbooks in the United States offer plenty of NBA betting markets on the upcoming season and a great wager is NBA Playoff Props.

Yes-No Playoff Props

It's an easy wager and the NBA Playoff Props betting market is as simple as it gets!

All you have to do is bet ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ on the outcome for any of the 30 NBA teams.

The 2021 NBA Playoffs are set to begin on April 16, 2022.

Per the NBA, The Play-In Tournament will include the teams with the seventh-highest through the tenth-highest winning percentages in each conference.

The teams with the seventh-highest and eighth-highest winning percentages in each conference will each have two opportunities to win one game to earn a playoff spot. The teams with the ninth-highest and tenth-highest winning percentages in each conference will each have to win two consecutive games to earn a playoff spot.

After those eight teams fight for the seventh and eighth seeds in the Eastern and Western Conferences, the 2021 NBA Playoffs will have a playoff field of 16 teams. The Playoff Prop Odds below are reflective of results AFTER the NBA Play-in Tournament.

NBA Playoff Prop Odds

2021-22 NBA Playoff Prop Odds
Team Yes No
Atlanta Hawks -650 +450
Boston Celtics -450 +350
Brooklyn Nets -10000 +2000
Charlotte Hornets +175 -225
Chicago Bulls -165 +135
Cleveland Cavaliers +2000 -10000
Dallas Mavericks -650 +550
Denver Nuggets -800 +550
Golden State Warriors -650 +450
Houston Rockets +1600 -5000
Indiana Pacers -165 +135
Los Angeles Clippers -275 +225
Los Angeles Lakers -5000 +1400
Memphis Grizzlies +115 -140
Miami Heat -900 +600
Milwaukee Bucks -10000 +2000
Minnesota Timberwolves +600 -900
New Orleans Pelicans +175 -225
New York Knicks -150 +125
Oklahoma City Thunder +2000 -10000
Orlando Magic +2000 -10000
Philadelphia 76ers -1600 +900
Phoenix Suns -3000 +1300
Portland Trail Blazers -165 +140
San Antonio Spurs +900 -1600
Sacramento Kings +375 -500
Toronto Raptors +275 -350
Utah Jazz -5000 +1600
Washington Wizards +475 -650

How do I read the Playoff Props Odds?

For example, the Washington Wizards odds of making the 2022 NBA Playoffs are listed at Yes (+475) and No (-650).

If you bet $100 on the Wizards to be one of the eight teams to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference, you would win $575 on "Yes" wagers. Or, in order to win $100 on the Wizards-No combination, then you would have to risk $650.

Odds Provided by BetMGM Subject to Change - Updated Fri, Oct. 8, 2021 - 7:25 PM ET

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