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May 02, 2022

NBA Win Totals Betting Odds

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The 2021-22 NBA regular season has reached the All-Star break and concludes on Sunday Apr. 10.

One of the most popular betting markets in the NBA is the Win Totals Odds, which allows bettors to choose 'Over' or 'Under' on a set number of victories for all 30 teams.

The number of victories is set by oddsmakers at BetMGM Sportsbook and the numbers for this season range between 57.5 and 22.5.

Several of the top teams are currently on pace to finish below their listed win totals, including the Brooklyn Nets, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Milwaukee Bucks.

On the flip side, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been the biggest surprise by already eclipsing their win total of 26.5 by picking up 35 victories prior to the All-Star break.

Highest Win Totals Odds

  1. Brooklyn Nets 56.5
  2. Milwaukee Bucks 54.5
  3. Utah Jazz 52.5
  4. Los Angeles Lakers 52.5
  5. Phoenix Suns 51.5

Lowest Win Totals Odds

  1. Orlando Magic 22.5
  2. Oklahoma City Thunder 23.5
  3. Detroit Pistons 24.5
  4. Cleveland Cavaliers 26.5
  5. Houston Rockets 27.5
TeamWin Total 2021-22Record on 2/21/22Projection
Atlanta Hawks47 ½28-30
Boston Celtics45 ½34-26
Brooklyn Nets56 ½31-28
Charlotte Hornets38 ½29-31
Chicago Bulls42 ½38-21
Cleveland Cavaliers26 ½35-23
Dallas Mavericks48 ½35-24
Denver Nuggets47 ½33-25
Detroit Pistons24 ½13-45
Golden State Warriors48 ½42-17
Houston Rockets27 ½15-43
Indiana Pacers42 ½20-40
Los Angeles Clippers45 ½30-31
Los Angeles Lakers52 ½27-31
Memphis Grizzlies41 ½41-19
Miami Heat48 ½38-21
Milwaukee Bucks54 ½36-24
Minnesota Timberwolves35 ½31-28
New Orleans Pelicans39 ½23-36
New York Knicks41 ½25-34
Oklahoma City Thunder23 ½18-40
Orlando Magic22 ½13-47
Philadelphia 76ers50 ½35-23
Phoenix Suns51 ½48-10
Portland Trail Blazers44 ½25-34
Sacramento Kings36 ½22-38
San Antonio Spurs28 ½23-36
Toronto Raptors35 ½32-25
Utah Jazz52 ½36-22
Washington Wizards33 ½27-31

Odds per BetMGM - Subject to Change

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