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College Football Standings

American Athletic Conference
Atlantic Coast Conference
Big 12 Conference
Big Ten Conference
Conference USA
Independents (FBS)
Mid-American Athletic Conference
Mountain West Conference
Pacific-12 Conference
Southeastern Conference
Sun Belt Conference
Updated Mon Jul 13 4:34 AM EDT

How to read College Football Standings

The National Collegiate Athletic Association or what’s better known as the abbreviation NCAA is the power behind all College Football and College Basketball in the United States. For this sports betting feature, the College Football Standings cover the Division 1 Football Bowl Subdivision which goes by the acronym FBS.

The FBS has 130 schools listed and bettors can view the records of those football teams in our College Football Standings page. Wins (W) and Losses (L) are listed for all the teams in both their conference record and overall record. Points Forward (PF) and Points Allowed (PA) show breakdown of offensive and defensive scoring production for each team.

The College Football Standings also show the Home and Away breakdown for each school, plus we get more detailed with Straight Up (SU) and Against the Spread (ATS) results. The latter is much more important to users since football is a popular point-spread sport and the ATS outcome is always more important that the SU result.


The FBS has 10 conferences and all of them are featured in our College Football Standings. They’ve been divided into two categories:

Power Five

  • ACC
  • Big Ten
  • Big 12
  • Pac-12
  • SEC

Group of Five

  • American Athletic
  • Conference USA
  • Mid-American (MAC)
  • Mountain West
  • Sun Belt

There is also another group of teams that aren’t affiliated with a conference and they fall into the Independent category.

  • Army
  • Brigham Young
  • Liberty
  • Massachusetts
  • New Mexico State
  • Notre Dame
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