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NBA Odds Props

How to Bet NBA Props

NBA prop bets are almost as popular as Michael Jordan when it comes to betting on the NBA, especially when we’re talking about the NBA Finals. NBA prop bet examples include:

Types of NBA Props

  • NBA Player Props
  • NBA Team Props
  • NBA Game Props

What are NBA Props?

NBA prop bets are practically any kind of side bet that doesn’t necessarily have a direct correlation to the final outcome of an NBA game. NBA prop bets, or proposition bets, are more so for entertainment purposes. NBA props include individual player performances, exact scores, team win totals and more.

You’re clearly on this page to get a better understanding of the available NBA props, so we’ve sorted NBA prop betting into separate sections. That way, you can easily identify the different sorts of NBA prop bets offered.

How to Bet NBA Props

NBA team props are based around a particular team’s performance in the game and not the game’s result. The most common NBA team prop bets are based around a team’s points.

You can bet on the first team to score, the first team to reach 30 points, or you can wager on the OVER/UNDER for a team’s points total. Team props let you focus more on the performance of one team as opposed to two.

Besides points, there are also rebounds, assists, blocks, turnovers and fouls per game, including metrics such as shooting percentage and three-point attempts per game.

NBA team props can also consist of points in the paint or free-throw attempts. Similar to NFL props and MLB props, NBA props can vary from an individual matchup to a series or season. Common NBA team prop wagers include:

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